the Legend that Zelda: Ocarina that Tins Initial Soundtrack was originally exit ~ above December 18th, 1998 in Japone and also it ins ns official soundmonitor because that Ocarina the Time. Ns soundtrack is composed the a disc covering 82 full song via a full run time of 76 minute and 14 seconds. The song were composed by Koji Kondo.

monitor Listing

monitor No.monitor TitleDuration
01location Theme1:20
02Go into Ganondorf0:14
03Deku Tree0:37
04Fairy Flying0:24
06Kokiri Forest1:01
07open Treasure Box0:11
08items Catch0:05
09tiny article Catch0:05
12within the Deku Tree1:28
13ceo Battle1:20
14ceo Clear0:13
15Hearts Container Get0:05
16Legend that Hyrule1:59
17Spiroutine rock Get0:17
18Fairy Ocarina Get0:12
19Hypreeminence field Main Theme4:44
20Kepora Gebora"s Theme1:01
22Shootinns Gallery0:39
23Hydominion castle Courtyard0:54
24Get in Zelda0:07
25Ocarina "Zelda"ns Lullaby"0:13
26Zelda"s Theme0:50
27Ocarina "Epona"s Song"0:10
28L~ above Lon Ranch2:09
29Mini Game0:33
30Kakariko Village1:45
31Ocarina "Sun"s Song"0:07
32Hydominion field Morninns Theme0:37
33Goron City1:38
34Ocarina "Saria"ns Song"0:09
35lost Woods0:39
36Dodongo"s Cavern0:47
37Center boss Battle1:07
38Dinosaur boss Battle1:08
39Zora"s Domain1:31
40excellent Fairy"s Fountain0:36
41potion Shop0:53
42inside Jabu-Jabu"s Belly0:35
43Ocarina "Song of Time"0:13
44holy place the Time1:19
45open up Door of holy place that Time0:16
46understand Sword0:13
47Ganondorf"ns Theme0:41
48room the the Sages1:43
49Medal gain Fanfare0:15
50Sheik"ns Theme0:31
51steed Race0:47
52steed race Goal0:06
53Ingo"s Theme0:39
54to escape from L~ above Lon Ranch0:09
55Kakariko VillEra Orchestra ver.1:45
56Ocarina "Tune of Storms"0:08
57Windmill Hut0:53
58Minuet of Woods0:18
59forest Temple1:52
60Bolero that Fire0:21
61Fire Temple0:43
62ice cream Cavern0:45
63Serenade that Water0:20
64Water Temple1:44
65Nocturne the Shadow0:23
66Prelude that Light0:19
67shadow Temple1:46
68Geruexecute Valley1:34
69heart Temple2:58
70Requiem that Spirit0:24
71Kotake & Koume"ns Theme0:53
72accomplish Again Zelda0:52
73Video Game Over0:10
74Ganon"ns castle Bridge0:22
75Ganon"ns castle Under Ground0:54
76within Ganon"ns Castle3:26
77Ganondorf Battle1:12
78to escape from Ganon"s Castle0:33
79last Battle2:11
80Seal the six Sages0:29
81Ocarina the Time0:32
82finish Credits7:11

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