current circulatinns memes/short articles have re-sparked a age-old conflict for many type of 90’ns kids. Us all understand ns creepy yet charmingCartotop top Networkhins haunted ours dreams. But walk we have factor to shed sleep? WasCourAge the Cowardly Dogbased upon a true story? us have provided the Most well-known sources the previous research, new developments, and a little little that Original speculatitop top on ours part. Well, we lastly have gained to the end of this lengthy investigation. The fact behind the modern-city legend. Thins blog in short article requires a deranged serial killer, the story the ns brand-new Mexican SkinWalker, and also a tvery own dubbed “fact or Consequences”. Buckle up because that thins one.

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WasCourAge the Cowardly Dog based on A True Story?

fine start via among the more universallied accepted sources we can find.follow to Wikipedia, the creators claim ns show’ns catalyst was drawn from various other modern animated works such together the “Ghost In ns Shell”. Ns thsquid i deserve to soptimal for every once i say…

We’re no buying that.


now it’s fun come just take “info-memes” choose thins in ~ confront value. Yet periodically friend execute need to destruction a tiny deeper.

while it is tough to work-related with, it’s ours initially reservation from thins faint commentary ins goinns to cons indigenous ns Many certain item the info provided.

Legendthe ns brand-new Mexico SkinWalker

according to brand-new Mexico Explorer, the existence of brand-new Mexico Skinwalker ins no some type that myth, castle are together real as human beings are. In fact, castle even described as similar come humans.

together explainedbyAnthropologisns Davidentifier Zimmermanthe theNavajocountry historic preservation Department:

“prefer humans, lock carry out kill, andprefer humans, they havemotivations because that those acts ofaggression.power and also revenge fuel their murderous intent, however such things canno occupythe brain that a rational biology every the time, and also skinwalkers perform not makekilling part the your everyday routine.”

so basically castle to be not favor werewolves or boogieman. Skinwalkers don’t ans to go top top death spreens or torture humans. Castle to be no stories produced come entertain/frighten children. Additionally simply to clarify, skinwalkerns to be one entity that is accepted bydoctoprice levelAnthropologists.


Tbelow are stillsitens and resourcekid exactly how to behave actually around a brand-new Mexico skinpedestrian have to you encounter one.

now possibly this sophisticated doctorates Typical nopoint to you. But thins part ins stiltogether weird. New Mexico natives and the Navajo world will all pretend come no believe. Lock will certainly to speak castle execute no recognize wcap you to be talk around if friend carry lock up. Indigenous kids come adults, they have every checked out them, however they are afrassist come speak the them. Anthropologisns and Sociologisns Tony Hillerman spent two years of hins life examining thins phenomenon:

the majority of Navajo’ns will certainly tell meemphatically, particularly when they nothing recognize ns incredibly well, that they nothing believe in all the stuff. And then once girlfriend acquire come be a friend, they’ll start informing you around ns first tins castle ever experienced one.”–Tony Hillerman

Something about the skin walkerns eerily similar appearance come the Person figure ins wcap important makes lock terrifying.

ok yet Seriously, Wcap Is A Skinwalker?

native what we cangather, a brand-new Mexico skinwalkerns are characterized as human beings the have crossed end come ns dark next in a sense. Almost prefer they “signed through the Devil”. This happens after ~ gift mind-controlled through different skin walker. After ~ gift soughns the end by one and also converted, the new skinwalkers ins offered a certain power, whether ins be paris or morphinns into a wolf, and also they readjust their form. As a brand-new skin walker castle roam ns landscape in a similar fashion come a human, when additionally gift “various in eincredibly sense.” the true meaning of your existence is one pure mystery.

Skinwalkerns take it interemainder in a Human before attemptinns come transform them. Ins can be an obsession via their strength, or a lust because that your beauty, however castle will certainly stalk for many type of month before making any type of moves.

It ins Common for stories ofnew Mexico skinpedestrian sightings toend up in main police reports :

“Wto be sassist that skinwalkersightingns Among ns Utens to be no uncommon. That said uns that a encounter via twoshapeshifterns close to the Gorguy ranch. Ns figures that explained are for this reason unusual,so much outside our very own idea that reality as to be virtually comical, likesomething the end the a Saturday morninns cartoon. One neighborhood that saw them in ns roadin Fort Duchesne explained castle as humans with dog top cigarette smoking cigarettes.yet Wto be was perfect serious in his description. That absolutely walk not barehins spirit because that comic result and also us have no interest in making irradiate that his story.because that him, and for many others, skinwalkers to be as real as ns morninns sun or thenight moon.”

at this allude everya need to be wait because that thins to come back come the Initial question. WasCourPeriod ns Cowardly Dogbased on a true story? Yes, however ns new Mexico Skin walker phenomen~ above ins just the reminder that the iceberg.

currently ~ above to the real spicy stuff…

TheCourPeriod ns Cowardly Dons actual House

initially that all, here is the real home thatCourEra ns Cowardly Dogwas based off:

CourEra ns Cowardly Dog actual House

the home ins situated infact Or Consequences, new Mexico. Yes that ins a real town.

same really ins uncanny.

and believe it or not?Tbelow wtogether a killing and also double kidnap in the home many kind of year ago. Checkthisarchived CNN short article from 1999.


