Tright here are times as soon as you may desire to recognize ns detailns regarded ns cd driver in her system, because that example, remaining cost-free decaying space, the Data mechanism in use, etc., however, girlfriend might see “the properties for thins item to be no available” error message. This concern ins Usual in both windows 7 and also home windows 10. While, in windows 7 friend have the right to acquire ns detailns regarded all drives via my Computer, in windows 10 you have the right to usage Thins COMPUTER to get even more indevelopment related to every drives.

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ns mine Computer/Thins COMPUTER includes details of all drives, for instance, hard Drive, SSD or because that the CD/DVD drive. Come gain ns details, girlfriend must eitshe right-click on my Compute ~ above windows 7 and choose nature or open up ns This PC folder on home windows 10 and right-click every journey come gain ns details. Here, friend will certainly get every ns detailns pertained to ns particular drive, consisting of it’s protection choices and also more. But, sometimes, together girlfriend right-click on the mine computer system or ~ above the drives in This COMPUTER top top windows 10, the nature home window fails to loAD and insteAD returns the error messAge “the nature for this items to be no available” ~ above her windows 10 PC.

This can be one stroked nerves worry as acquiring ns disk Gap or Documents mechanism information ins crucial for users. However, fortunately, this problem does not aclimb because of a malwto be or infection or any various other critical system related issues. Apparently, the main reason for this error as a result of corrupted or absent regisattempt entries in the system registry. Therefore, in together cases, sindicate including ns compelled regisattempt secrets in come the system’ns registry editor or replacing ns corrupted regisattempt keys through ns brand-new onens deserve to assist settle the issue.

So, let’s watch how come solve ns “the properties for thins article are not available” error ~ above your home windows 10 PC.

*Note – prior to girlfriend continue through ns below methods, do sure that friend inspect for any type of pending windows Updays that you might have actually let go or home windows 10 fairesulted in instevery them. In such a case, install ns update initially and inspect if it resolvens the issue. If not, climate continue through the listed below methods.

Table that Contents

method 1: utilizing the Regisattempt Editor

action 1: press the Win + X keys Together on her key-board and select Run.

step 2: This will open the run command window.

Here, in the search field, type regedit and press OK come open up the Registry Editor Windows.

*Keep in mind – make certain you produce a ago uns of ns Regisattempt Settings, prior to you make any transforms to ns registry. Thins will certainly aid girlfriend recover any kind of information lost Throughout the process.

Now, cshed ns Regisattempt Editor, rebegin her computer system and check if ns worry persists.

strategy 2: Scan and also deal with your Removable Media

If the over strategy does no work, climate tright here is a various issue, may be a larger worry that’ns generating ns error. Tbelow are opportunities the ns windows explorer has actually crashed and also the problem ins with more 보다 one drive. It can be eitshe because of inexactly decodinns the the information in the drive, ns boots indevelopment of ns journey ins not readable, the records in ns drive or the Data device have actually gone bad. Here’ns just how come fix thins issue:

*Keep in mind – before you proceed through ns method, ns initially thing girlfriend should do ins come remove any/all the external or removmaybe storPeriod media. You deserve to then try connecting castle ago to the mechanism one through a and also check i m sorry is bring about the issue. However, since, friend to be can not to right-click ns certain drive, girlfriend must run a scan and also Layout ns disk. Here’ns how:

step 1: Right-click on Start and also choose Run come open up the run command window.


action 2: In the run command find field, kind cmd and also then press the Ctrtogether + Change + Enter keys With Each Other ~ above her key-board come open up ns elevated Command also Prompt.

action 3: In the Command also Prompt (admin) window, run ns below command and hins Enter:

chkdsk /f E:

This will certainly operation a shave the right to ~ above her drive.


*Note – Here, E: is the drive letter the your storPeriod device. Girlfriend deserve to relocation thins via the drive letter of her storEra device.

action 4: Now, to Layout ns storAge device, execute ns listed below command and hins Enter:

Layout E:

*Keep in mind – girlfriend can relocation the drive letter via the one that regift her storPeriod device.


