S38 E16: a Artns & Craftns for ns Ages

ns Arts and Crafts home in Arlingttop top ins near perfect and the guys involved take it a last look and celebrate through ns homeowners. I get it Cook gift the homeowners via a one-of-a-kind gift.

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S38 E13: Decorative touches make a Difference

Tommy assemblens the roof. Kevin tries Lazure paint technique. Installation timber paneling in a edge that the life room and refinishinns oak veneer. I get it tree screeninns tree that Emily selected.

S38 E12: changes start to Show

Shinglinns ns house. Figurinns out home window treatments. Radianns floor tubinns ins installed. Mark repairs the grand also living-room fireplace. Tommy and share framework up the earlier deck coming out the side door.

S38 E11: Undergring Energy

Removing a service pole in ~ the fronns of ns property. Building flared porch columns. A brand-new bstack patio. Kitchen cabinets are yielded and installed. Flashinns decorati have piece on fronns gables.

S38 E10: Sheddinns ns Old Look

an outdoor yoga shed. Installation a standing-seam copper roof. Trns a window utilizing a PVC product. Ricdifficult installns a State-of-the-art boiler. Ricdifficult reflects advanced, Eco-friendly building techniques.

S38 E9: Arts and Craftns indigenous peak to Bottom

Tommy build the brand-new Arts and also Crafts fronns porch. Richard travel to ns world’s largest underground quarry. Style and color selection. Note McCullough reflects Kevin the lost arts that stucco.

S38 E8: a brand-new look at come enhance the Old

A hidden doorway is revealed. Ns new master bath presents a Standard Plumbing problem. Creating fancy cuts via computerized machines. Scott Cartop top installns a ceilinns fan. Arts and also Craftns windows.

S38 E7: come Repaint or not come Paint

A custom selection hood. The Initial chimney ins demo’ed and note McCullough builds a new one. Household room, tile and also wood panelinns design choices. A new slAbdominal muscle floor ins coated with a speckled epoxy.

S38 E6: one Bstack in ~ a Time

founding a brand-new chimney. A 100-year-old bstack factory. Developing the kitchen of ns homeowner’ns dreams. Tommine changes the pitch the ns 2 earlier dormers to match ns key the ns brand-new gable.

S38 E5: A Steely Den

steel beam fabricati~ above and erection ~ above the house. HVAC planns because that ns 2nd floor. Front porch demo’ed via heavy machine and also brand-new footings for a new porch. Functioning ~ above ns firebox and chimney.

S38 E4: foundation Fundamentals

ns brand-new concrete structure ins poured. Finding mature specimales trees because that the yard. A preactors concrete bulkheADVERTISEMENT is installed. Ns old rubble foundation gets waterproofed through man-made rubber spray.

S38 E3: make means because that ns family members Room

Tommy and also Kevin replace a 100-year-old wooden beam via a new stole one. Ns tank gets removed by a specialist. The old concrete indigenous the structure acquire transporting come a recycling center.

S38 E2: a brand-new Look, inside and also Out

ns architecture procedure kickns off. Old plaster wall surfaces are very closely demolished. See planns and also i get it begins removing the old silver- Maple. Kevin and Tommy bring down ns exterior back wall.

S38 E1: Arts and also Craftns class Begins

Kevin, Norm, Roger, Richard, and Tommine are back in Arlington—this tins in ~ an early English-Format Artns and Crafts home built in 1909.

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