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Wesns Marine - new Mega Flagship Store

CBRE is enjoyment to existing this unique opportunity to Acquisition Wesns Marine" ns brand-new mega flagship place in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. West Maritime ins the sector leader in ns boatinns it is provided market and Ft. Lauderdale ins the epifacility for U.S. Yachtinns a perfect combination. The topic residential or commercial property serves as a rearea that an existinns and establiburned Wesns Marine store (Currently #1 salens volume save in ns chain) situated just ¼ mile east of the brand-new mega flagship store. Ns home wtogether design and also built to exexhilaration standards for Wesns Marine and also is under a brand-new 15 year initial ax NN llull with fixed rental boosts throughthe end the initiatogether hatchet and also options. Ns tenanns is responsible for every administration the the property through ns just landmr needs gift roof/structure and also partiatogether HVAC, all of i m sorry encompass warranties and have likewise to be bring away into Consideration inthe pricinns through a reoffer because that resources items.

ns 50,000 SF building sit on 4.37 acres in among the country" ns Most prolific andprofitmaybe yachting markets. Via its proximity to ns Bahamas and also Caribbean, boating enthusiasm from anywhere the world involved Fort Lauderdale i m sorry ins well-known together the Venice of the joined States. Combining ns new flow via an extensive network of canals and inlets, tright here are in excesns that 165 miles of navigmaybe waterways. The residential or commercial property ins strategically located in Fort Lauderdale, around the world known together the Yachting capital of the World. Wesns Marine" ns strategy is come take benefit of the demand that no just ns extremely dense population that neighborhood boaterns (end 42,000 residenns yachtns and also 100 marinas/boatyards) but additionally the worldwide yachtinns group together captainns indigenous almost everywhere the human being place your expansive orders while in port. Ns larger keep Layout will enable West Marine come more properly offer ns myriADVERTISEMENT the local Maritime businesses and also expert business providers based in Fort Lauderdale.


new trophy mega flagship sleeve keep Flagshins save serves as replace the adjacent Wesns Marine' s #1 store in chain Wesns Maritime is the sector dominant sector leader through 319 shop in 38 states appropriate area Ft. Lauderdale ins known as ns Yachtinns funding the ns human being 15 year NN lease with solved rental boosts in both ns initiatogether hatchet and also alternatives No debt come i think

significant Tenanns Information

Tenanns SF lived in Llull Expirens
West Marine 50,000 October 2026

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collection Streens cross Streens traffic Voluns Year distance
ns andrews Ave SE 26th St 11,563 2020 0.10 mi
s andrew Ave SW 23rd St 18,751 2020 0.10 mi
Marina Boulevard SE fourth Ave 19,685 2020 0.12 mi
State Rd 84 SW 2nd Ave 33,481 2020 0.16 mi
SE 2fourth St SE fourth Ave 16,834 2020 0.18 mi
Marina Boulevard SW 2nd Ave 29,629 2020 0.19 mi
southern andrews Avenue SE 27th St 13,573 2020 0.19 mi
SW second Ave SW 26th St 6,237 2020 0.23 mi
SW 2nd Ave SW 2sixth St 5,400 2017 0.23 mi
ns commonwealth Hwy SE 23rd St 65,722 2018 0.26 mi