#1 (ns Outskirts, Downtown)– ~ getting ambused through your initially clicker, there is a shiv door on thins floor

 #3 (Bill’s Town, the Woods)– girlfriend will cons approximately a room via a couple clickers around via a building in the middle. Simply lefns of thins structure together friend technique ins will certainly be ns door.

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 #5 (Pittsburgh, Ala and also Forsaken)– Second floor of the Publication store, earlier right edge come the ideal of ns café.

 #7 (Pittsburgh, Financial District)– In ns backroom the the Crmodify Unitop top building

 #9 (Tommy’s Dam, Hydroelectric Dam)– at the powerplant, tright here will certainly it is in a door friend need to shiv open right where friend turn ns wheel. Hard come miss

 #11 (Lakenext Resort, Cabin Resort)– when you obtain control of Joel in ns blizzard, you’ll begin close to a gtogether station. Directly across the streens ins residence you have the right to enter. Climb out that a toilet home window and also a door the deserve to it is in shived open will certainly be just to your left. You can simply walk about the structure itme and also you’ll discover ins together well.

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 #13 (ns Fireparis Lab, the Hospital)– Thins is behind the respond to simply together girlfriend to walk right into ns sixth floor the ns clinical building.

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chapter 2 – Quarantine Za (note, there are na in chapter 1)thing 3 – the Outskirtsthing 4 – Bill’ns Townthing 5 – Pittsburghthing 6 – ns Suburbschapter 7 – Tommy’s Damchapter 8 – the Universitychapter 9 – Lakenext Resortthing 10 – Buns Depotthing 11 & 12 – Firefly LAbdominal muscle and Jackson

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