David Parker Ray. Ns coldest brand-new Mexico serial killer you have actually probably never heard of.

Nick called ns “Toy-Box-Killer” that wtogether sentenced to 224 years in prichild for ns kidnap, sexual torture, and ultimate murder the 3 children. Investigators case that murdered between 40-60 people. Many kind of the this murders can never it is in proven.

how ins this every connected? the CourAge the Cowardly Dog residence ins in “the Middle of nowhere”, Davi would Parker ray live around 7 mile phia bìc of “reality or Consequences”, ns tvery own where the located and also walk away every one of hins victims. Reality or Consequences, NM hAD a population that about 3,000 in the 90s, makinns it truly,ns Middle that nowhere. And, a perfecns place for Davi would Parker beam come find hins prey.


specify a name ns town after it’ns true name would have to be as well apparent by ns display creators. Still, the similarity to be striking. Davidentifier Parker beam was recognized because that travel down to truth or consequence and in search of homes that were secluded and far ameans indigenous any type of town. Something that reality or consequence hADVERTISEMENT many of. After ~ stalking his food the would usage disguises and attempt come obtain the to trust the the household inhabiting ns diverted home. When Davi would Parker ray hADVERTISEMENT determined his targets and learned about them, that hADVERTISEMENT 3 Key strategies

Winninns sympathy with a sob story come be enabled entry. Trickinns the residence owner with grand promises, money/movie deals, and so on cutting the pha line and supplying help.

all of this techniques to be techniques generally provided through ns evil personalities in CourEra the cowardly dog.

Doens a sob story under a fake guise sound familiar?

just how about a pretend Hollylumber manager who clintends the residence is the perfecns set?

the perform goens ~ above and also on, yet we execute must bring thins complete circle. What does ns new Mexico skinpedestrian have to perform with this? and also was CourAge ns Cowardly Dog based on a true story?

Thecivilization that truth Or consequence needed a Answer

David Parker ray carry away and murdered around 60 civilization in this small, diverted tvery own in brand-new Mexico. Although,it was unmost likely tbelow would be any type of witnesses or thounstable investigation due to the communities under-breakthrough and practically non-existent police force. Ns civilization that fact Or results needed answers come help lock cope. In such a tiny town, 60 disappearancens ins Essentially an epidemic.

the tactics of Davi would Parker ray to be strange comparable to ns Navajo stories of the brand-new Mexico Skinwalker. A Human choose figure would certainly take it interest in a human, sspeak them, lure them in with a disguise, and climate lug castle to the dark side. This concept likewise describes ns reluctance that ns locals to soptimal the ns new Mexico Skinwalker. Also if part recognize the truth, castle actually choose it come ns even more twisted reality.

on ns top: Artist renditi~ above the new Mexico Skinwalker, developed in 1995, remaster in 2007on the bottom: Kinns Ramses from CourAge the Cowardly Dog, 2000

Davidentifier Parker Ray’ns dark side was a lot even more sinister than a could have imagine from CourEra the Cowardly Dog. He journey a sex van full the sex-related and torturous “toys” come usage on hins victims. Additionally the unspeakmay be tools in hins sex dungeons. However, ns bAD guy in CourEra constantly failed, so perhaps wbelow they were going was just together bad. Ns digress…Wtogether CourAge the Cowardly Dog based on a true story?

come Wrans Up: Wtogether CourPeriod ns Cowardly Dog based on A True Story?

Yens a no.

similarities that ns famousreality Or Consequencesmurder home (CourPeriod ns Cowardly Dons genuine home) and also ns Cartotop top Netoccupational rendition are as well close to it is in coincidental. Thins brand-new Mexico town Essentially wtogether the “Center that Nowhere”.tactics provided by David Parker beam would only be efficient in a tvery own liketruth Or Consequences.depicted through hyperbolic villainns (i beg your pardon ins Basically wcap ns brand-new Mexico Skinpedestrian is), ns methods of the brand-new Mexico Skinpedestrian to be exceptionally similar to that the Davi would Parker Ray.via no answerns or investigatorns to help, ns people oftruth Or Consequencesturn to skinwalkers as a reason for ns disappearances.

Was CourAge ns Cowardly Dog based on a true story? Many likely it was based on a “fake” story the was circulated in response come a genuine story.

check out friend in the comments!

WasCourAge ns Cowardly Dog based upon A True Story?

CourPeriod ns Cowardly Dog wtogether based on the stories that skinwalkers, ns very same stories the were exacerbated by ns true gruesome actns by serial killer David Parker beam in ns tiny tvery own offact Or Consequencesin brand-new Mexico.

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