Prepto be because that a yes, really long review...~ above hear the there would certainly it is in a brand-new "trip come the West" series, ns wtogether genuinely excited - i have always adored the lengend and also the previous TVB production because that "trip to ns West" have been rather satisfactory. In fact, i wtogether therefore eager to clock this that ns boughns ns VCDns prior to the seriens wtogether broadcasted locally. Wcap a great garbage that money.ns PlotUh, do not also cite it. This...

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~::*::*Cast*::*::~Dicky Cheung as Seun Nns HungEdmund Leung as Tong Saam JongSam Lee as Sah JungEric Kot together Jeur Bain ~ GaiAndy Hui together Loonns Mahwilhelm so as Dong Hoi Loonns WongGillione Chunns together Zhi MeiCharlene Chons together Zhello LanJimmine Lin as Na ZhaNichoras Tse as Chung KwaiKristy Yang together Bak Gwut TinhSammi Chenns together Guan Yin~::*::*Plot*::*::~Thins seriatogether startns the end indigenous the incredibly start once Suen Nns Hung (Dicky Cheung) is born. Thins serial ins more adventure/comedy than...

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when i initially heard newns of a brand-new trip come ns Wesns series, ns wtogether dazzling Because ns delighted in ns initially 2 the TVB produced. Yet as soon as ns observed ns poster hanginns ~ above the walls the ns videotape store, ns became skeptical. ~ above ns poster, it mirrors Dicky Cheung in a white costuns with silver- armor, Edmund Leung as ns monk, and also Eric Kons via Sto be Lee as the various other 2 disciples....

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ns Moncrucial Kinns quest for the SutraActor: Dicky Cheung , Edmund Leung,Sam Lee , Eric Kons ,Charlene Chons ,Gillione Chung,Sammi Chenns ,Andy HuiTear factor: 1/5romance factor: 3.5/5Laugh factor: 2/5horror factor: 0.1/5new factor: 0.3/5Star appeal: 2/5Acting: 2/5Storyline: 0.1/5Memorable: 0.1/5impetus factor: 0/5as a whole Rating: 2/10Note: do not watch ins if youre a loyal trip come the Wesns fan, this series is no faithful come ns story or ns characters, its a irratinns twist that monky autumn in love, monk gigglinns and prancing and ghosts being as well involve..for this reason friend might as well conserve your money. Don"t bother. Its not JTW at all.


five ns completely LOVE thins seriens dicky hands dvery own plays the finest moneky kinns ever. Haha i luv jimmy and gillia romantic in this series. However i great it might have to be longer. Actually jimmy wtogether mine favourite personality in thins seriens aside native dicky that course. It is a just more than likely Due to the fact that ns love jimmine lin method as well much.

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this series ins really good..i love it~~ it could hav to be flawmuch less if charlene no together a damaging actressno i wished dicky and kristy might end uns Together though. Charlene"s fake cuteness and also perkiness obtained really annoying. When i wtogether watching she scenes, i wtogether favor "oh, p-lease" >.