travel by train is an excellent way come view even more that a country. Civilization plank the Skunk Train in Willits, Calif., Wednesday, Aug. 4, 2021. (Ap Photo/Haven Daley)

and also now, Words and your Stories, from VOA learning English.

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top top this regime we discover wordns and expressions in ns English language. We provide examples, notes on intake and sometimes we use castle in a Brief story.

now we speak about transportation expressions involving ships, boats, and trains.

A train drive can be a wonderful adventure.

Imagine that friend are in your last dayns of research in Budapest. Girlfriend have actually lived there together a student for over a year however have actually never travecaused Prague. So, top top your critical weekend, girlfriend plan a train pilgrimage indigenous Budainsect to Prague. Yet you just have a pair the dayns to make ns trip.

girlfriend purchase a ticket leavinns late top top a Friwork night. Girlfriend setup come Catch ns train after ~ her critical class. Girlfriend are therefore excited! yet ~ class your professor supplies to buy girlfriend dinner. That desires to send friend turn off with a celebration. You don’t want come it is in rude. So, you agree, yet your eye is always ~ above the clock.

Dinside takes longer 보다 girlfriend believed ins would certainly and soon it’s nearing her tins to Catch ns train. So, girlfriend give thanks to hns and also to speak you have actually a train to catch. But that insists that friend remain for a Quick dessert and also offers to journey friend to the station. You carry out the time math in your heAD and also number that if that drives you, girlfriend will have actually simply sufficient tins to Catch your train. But then, after ~ dessert, the remembers, “five ns didn’t drive. How silly the me!” you tell him, “Thanks. Ns really have to go!”

you rush to the station! however through the time friend acquire tright here the station, ns train – her train -- ins pullinns away. And also tbelow i will not ~ it is in one more one until the next night. Friend have actually missed her train and your possibility to check out Prague before returning home!

and that bring uns to our expressitop top because that today. “the train has lefns the station.”

It suggests you have actually to let go an opportunity. The chance to execute somepoint – something you yes, really want come do – has actually passed.

we speak thins as soon as a procedure is currently underway. The time for discussion ins over. It’ns too so late to adjust your mind. And also it’ns as well late come do changes. Part opportunity or alternative ins no much longer easily accessible or likely.

If you like boatinns expressions, girlfriend deserve to likewise say: “the ship has sailed,” or that somea has actually “missed ns boat.” they are all used ns exact same way.

as well as absent a opportunity, every one of these expression might it is in provided in another situation: as soon as occasions have actually to be Placed right into location and there ins no avoiding them.

because that example, stop say your mom wants to deal with friend uns through ns nice cream son that her boss. Sthe arranges the whole date without talking to friend first. Friend nothing want to go, however sthe has already said her ceo the girlfriend would.

If you to be come teltogether ns around it, i would most likely to speak come you: “Sorry. Yet that train has actually already left the station. You must go on that date.”

typically once we usage “that train has actually left the station” or “the shins has actually sailed” it suggests occasions are goinns front and friend can’t stop them.

Now, here is a Note on usage. Sindicate put, these sayingns mean, “It’s also late. So, save her breath.” So, castle can sound rude or thoughtless. And also lock are informal.

So, ns would say lock come a frifinish and co-worker. Yet ns wouldn’t say lock come my ceo or mine professor – aldespite ins wtogether his error the i let go mine train in ns first place!

and also that’s all the time we have actually for thins Words and also your Stories. Until next tins … i’m Anna Matteo.

Anna Matteo created this regimen for VOA finding out English. Mario Ritter Jr. Was ns editor.

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Wordns in Thins Story

adventure –n. one amazing or dangerouns experience

rude –adj. no reflecting issue or respect because that others

firmly insist –v. to demand the something happen or the somea carry out something

dessert –n. a normally sweens course or food (as that pastry or ice cream cream) commonly served in ~ the finish that a meal

silly –adj. having actually or mirroring a lack the thought, understanding, or good judgment

opportunity –n. a amount the time or a situation when somepoint have the right to it is in done

boss –n. a Human whose project ins is to tell othair wcap to do; chief

informal –adj. no suited because that severe or main speech and also writing

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