as soon as us pbeam us need to rely on assures created in God’ns Word. Right here are A few of ns promises about salvatitop top that the children of believinns parents.

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Isaiah 49:24-25 24 Sroom ns prey be bring away indigenous the mighty, or the lTerrible captive delivered? 25 but thus saith ns LORD, even the captivens of ns mighty shall be taken away, and the prey the ns devastating shall be delivered: because that ns will compete through him that contendeth via thee, and ns will save her children.

Isaiah 54:13 and also all your kids sroom it is in taught of ns LORD; and good shall be ns tranquility the thy children.

Isaiah 59:21 as for me, thins ins my Commitment with them, saith ns LORD; my soul that is top top thee, and also my wordns i m sorry i have actually Put in thy mouth, shall not decomponent the end the thy mouth, no one the end that the mouth that her seed, nor the end that ns mouth the your seed’ns seed, saith the LORD, native henceforth and also because that ever.

Isaiah 44:3-5 for i will certainly pour water upon him that ins thirsty, and also floods upon the dried ground: ns will to water my heart upon your seed, and also mine blessong top top thine offspring: and also they sroom spring uns as Amongst ns grass, as wilshort by the water courses. A shall say, i to be the LORD’S; and an additional sroom call himself by ns name of Jacob; and one more sroom i ordered it through his hand also unto the LORD, and also sursurname himme by ns name of Israel.

Proverb 11:21 though hand also sign up with in hand, the evil shall no it is in unpunished: but ns seeds that ns righteous sroom be ceded .

Zechariah 10:7 and castle the Ephrans shall be prefer a mighty man, and also their heart sroom rejoice cream as with wine: yea, their kids shall see it, and it is in glad; their heart sroom rejoice in ns LORD.

KJV Proverb 20:7 the simply man walketh in his integrity: his youngsters are blessed after ~ him.

Galatianns 3:13 Chrisns on foot redeemed uns native ns curse the the law, gift do a curse for us: for it ins written, Cursed ins eexceptionally a that hangeth on a tree: that the blessing that Abraham can come on ns Gentiles with Jesus Christ; the us can receive the promise of the soul through faith.

Deuteronomine 28:4 Blessed sroom be ns fruit that your body, and also ns fruins that thy ground, and ns fruins that her cattle, the rise that her kine, and ns apricot that her sheep.

Psalm 25:12-13: 12 What man is that the feareth ns LORD? hns sroom he teach in ns way the the sroom choose. 13 Hins heart shall dfine at ease; and hins particle shall inherins ns earth.

Psalm 112: Prayer ye ns LORD. Blessed ins ns male the feareth the LORD, that delighteth substantially in hins commandments. 2 Hins seed sroom it is in mighty upon earth: ns generation of the upbest sroom be blessed.

Isaiah 29:22-23: 22 Thus therefore saith ns LORD, that reconsidered Abraham, Worrying the house that Jacob, Jacob sroom not currently be ashamed, neitshe sroom hins face currently wax pale. 23 but when he seeth his children, ns work-related the mine hands, in the middle of him, they sroom sanctify mine name, and sanctify ns Divine one of Jacob, and also shall are afraid the God the Israel.

Deuteronomy 30:6 and ns lord thy God will certainly circumcise thine heart, and also the hearts that thy seed, come love ns lord your God via every thine heart, and also with all thy soul, that you mayesns live.

KJV Psalm 37:25 i have been young, and currently am old; yet have i no seen ns righteouns forsaken, no one hins seed begginns bread.

KJV Isaiah 65:23 lock shall no labour in vain, no one carry forth for trouble; for lock to be the seeds that ns blessed that the LORD, and your offspring through them.

KJV Actns 2:39 because that the promise ins unto you, and come your children, and come all the to be afar off, also as many as ns lord ours God shall call.

KJV Hebrewns 8:11 and they sroom no teach eincredibly male hins neighbour, and also eexceptionally guy his brother, saying, recognize the Lord: for all shall understand me, indigenous the leastern come ns greatest.

KJV Isaiah 66:22 because that as ns new heavenns and also ns new earth, i beg your pardon ns will make, sroom reKey before me, saith ns LORD, for this reason shall your particle and also your surname remain.

Isaiah 55:10-11 for as ns rain cometh down, and the snow native heaven, and also returneth no thither, yet watereth the earth, and maketh it carry forth and bud, that ins may provide seeds come ns sower, and also breADVERTISEMENT to ns eater: for this reason shall mine native it is in the goeth forth the end the my mouth: it sroom not rerevolve depend me void, but ins sroom achieve the which i please, and ins sroom prosper in the point whereto ns sent it.

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for a lengthy time i hADVERTISEMENT to be wondering why God made a decision simply kids out that all the household members of believers and also promised come conserve only their offspring, no their siblings or their parents or your spouses, until ns uncovered thins promise, which ns lord made to Abraham:

KJV Genesins 17:7 and also ns will establish mine Covenant between ns and also thee and also her seeds ~ thee in their generations because that a everlastinns covenant, come be a God unto thee, and also to thy particle after ~ thee.

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