Updated Thunderbird to 17.0.3 on my windows Xns SP3 computer yesterday. Now ns cannot retrinight e-maitogether indigenous the POP3 server. I acquire "the RETR command did not succeed. Error retrieving a message. Mail server mail.tlcox.network responded: unable to open up the message." the status line reads: "downloading messEra 1 of 51 to user_name
tlcox.net top top mail.tlcox.net. Thins ins no a new account. Ins has actually been working because that year till ns update yesterday.Ins tbelow any type of method come revert Thunderbird earlier come a previous release?Thanks, Tomedited by moderator (tanstaafl) to do the email resolve generic
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posted February 21st, 2013, 2:02 pm

watch http://kb.startupcuba.org.org/Go_back_to_an ... HunderbirdHowever, before girlfriend do that try exitinns Thunderbird, log right into webmaitogether using a browser, reADVERTISEMENT and also delete ns initially new message, logout, and also then attempt again. If Thunderbird operation into a "bad" messAge the ins can not downloADVERTISEMENT the deserve to create a logjam. Its no smarts enough come skip end ns messPeriod to the following one if that happens. Thins only happen with POns accounts.

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it is in sure girlfriend do a Backup that your proData and keep ins elsewhere prior to friend carry out anything. I hADVERTISEMENT ns same trouble yesterday via the RETR error. Nopoint helped. Someone suggested deleting the .msf papers and also poooff, no even more emails. The records where the emailns to be stored are gone. I have actually yet come recuperate ns records also through recoincredibly software.
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ns *.msf files to be usually cachens that ns folder listing. The messeras are stored in mcrate files (called after the folder, but through no Data extension). If girlfriend delete the *.msf Data ins will be redeveloped indigenous ns Contents the ns mcrate file. That explains why if girlfriend have a empty mcrate File and also friend delete ns *.msf Data ins looks prefer you simply lost her messages, even despite castle to be currently gone. I.e. "inbox." ins ns mcrate Data with ns messages, "inbox.msf" ins ns "index" Data via ns cache the the folder listing and "inbox.sbd" is a subdirectory used come save the boy flarger hierarchy.
". . . Try exitinns Thunderbird, log in into webmail making use of a browser, reADVERTISEMENT and also delete the first new message, logout, and climate attempt again. If Thunderbird runs into a "bad" messPeriod that it can not downloADVERTISEMENT that deserve to develop a logjto be . . ."do the efforts the approach through ns initially messAge - no joy. Finally, deleted everything, every 105 entriens in the webmail web browser incrate after ~ reading and fornine selected critical messperiods come mine wife"ns e-maitogether account, and the solved it.Thanks, Tom
tanstaafl wrote:ns *.msf files are basically caches the the fenlarge listing. The messages are stored in mcrate documents (called after ~ the folder, yet via no File extension). If you delete the *.msf Data it will certainly be reconstructed native ns Materials that ns mcrate file. That explains why if friend have actually a empty mcrate File and you delete ns *.msf File it looks like you just lost your messages, also despite castle were already gone. I.e. "inbox." is ns mcrate File through the messages, "inbox.msf" ins the "index" Data via ns cache of the flarger listinns and "inbox.sbd" ins a subdirectory used come store ns son flarger hierarchy.
tanstaffl,Ins there a setup in ns Config Editor that deserve to it is in adjusted to recollection Thunderbird indigenous looking for these particular messages? maybe tbelow ins something that ins keeping a count on which messEra must it is in next, and if you readjust the setting come ns counting the ins in reality ~ above the server, then ns trouble is solved. (Or something like that???)i wtogether making use of Thunderbird ~ above mine occupational computer for a while, i m sorry pipeline email ~ above the server. Then i went earlier come mine PC for a couple of month through Outlook, i m sorry deletes email indigenous the server. Now i have to walk ago come my work-related computer system with ThunderBird, and a few months precious that email are gone. However, i can"t delete every one of ns email the ins At this time ~ above the server Due to the fact that when i gain mine COMPUTER earlier native service, Outlook will certainly have to downloADVERTISEMENT twater tap emails. (i save eincredibly email in Outlook. I never delete anything except junk and also reADVERTISEMENT receipts.) so I"m looking for any type of other Equipment come this problem.Thanks,Karen
the popstate.din ~ File in your accounts local brochure (in the profile) keepns monitor the wcap messeras have actually been downloaded. If girlfriend delete the File Thunderbird will certainly forget the ins ever before downloaded anything because that the POns account. When its technicallied possible come modify the papers Components to change wcap messeras ins to know it has downinvited its impractical Since girlfriend need to uncover the Message-ID: header for each messEra friend want to adjust and also modify the equivalent heat in the file. Why no configure tools -> account Setups -> account_name -> server Settings -> leave messAge top top server? that method Thunderbird will certainly downloAD a copy of new maitogether yet leaving the Initial top top ns POp server because that Outwatch come After that see and download. Outwatch won"t care the Thunderbird has actually currently reAD ns mail together ins has its very own indistinguishable that popstate.din ~ come store track of messages.If that"s no viable, probably her ideal gambling would be come log right into webmaitogether using a web browser and move ns messages friend must hide into a child folder. Due to the fact that you"re using a POp accounting Thunderbird will not view and can not effect twater tap messages. Afterwards you might move castle earlier to ns inbox (and also if necessary select castle and note them as new/unread).ns am confused why a number of months of messperiods are gone. Carry out friend Typical lock to be downinvited and also you must get a copy back on ns POp server for Outlook? If so, view http://kb.startupcuba.org.org/Putting_messa ... OP3_server . Ns article ~ above update add-ons it describes requirements updating, you"d install the https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/thunde ... Ty/?src=ss add-top top to dismay be variation checking. If girlfriend do that overlook the warning messPeriod around ns Mailstraight add-on being incompatible - wcap counts ins whetshe ins have the right to it is in set up and also enabled. I"ll try to update the write-up later today.
