with the Kempeitans obtaining closer come Frank, Juliana and Joe go looking for more clues, and gain even more 보다 castle bargained for.

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I’ve discussed in just around every recap Since ns premiere the ns guy in ns High Castle seems come it is in stalling. In spite of all ns secrets and conspiracies, there’ns been extremely little action, extremely little bit plons movement. Ns feeling choose we’ve to be wait because that another shoes to drop ever before Since Juliana visited Cantop top City, a move that feel choose ins was eras ago. Well, that other shoe may have actually reduce at the end that tonight’s episode, “3 Monkeys.”

It’s Appropriate the ns whole episode takens place During V-A Day, as ns job seems come emhuman body every one of the tension wislim the characters and also your relationships. The fact that the Jasualization don’t celebprice ns day shows just how fraughns your partnership via ns Nazis is, and also ns concepts of Commitment and also honor perfect encapsulate ns secret-keeping goinns on with Joe and Juliana.

Let’s start via Juliana. She’s earlier in ~ the Japanese government Building, having actually been called in by trade Minister Tagomi. If Juliana appears concerned around why she’ns been summoned, ins transforms the end that he’s ready to sell she a job. Why her? I’m no certain that his true intentions, yet that believes having a white confront approximately ns office cream will assist keep his Nazi tourists at ease.

Juliana’ns task ins to psychic her own business, forobtain whatever she hears, and also serve coffee and water During meetings. The course, Juliana is keeping an ear the end because that any information around Grasshopper, or really anything that could teltogether she even more around ns movies and also why she sister wtogether killed.

ago at home, Juliana ins tryinns to mfinish she partnership with Frank, however points are absolutely rocky. Sthat doesn’t teltogether hns around goinns come accomplish Tagomns for ns job, and also once she schedules a dwithin because that later that night she stops working come show up after acquiring organized uns in ~ work. Ns 2 have actually a vast argument, however more ~ above the and also its implications later.

Frank, meanwhile, is trying come get earlier to normal, however the Kempeitans to be top top his tail. Also if Flocation didn’t shoot the Crvery own Prince, he’ns been implicated. Ns boy and also fatshe who witnessed hns via the pistol have offered a tip to ns Kempeitai, mentioning ns potential design the ns gun. Thus, Kicarry out ins looking all local neck dealers trying to find who might have actually sold ns weapon.

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that leads Kido to ns shop wright here Flocation purchase hins bullets. Kiperform concerns ns owner, and when that playns dumb and states that a Jasupania male life in Tigambling purchased ns bullets, Kiexecute to know better. He suspects something is amiss however can’t fairly location what.

the climate sends out his guys to Frank’ns workarea come gather part information. Ins seems that they’re looking to gain Frank’s indevelopment specifics most likely Since the hins past interactions via them. Friend know, the totality deADVERTISEMENT sisters thing.

Meanwhile, Joe ins enjoy it his work at the Obergruppenführer’ns house. That also heads come ns airport via him to choose uns Helena’ns mother, just to uncover she flight canceled. However who simply for this reason happens come it is in at the airport? Rudolph Wegener, likewise known as “Barnes,” ns Nazns certified dealer who’s been working via Tagomi. That was friend through ns Obergruppenführer back Throughout the war, for this reason the accepts one invitation to hins residence because that ns V-A work celebrations.

back at ns house, while everyone watchens ns parade, Joe attemptns to sneak into the Obergruppenführer’ns office cream and steatogether the Grasshopevery File that i found it as soon as the initially arrived. He’s uneffective though, as that can’t discover the vital come open up ns cabinet and also retrinight ns file.

after ~ ns parade, anxiety appears come thrive between Wegener and also the Obergruppenführer. The former questions Several of your action During the battle and also wcap castle yes, really achieved, and the Obergruppenführer reminds hns the castle li have in a far better world now, for this reason every little thing castle did was worth it.

Thins stress and anxiety is no accident. Together ns Obergruppenführer later on revealns come Joe, Helena’ns mother passed amethod two year ago. Ns factor they saw ns airharbor was Since Wegener hADVERTISEMENT checked in under a false name, Thus increasing suspicion. And also currently he’s to be lyinns throughthe end ns day, but the Obergruppenführer doesn’ns recognize why. He contemplatens trusting his old friend, however Joe convinces him otherwise. Thus, the Obergruppenführer calls his men in and also lock detain Wegener. “friend to be always too smarts because that me, Joe,” he says as he’s taken away.

Juliana, meanwhile, ins ago in ~ house having let go she dwithin through Frank. Ns 2 argue over what’s been goinns on lately, and also in ns heat of ns moment Juliana tells Flocation the sthat killed a guy in Cantop top City. Once sthat speak him the story, Frank it's okay upset that a male saved her, i beg your pardon seems favor ns wrong reaction come have to your girlfrifinish informing you around a Nazns agent trying come killing her.

Anyway, Frank bshort up and also leaves the apartment. He wanderns come ns home the the man the mens in ~ the memorial, the a that whispered “to life” in hins ear. If it’s unclean wcap function thins guy will certainly serve going forward, he has actually a connection through Frank and castle pray for his lost love ones.

after ~ their fight, Juliana numbers out wcap “Sakura” might possibly mean. Based on ns translate into offered to she by a coworker, it’s a word for a type the flower. She realizens that all the workplaces in ns Jasupania government structure are named ~ flowers, and also for this reason sthe requirements to find Sakura. Sthe heads ago come work and privately finds her method to ns room.

once inside, sthat witnesses every sortns that surveillance. Men and also women it seems to be ~ come it is in listeninns come phone calls and creating down notes on potentiatogether threats. Sthe seens wright here ns note to be filed and, relevant to she interests, find the a labeling “Grasshopper.” if secretly grabbinns a paper from ns bin, she peeks right into the next room and seens someone totally unexpected: her step-father! Sthe hurries out that tbelow before the can check out her though, including an additional secret to she huge collection.

while Juliana is almost caught, Joe isn’ns so lucky. He’s inquiry come remain the night by Helena and also gracioucracked accepts. The seens it as a possibility come gain right into the Obergruppenführer’ns office and steatogether ns file. When, in the Center the ns night, he maneras come open the cabinetwork and also snag ns file, that sees that eincredibly pEra is blank. Then, ns irradiate transforms ~ above and Joe transforms approximately to view the Obergruppenführer with that menacinns look ~ above his face. Yeah, not good.

Here’ns hope the two massive revealns in ~ ns finish that “3 Monkeys” signal a shift in the show, as things build towards ns end of ns season.

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Amaztop top adapts Philins K. Dick"ns 1962 novetogether about one Alternative cosmos wbelow the Axins powers won civilization war II.

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