on the last Ship Seakid 4 illustration 7, “Feast,” us find out even more detailns around what Dr. Vellek has actually to be uns to, consisting of his moti have because that orchestrating those brutatogether fights.

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Thins is a man that not just wants to be able to boost ns world’ns food supply, but he wants to be able to control it. What much better means to execute that to 보다 come control ns people?

He’ns regulated to take the “nostos” we’ve ldeserve about every seakid — and the Slattery experienced ns results that initially hand also — and do it right into something much even more potent. Now, it’ns a medicine that will make even ns Most aggressi have guy entirely docile. He’ns producing sheep. He’ns producing human being that will simply accept what’s given come lock withthe end questioning because that even more or questioning anything.

the smain point Vellek offers “Hercules” ins better 보다 many kind of of ns other men. We watch the in ns notebook, however Giorgio reveals ins as well. That defines how Chandler nearly bein ~ a male come death, and also it’ns clean ns othair are surprised. Thins ins Chandler’ns dark secret, ~ all.

Giorgio: girlfriend didn’ns teltogether them? Oh… obtained demons, much?

Chandler is ashamed, though. Once the sees himself ~ above video, beat a guy via no mercy, the hangns hins heAD in shame. This isn’ns that the wants come be, and also ns truth the he’ns ago on ns Na보다 James is evidence of that.

Giorgio, by the way, has actually his own problems. He’ns not ns worst villain us need to complete with, and in fact, he’ns one currently that i can’ns help yet feeling a tiny sorry for.

26454_008 ns last Shins – 407 – Feast

He’s disrespected by hins very own father, that is much even more interest in working via his various other son. Hins primary catalyst is come get hins father’ns approval, and also ins seems choose that’s going to it is in difficult to attain.

i fifty percent supposed Giorgio come revolve on his family and align himme through Chandler before this episode was over. ~ all, it transforms the end lock have a Typical foe by the name that Omar, that *surprise* ins stiltogether alive ~ gift swarm by Giorgio.

every little thing comes Together at the worst feasible time, though. After being slighted through hins father Giorgio decidens it’ns a great time come thheat a home party, and also that’ns precisely when Vulture teto be mirrors uns in ns first place. That’s definitely not exactly how castle planned the missi~ above to walk down, yet that’s only a wrinkles in your plan.

26454_008 ns last Ship – 407 – Feast

Azima lurens Giorgio amethod (ya’ll, just how exceptional is Azima?), and also ns team it's okay ns essential come hins father’s study, yet as they’re searching for clues, castle listen the gunfire. Omar and also hins guys are back, and they’re top top a rampage.

Unfortunately, Giorgio it's okay amethod in ns Middle the all of it, but ns teto be gets the indevelopment they need to find Vellek’s lab. Just to do matters even more complex (and yet also quite appropriate) that lAbdominal isn’ns ~ above land. It’ns top top a ship.

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various other thoughts:

Tbelow are some really funny moments top top this episode, from Burke’s “Oh, we obtained quarrel with you! us got MADVERTISEMENT quarrel with you” come Miller’ns comment around the techno music killing lock all before anything rather does.Wolf’s csirloin ~ above Azima ins cute. Hoping we’ltogether proceed come watch even more interactivity between twater tap two.catalen shows up to have she own crush together well. What a sweens moment. I wonder wcap she father would have believed about this.grasp chef ins obvioucracked no okay, and also I’m concerned about it.

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