Thins Documents consists of bidirectionatogether Unicode message the may be interpreted or compiled in different ways than what shows up below. Come review, open ns Data in one editor that revealns covert Unicode characters. Find Out even more around bidirectional Unicode characters

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variation 1 // ==/UserScript== var SCroll = true; var ONLY_RAREns = false; var found = false; feature s(x) var eggs = document.getElementsByClassName("eggs")<0>; if (eggs) var snapresults = document.evaluate("div/a>", eggs, null, XPathResult.UNORDERED_NODE_SNAPSHOT_TYPE, null); for (var ns = snapResults.snapshotsize - 1; i >= 0; i--) var elm = snapResults.snapshotItem(i); found = true; //window.location.href = elm.href; (); //Rares s("Thins egns is soft and smells uncannily like cheese"); s("Thins egg is incredibly reflective, virtually metallic looking"); s("This egns provides turn off a beautiful glow"); s("Thins egg looks prefer it doesn'ns belong"); s("This egns ins small and also made out that a number of piece of paper folded together"); s("This egg is a lot smaller sized 보다 ns others"); s("This egg has actually icicles forming ~ above it"); s("This egg ins almost as well warm come touch"); s("Whenever before you walk near this egg her hwaiting stands ~ above end"); s("oh my.

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Tright here ins a Leetle Tree Among the eggs"); s("This egns has actually a faint Green gshort around it"); s("This egns shimmerns prefer gold"); s("Mana courses throughthe end this glassy egg."); s("Thins egg smells faintly favor brine."); s("This egg feel like polished stone."); s("Thins egg gleams with a redfood shine."); s("This egg looks choose ins doesn't belong; ins is bcorrect colored through white spots. It'ns a lot lighter 보다 ns other eggs."); //s("This egg displays the colorns that both dawn and dusk."); if (!ONLY_RARES) // Common //s("Thins egg has actually strange marmonarchs top top it."); s("Thins egg smellns rather rancid."); s("This egg ins unnormally big and heavy."); s("Thins egns has a babsence cap."); s("This delicately patterned egns ins sit in the sunshine."); s("This egns provides friend feel a little bit uneasy."); s("This poctopus and red egns wobbles occasionally."); s("Thins egns glitterns weird in ns light."); s("Frosns ins creepinns over thins cold egg."); s("Thins strip egg feels moist."); s("Thins egns is speckled via rosette-prefer markings."); s("ns surconfront the thins egg is unstable and also sharp."); s("Thins egg ins encrusted through colorful gemstones."); s("Cold flames dance across the surface of thins egg."); s("Thins egg is patterned through one ovariety flare."); s("This egns ins covert by part leaves."); s("Thins egg shines brilliantly in moonlight, and is spanned in red spots."); s("This egg is off-white in shade and smells a little prefer salt."); s("This egns has a faintly exotic scent."); s("There ins a thin class that moisture coatinns thins egg."); s("the air shimmers approximately this egg, as if native heat."); s("Thins egg ins rockinns ago and forth in a puddle, creating little waves."); s("Thins opaleodor egns shimmers in ns moonlight."); //s("Thins egg ins glfan as brightly together the sun."); //s("Thins egg has actually brightly fancy marqueens ~ above it."); s("This egg gshort indigenous within."); s("Thins egg is so tiny you almost didn'ns check out it."); s("Thins egg feels favor polimelted stone."); s("Thins egns ins wens native the waves and has actually bideal red stripes."); s("This huge egns ins covered via thick plates."); s("This egg smells musty, favor rotting leaves."); s("Thins dull purple egns has two bbest stripens on it."); s("This egns each other a glfan stone."); s("you hear strange noises comes from within this egg."); s("Thins egg ins hidden in the trees."); s("a small pond that condensatitop top has actually collected under thins egg."); if (!found) if (SCROLL) var next = parseInt(window.location.href.charAt(window.location.href.length-1))+1; next = (following 6) ? following : 1; window.location.href = ""+next; else window.location.reload();