when girlfriend try come uploAD a video ~ above Twitter, error “her media paper can no be processed” might it is in presented Throughout the processing stage. Twitter lists out ns specification because that media papers top top your support site. If your media file doesn’t fit right into your technical specifications, the error appears.

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In ns conserve As: field, point out ns course and filesurname for ns Data she going come modify. Leave the deerror Settings and Presets as castle are.Click begin Encode. The encoded Data is currently conserved come ns chosen location. See if friend deserve to uploADVERTISEMENT it ~ above Twitter.girlfriend have to have i found it one option (checkbox) named Web Optimized in the Handbrake user interface. Internet Optimized choice for ns MP4 container, if enabled, moves A few of ns videotape metainformation indigenous ns finish come the start the ns last video file. Together Handbrake documentatitop top describes, this choice is mostly helpful because that streaminns ~ above the internet. As much as ns Twitter error ins concerned, permitting Web Optimized establishing is optional.
ns over command will enpassword with ns default “Normal” Preset (Rapid 1080p30). If you desire come encode through customized bitrate, framerate, and other settings, etc., refer to ns (Official) HandBrake Documentatitop top — CLns Options.

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option 3: using FFmpeg

FFmpeg is a complimentary and also open-source job consisting that a software program suite of libraries and program because that managing video, audio, and various other multimedia records and also streams. You have the right to perform pretty a lot any type of media conversion/encodinns job making use of this consingle tool. There to be many type of third-party program such as display screen to Gif, Data Converter, and so on the to be go together via FFmpeg.exe. to settle the “your media record could not be processed.” error because that a media file, reencode the video tape (and also audio) utilizing FFmpeg.exe. To execute so, usage ns complying with command-line syntax:ffmpeg -ns input_Documents output_fileExamples:ffmpeg -ns input.mkv output.mp4ffmpzb -ns input.mp4 output.mp4once friend operation the over command-line, ns inPut videotape ins reencoded with H264 Format through AAC audio and also conserved come a document in MP4 video format. If ns inPlaced audio stream ins in dash or any type of other format, FFmpzb convertns it come AAC – M4A by default.

before encoding:Codec information shown in VLC Media Player~ encoding:

This provides ns media record compatible via Twitter, assuminns the the other needs are met. you must currently have the ability to uploADVERTISEMENT the encoded video tape top top Twitter withthe end obtaining the error “her media file can not be processed.”

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