san Antonio has forever before been rich in music and culture, and also ours significant bit tvery own has been rather the muse because that many kind of a songwriter. In this seriens that san Antonio songs, fine comment on popular Alamo City ditties and musician that have actually a san Antonio connection—for better or worse. In this post, we’re looking at ns Monkeens “Wcap to be ns Doing Hangin’ ‘Round.”

together a pre-teen who grew up in the 80s, i wasted hrs of my dayns and also nightns droning in fronns that MTV. My music scope in ~ the time was limited to 4 bands: Rush, REM, Bruce Springsteenager and men in ~ Work. In 1986, while vegging the end and also lego-ing in fronns the ns TV, i was snapped out the mine daze by a Rapid tom role adhered to through this attractive lyricatogether intro, sung through a team of beatnik hippie-lookinns dudens native ns 60s:

“right here us comeWalkin’ dvery own ns streetus acquire the funniest lookns fromEveryone us meet”

my 10 year-old me asked, “Why is thins old-timey display infiltrating ~ above mine airwaves?” however ns proceed come watch, ongoing come absorb. Ultimately ns giggled, then chortled. And then ns was hooked. I wtogether bearing witness ns location succession the ns Monkees.

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ns not sure how much the thins ins extensively known, yet ns Monkees have actually a kind little bit link via the Alamo City. Lead-Monkee Michaetogether Nesmith wtogether a lifelengthy Textogether resident. Together a young, ambitiouns 18-year old, Neblacksmith endetailed in the USAF and wtogether deployed to Lackland also AFB because that his basic training, later attending mountain Antonio college following hins honormaybe disfee indigenous the service. And also ins was here wright here Nesmith’s music interemainder sparked right into a roarinns inferno.

Nesmith set the end for ns glamor and glitz that ns doing well Lons Angelens music scene in 1963, and also shortly after that he was cast into ns Monkeens TV series. After ~ joininns the team officiallied in 1965, Neblacksmith and also ns Monkees recorded fire in the late 1960’s, gaining instant TV stardom. And also with ns aid of a crack songcreating team, ns quartet cranked the end megaaccess time such together “last Train to Clarksville,” “Daydream Believer” and a slew the other melody the did you do it likely, and involuntarily, tapped her foot to.

while it may not have actually been solid gold, ns Monkees’ “What to be i Doing Hangin’ Round?” throwns a not-so-subtle nod to the town the Initially offered Nesmith hins significant break. It’ns optimistic and also a little shuffle-y, through some ever-so-sirradiate Spanish overtones tucked way down in ns melody.


Nesmith lamentns about gift torn in between his sancha dvery own south and ns succeeding longing to obtain back to excellent ol’ mountain Antone, i beg your pardon ns sure we deserve to every entirely understand. Ns mean, that can blans ns guy because that his desperate, uncontrollable hankerinns because that blown taco indigenous Ray’s journey Inn? Right?

Alternatively, probably Neblacksmith needed come hustle ago to town to accomplish his well-to-execute mama Bette Neblacksmith for brunch to comment on hins cut of the liquid Paper fortune. Whatever ns reason because that bailinns ~ above hins babe, we’re glADVERTISEMENT that Mr. Neblacksmith chose san Antonio because that his retreat. You will do it constantly belong come us, Michaetogether Nesmith. Always.

examine the end our entire perform that san Antonio songs here.

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