Now, close ns Command also Prompns window and also right-click on ns drive because that i beg your pardon you want open up Properties. It have to job-related now.

technique 3: Regisattempt deal with using Notepad

If you are can not come resolve ns error using ns technique 1 or technique 3, friend have the right to attempt making transforms to ns regisattempt making use of the Notepad. Follow the below instructions because that a possible fix:

step 1: Copy and also paste the listed below message in a Notepad:

windows Registry Editor version 5.00




“D6791A63-E7E2-4fee-BF52-5DED8E86E9B8”=”Portmaybe devices Menu”








action 2: walk to File top top ns peak lefns that the Notepad and also pick save As.

step 3: Next, In the conserve As window, pick Desktop (preferably) together the area come save the file.

Now, add The_properties_for_this_item_are_not_available.reg as ns Documents name.

select all Files as conserve together type.

Click Save come conserve the changes.

action 5: Now, cshed the Notepad and also go come Desktop where the .reg Documents is saved.

Right-click ins and also pick Merge come merge the File Contents via ns registry.

Thins will include the above entriens right into the Registry Editor.


step 6: Click Yes in the prompns come proceed.

*Keep in mind – prior to girlfriend modify ns registry settings, make sure girlfriend develop a back uns the the regisattempt data, therefore that, in situation friend shed any type of data in the process, friend have the right to recoup ns exact same easily.

Rebegin her COMPUTER and also ns “the nature because that thins items to be no available” error need to it is in resolved.

technique 4: Dismaybe Corrupted Shell expansion making use of ShellExView

Thins approach will aid friend come uncover the end i m sorry program may be interferinns through ns device and generatinns the error. For this, you would need a details totally free software. Folshort ns below steps:

action 1: click on ns below connect to downloADVERTISEMENT ShellExView:

DownloAD ShellExView

action 2: Click to open up the downloaded Zip file.

Now, double-click on ns .exe erected File to operation the ShellExView software.

step 3: In ns ShellExView window, click on the Options tAb above and also pick Hide all Microsofns Extensions.


step 4: Now, push the Ctrtogether + A shortreduced secrets come pick every the Extensions and hins ns red button at ns peak lefns that the screen.

step 5: In the confirmation pons up, choose Yes come confirm the changes.

Now, inspect if friend deserve to access the Properties details for the journey friend were having actually problem with.

technique 5: Rebegin windows Explorer

Sometimes, the “ns properties for thins article are not available” error deserve to aclimb if ns Windows/Documents explorer ins malfunctioning. In together cases, friend have the right to try rebeginning ns windows traveler and also ins may assist resolve ns issue. Let’s check out how:

step 1: go to Start, right-click on it and also choose task Manager.

action 2: In the job Manager window, under the Processes tab, go to ns windows Processes section.

look at for ns home windows Explorer process. Right-click on it and select Restart.

exit task Manager and inspect if ns “the properties because that this item are not available” error is currently gone.

technique 6: Manually check Startuns Folder

action 1: Right-click on Start and choose Run.

step 2: In the operation command window that opens, compose %appdata% in the find box and also push OK to open ns AppData > Roaming flarger in the Documents Explorer.

step 3: Now, navidoor to the Startup fenlarge through adhering to ns listed below path:

Microsofns > home windows > begin food selection > programs > Startup

action 4: In ns Startup folder, inspect if tbelow are any type of junk folderns or transaction web links left behind after uninstallation that a program.

If tbelow to be any type of together files or folderns found, delete castle all.

Now, rebegin her COMPUTER and also right-click on the drive come check if friend have the right to currently view ns nature option.

technique 7: usage device and also maintain Troubleshooter

step 1: press ns Victory + R hotkeys to launch the run command box.

step 2: In ns operation command search field, kind Control.exe and also hit Enter to open up ns control Panel window.


step 3: In the regulate Panel window, walk come check out by area top top the peak right and also set ins come huge icons.

Now, click Troubleshooting in ns list.


action 4: Next, ~ above ns appropriate next of ns pane, click on mechanism and Security.

step 5: In the next screen, click on device Maintenance.


action 6: In the system Maintenance window, click on Advanced below.


step 7: Now, examine the box alongside apply rebag automatically.

click on Next.

home windows will now start detectinns any issues. If any type of concerns found, it will automatically use the fix.

Reboots your PC and the alters will certainly it is in effective. Friend must currently be able to use the journey nature without seeing ns error anymore.

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Alternatively, you deserve to operation ns SFC and DISM sdeserve to utilizing ns Command Prompt (admin) come shave the right to and resolve any type of missing or corrupted system files.