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Eexceptionally Saturday at 5pm: one eclectic mix that music maintain through producer, composer, recording artist Ben Vaughn.

Ben"ns Bio

Ben thrived uns in ns philly area on the Jersey next that the river. At Era 6 his uncle offered him a Duane Eddy document and also forever adjusted his life.

In 1983 that formed the Ben Vaughn Combo. Ns band also was With Each Other 5 years, releasong two albums and touring the Us numerous times. They garnered rave reviews in Rollinns rock and also world magazine as well as video tape airpplace top top MTV. The attention motivated Marshall Crenshaw come document Ben"ns "I"m sorry (however for this reason Is Brenda Lee)" for hins Downtvery own album.

Ben took on a solo career from "88-"94, recording 4 criticallied acasserted albums and touring generally in Europe and also US. He also make a surname for himself as a producer, developing Memphins rocker billy legfinish Charlin other words Feathers, Ft worth gospel saxophonisns Vernard Johnson, and also Muscle Shoalns country/spirit singer Arthur Alexander. The additionally tape-recorded Cubist Blues, a cooperation through Alone Vega (Suicide) and Alex Chilttop top (big Star). Throughout thins time, Vaughn likewise scored two movies (favourite Mopar and Wild Girl"ns Go-walk Rama) as well as developed segment because that nationallied syndicated radio show people Cafe.

In ns mid-90ns Ben moved to L.A. And also released critical Stylings, a album of eclectic instrumentals. More freshly his career has take away a turn towards TV and also film as a prolific smain point composer. He created the themes because that the award-winning TV sitcom "third absent native ns Sun", "that 70ns Show", "men Behaving actually Badly", "Normal, Ohio," "grounded for Life", Psycho Bevery Party, ns Independent, and also Scorpi~ above Spring. Vaughn has actually ongoing producing documents (Ween, Lons Straitjackets, the Swingers soundtrack).

Somehow, Ben discovered time to create ns legend Rambler "65. Taped totally in his car, this much-publicized album (and succeeding Brief film) ins stiltogether considered by many kind of come be a Standard record of a guy and also his dream.

Despite ns entice the Hollywood, every weekfinish Ben would leave the studio lot behind and also take a trip to hins Mojave Desert home. Drivinns so late at night, he would Track in Palm Spring easy listeninns radio terminal KWXY and lens the music operation via him. Quickly the arrangements of Percy Faith, Pautogether Mauriat and also Henry Mancinns came to be a herbal part the his blood stream. Gradually ins came to be evident to him wcap hins following record project hADVERTISEMENT come be: A modern-day critical album combine the magic that those late night broadcastns with everything the hAD learn with ns years as a TV composer, document producer and also recording artist. Thus. Ben"s recent CD, Deindicators In Music, a vibrant snapshot the important music"s past, present and also future, wtogether born. Music from ns arsenal has actually been featured ~ above television reflects "This American Life" (Showtime) and "straightforward Money" (CW Network).

but with it all, Ben"s first love was radio. And over the years, that has retained a close connection through ns medium, creating segment for ns civilization Cafe, guest hostinns on KCRW and also typically showing up as a guesns commentator on new Air.

currently Ben produces and hosts the Many kind of Moodns the Ben Vaughn, a weekly, hour-lengthy eclectic mix the music special rock, blues, jazz, folk, soul, R&B, country, bossanova, movie soundtracks, easy listening and also more, every peppered through his twisted musicologicatogether slant.