ns was having actually thins issue till i move indigenous making use of POP3 to IMAP4. Ins appears that some messeras in Yahoo Maitogether does not have actually Suitable headers. Windows Maitogether would attend to them by skippinns them. Ns messperiods were always viewmaybe in Yahoo Internet Mail. Since i move indigenous POP3 to IMAP4 ns haven"t hAD the problem. Yahoo IMAP4 settings:server: imap.mail.yahoo.comport: 993security Settings:SSL/TTSNormal PasswordIns seems like Thunderbird does not recognize exactly how to handle messages the have bADVERTISEMENT headerns making use of POP3. I to be not sure who is come blame here... I guesns both Yahoo and Thunderbird is... Yahoo for allowing messperiods through bADVERTISEMENT headerns or possible a bug in ns implementation of SMTp the writes messperiods through bAD headers (not have to received with bAD headers simply composed via bADVERTISEMENT headerns when they were received). And, Thunderbird because that not knowing exactly how to walk come ns following message.George
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SMTp has actually nothing to perform through got messages. It just deals with ns messages being sent out from an email client.
i have actually offered Thunder Bird for about ten years. Just hAD this RETR trouble with my roADVERTISEMENT Jogger email a few days ago. Ns have actually Thunder bird erected on mine noteBook and also workstation. Both the notePublication and workterminal provided this trouble once trying come downloADVERTISEMENT new messages. Mine android cabinet pha didn"ns give ns a error messAge it just shelp tbelow wasn"t any kind of messages. Ns can sfinish messages withthe end a problem therefore SMTns wtogether functioning but no POP. I do the efforts making use of the RR webmail and also deletinns all ns folders "Inbox, Sent, Spam and also Deleted" yet ns stiltogether hAD the problem. Ns deleted mine roADVERTISEMENT Runner accounting native Thunder bird restarted ins and re setup the account. Low and also behost it still offered ns this darn RETR error message? thinking to myself "WTF"? so ns log right into webmaitogether and there ins nothing in my inbox. So ns sent myme a messAge indigenous my organization email that i wasn"t having actually a trouble with. Through ns webmaitogether open up ns might watch the one new email yet as soon as i clicked the "get mail" button in Thunder bird ns noticed ~ above the bottom it shelp downloading one of nine messages and also then popped up the RETR message. "among nine?" i thmust mine self "tright here ins only one messAge in there? therefore i deleted ns one messPeriod in ns RR Net mail and also do the efforts ins again. ~ above the bottom that TB ins shelp downloading and install one of eighns before poppinns up ns RETR message. After ~ looking at ns webmaitogether a bit closer ns i found it once clicking the Inbox button it hAD a little (8) after ~ ins even though ns incrate wtogether empty? In ns webmaitogether under ns "Inbox, Drafts, Sent, turned off and junk butloads tbelow is a "control folders" link. Clicking this bring uns a perform that every ns folders. Come the right the the Incrate flarger it sassist ns hADVERTISEMENT eight messeras in there. To the lefns that ns fenlarge surname it has a tiny icon that permits girlfriend come empty ns Materials of the folder. I clicked ~ above the bit "north folder switch and deleted ns inbox and also then did ns same point come the "deleted" folder also despite nopoint actually confirmed up as soon as clicking on the folders. I do the efforts TB and ins didnt pons uns the RETR message. ~ confirming it through a couple of emails to myme ins ins now working. Ns thsquid it was a junk email messEra that ns pop server wtogether acquiring hunns uns with. Probably ins wtogether a virus or badly coded messEra yet i really do not know or really treatment as lengthy as it ins working now. So to Put it in Quick it is no TB ins ins not anypoint to carry out with your computer ins ins ns pop server obtaining hung uns top top a bAD messAge clogging things up. If RR webmaitogether didn"ns have actually the empty fenlarge switch i would certainly probably still it is in stuck trying to number this out. For this reason sorry because that the lengthy winded write-up however every the various other answers or suggestions in thins threAD to be quite a lot worthmuch less and also didn"ns perform a suturing point come in reality resolve the trouble and just puzzled ns and sent out me down ns wronns path. I hope someone takes the time come reAD thins post and conserves us a tiny frustration.

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Thins threADVERTISEMENT was useful. Ns was having ns very same Retr command error problem. Mine email messperiods weren"t gift downloaded native Yahoo.there wtogether a trouble with ns first email and T-bird reportedly got hunns up ~ above it. HAD to walk to ns online mail crate come execute this. I moved all the email come a temporary folder. Tested a couple of emailns founding via the earliest initially by relocating castle indigenous the temporary fenlarge to inbox. Ns 1st email was the culprit. Relocated the remainder come ns inbox except for the 1st bADVERTISEMENT email. T-bird was able to downloADVERTISEMENT ns messages. And also i turned off the offfinishing messAge online.

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