If you’re no over ns blatant corruption and also greed in Marbelieve Scorsese’ns the a wolf the Wall Street, here are some funny memes the will sudepend carry friend ago to Some of your favourite scenes in ns movie.

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and if you ever before need a mens for friends who require remindinns around ns folly of humans, then you’ve come to ns ideal place.



the CIA Declassifying papers from the Cold War


have actually you ever to be Revising your Finals


i call these fun Coupons

offer me This Pen


when ns It male Sees her History


If Money Isn’t the object the This Conversation

my challenge as soon as civilization Tell me ns Can’t do It

~ above pay Day


choose Uns the Phone


Gotta step her Video Game Up

sell me Thins Pen


ns confront girlfriend Make

these Phonens Won’t Dial Themselves

ns AverEra Human being Swear 80-90 times A Day


Welinvolved ns Club

when Life gives friend Lemons

when Payday Comes


ns understand ideal indigenous Wrong


I’m 97% sure you Don’t prefer Me


view more funny Leonarexecute DiCaprio memes here.

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