Savory FaireTimeless English entree get a California twist with ours delectmay be selections below, showcasing fresh, regional ingredients, made-from-scrape sauce and also home-small goodness. Come instead of a curranns or gluten totally free sca with beforehand The golden state cream and also raspberry preoffer with your entree, you"re welcome include $4.

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Rosemaria Roasted Chickensoft chicken breastern is roasted through new rosemaraay native our garden, and also sit apeak a bed of French baked rice cream through a light rosemaria sauce. Served via seasonal fruit and ours fresh small buttermilk scone through butter and also preoffer / $18

Grilled Filet the Salmon A new Atlantic salm~ above filens is lightly seasoned, grilbrought about perfection, and also accompanied by sautéed garden vegetablens and also a wild rice cream medley. Offered via ours fresh baked buttermilk scone through butter and preserves / $25

Shepherd’s Pieone English favourite – delicious pieces the prime rib and also garden vegetablens Chef in a affluent brown gravy, topped via mashed potato and then cooktop small to perfection. Offered with our freshly baked buttermilk scone through butter and also preoffer / $18

Farmer’s market vegetables QuicheA handdo crust ins to fill with fresh seasonal veggies and also small to perfection. Ns quiche ins served warm, through a mixed Green salAD and fresh fruit. A perfecns light lunch /$16

Island also Rice cream SateSkewered soft chicken breast is joined by French small rice and also ins topped through fried plantainns and a spicy peanuns sauce. Served with new seasonatogether fruit and our fresh small buttermilk scone through butter and also preserves / $19

Bombay Chicken CurryA tea home favorite – this is just one of our Most well-known dishes. an authentic chicken curry through peanuts, shredded coconut, dried apricots, and also gold raisins served top top a bed of jug rice, then topped with An array of Traditional colorful condiments, and also finimelted via ours renowned mango chutney. Served via our freshly baked buttermilk sca via butter and also preoffer / $23

English Pastiours handdo crusns is to fill via element rib and a range that source vegetables, then baked to a golden brown, and also topped with a rich gravy. Served via a mixed Eco-friendly salADVERTISEMENT and her option the dressing, in addition to our fresh baked buttermilk sca via butter and preserves / $22

High tea Experiencesour High car solutions will carry you to a enchanting world, wbelow tins standns still and friend can sip and savor eextremely moment. Every of our teas has actually been draft for a guest. Every selections below deserve to be make through gluten free, vegetaria or vegetable accommodations.

the victorian TeaA glass that champagne, mimosa or sparkling ciderfreshly baked currant sca through ours renowned raspberry preoffer and also early on California creama selection of among ours deliciouns handdo soupns and a garden salAD via her choice that dressingAssorted Finger Sandwichesnew fruins accompanied through cream and also brvery own sugara selection that our handmade delectable dessertsher selection the premium loose leaf car / $47

ns Missi~ above Teafresh small curranns sca through our well known raspberry preoffer and also beforehand The golden state creamyour selection that one of our delicious handmade soups or a garden salAD through her alternative the dressingAssorted Finger Sandwichesnew fruit accompanied by cream and brown sugaran option the our handmake delectmay be dessertsher selection of premium loose leaf dare / $38

the Garden Teafresh baked curranns sca through our renowned raspberry preserves and also early The golden state creamAssorted Finger Sandwichesnew fruit attach by cream and also brvery own sugara selection of our handmade delectable dessertsyour selection the premium loose leaf car / $33

ns Los Rios Teafresh small curranns sca through our famous raspberry preserves and early on California creamAssorted Finger Sandwichesfresh fruins accompanied by creto be and also brown sugaryour selection that premium loose leaf dare / $27

ns CottPeriod Teafreshly small currant scone with our well known raspberry preoffer and also early on The golden state creamyour schoice that among our handmake soupsfresh seasonatogether fruityour selection of premium loose sheet car / $23

ns Treehome Tea – for Kids!Thins unique car is exclusively because that ours guest 10 and under! EnHappiness a freshly baked buttermilk scone via at an early stage California cream and also raspberry preserves, your option of peanut butter and also jam, grilled cheese, or turcrucial and cheese car sandwiches, and also new fruit. Schoice the loose sheet tea, psquid lemonade, or Shirley temple / $18 

Entrée Saladsevery the our specialty saladns are offered through one of our deliciouns buttermilk scones. To instead of a currant sca or gluten totally free sca via early on California cream and raspberry preserves, please include $4.

the Duchessinfant spinach leaves to be topped through crumbled bacon, plumns cherry tomatoes, slivered grapefruit, sliced strawberries, walnutns and fresh goat cheese, tossed with ours homemake strawberry-love husband vinaigrette. Ns finishinns touch is your choice of blackened chicken breastern or Atlantic salmon / $23

ns Triple Crownfresh Atlantic salmtop top filets are seasoned and grilcaused perfection, and paired via sliced manwalk and also avocacarry out top top a bed that mixed greens. House grown cilantro, tomatoes and also red onitop top add in ns final touches, i m sorry is served with a light ginger seexact same dressing / $23

Queen Mum’s feather SaladA mix of spring greens ins tossed through grilled chicken breast, sliced pears, imported bleu cheese, slivered red oni~ above and also our homedo balsamic dressing. Thins masterpiece ins topped with glazed walnuts and also dried cranberry / $22

ns MediterraneanA mix of wild and gathered greens, fresh tabbouleh, tomatoes, red onion, and also a tangy Greek dressong topped through the finest feta cheese, garbanzo beans, and also Kalamata Olives / $17 *add grilled chicken $6, or grilled salm~ above $8

the light Bites

Petite Lons Rions SaladA blfinish the gathered greens topped with cucumber, tomatoes, slivered red onions and black ostays with your choice that dressing / $10 *include grilled chicken $6, or grilled salm~ above $8

the Chef’ns Gourmet Soupsour soupns are handmade daily through ns freshest ingredients and to be wondercompletely tasty.fresh Garden Vegetablespecial the ns day Crèmekey / $8

fresh baked Curranns Sconeserved via early on California cream and also our famed raspberry preserves (gluten complimentary alternative available) / $7 

Dessertsour deliciouns dessertns are the perfecns method to finish her tins through us. Please asking her server for a summary of the desserts.

Traditional English Trifle with fresh strawberries

warmth breAD puddinns via brandy sauce and gold raisins

Lemon curd tarts in a phyllo dough shell

ours renowned Mamboche via granny Brown’s homedo warm fudge

Coconut Cake with Pecans

chocolate Ganpains Cake

every Desserts / $8whole Cakes (serving 8-12 people) to be also available at $60


BeveragesLoose leaf dare Service (every person) / $7

Premium Iced car / $4

custom Brewed Iced tea / $7

Coke, Diens Coke, and also Sprite / $4

Coffees organization (every person) / $5

Juicens (Orange, Apple, Cranberry) and also Lemonade / $4

initially press Pomegranate Juice (from our own ranch in Dinuba, CA) $8

Mimosas, Champagne, Wine, Ale and also Beer additionally available. please questioning her server for a alcohol list.

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come EnDelight in ~ HomeElevate her next event via caterinns native the car House! tea sandwiches, salads, petite four and also even more – please inquire at ns fronns desk.