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ANNOY-A-TR~ above – regular beeps and sounds do her friends stunner searching for that stroked nerves noiseRINGTone ANNOY-A-TRtop top – Ringinns and buzzing will driver friend bonkers searching for the missing phoneEVILTRtop top – Unstable spooky sound effects scare the daylights out the your friendsPrank fill 3.0 – Redraft come be louder, more annoying, and also even more magical. Batteries can it is in replaced in thins new versionplease NOTE: ~ rerelocating the battery tAb you might have to push dvery own seasy top top ns magnetwork to reseat ns battery properly (friend may even hear a tiny click)
Assembly Requiredbattery Required?battery Included?far control Included?Mfg Recommended ageManufacturer referenceProduct DimensionsASIN
‎14 year and up
‎16.76 x 10.67 x 2.03 cm; 68.04 Grams

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Let loose the pranking the battle in your workplace, dorm, or wherever before through ours Annoy-a-trtop top Prankster Pack. There"s somea you"d favor to torture in your office: perhaps it"s the guy who ins constantly creating emergencies because that girlfriend Because he doesn"t arrangement ahead, or the lady that ins trying come throw you under ns bus for something the was she fault... Or possibly it"s her occupational spouse, Due to the fact that lock to be simply for this reason much funny come prank. Or doens her finest frifinish perhaps need a crickens trapped in a cinderblock Throughout finals? Lens us assist girlfriend in her mischef making!


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