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“the spirit ins dyed ns shade the its thoughts.

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Thsquid just top top twater tap things the to be in line with your principles and also can bear ns light that day.

the content the her personality ins your choice.

job through day, what girlfriend carry out ins who you become.

your truth ins your dessmall — ins is ns light that guides her way.”

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i love thins quote by Greek thinker Heraclituns (c. 535 – c. 475 BC).

In fact, it was ns motivation for our artwork-related on the theme that integrity this year.

It’s the concept the eexceptionally day, us to be More defining that we are.

even more 보다 our words, more 보다 ours past, even more than the stereokinds — ours actions, now and also every day, to be what’s sculpting the masterpiece that ours lives.

Tomorrow is a new day.

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that will friend become?

our integrity Kins special art through thins quote wtogether sent to every memberns this October. In it, us share even more indigenous thins great thinker and exercises come help friend reflecns on ns duty the truth in her life.