the Dallas Cowboys have apparently change their emphasis to trading Tony Romo rather than releasing ns veteran quarterearlier Thursjob together previously rumored.

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kris Mortensen that ESPN reporting ns Denver Broncons and Housttop top Texans are the leading candidates come land also Romo. Todd Arcshe and also Adam Schefter that noted Wedneswork ns Cowboys were meant to lens ns signal-caller Enter totally free agency Thursday.

Romo bid farewell to Cowguys pan ~ above Thursday: 

ns latest rotate in ns unstable case keepns ns Broncos squadepend in ns Romo sweepstakes, but their levetogether the involvement continues to be unclear. ESPN"s Josina Anderson proclaimed earlier Thursjob the front office cream still hadn"t engaged in a "formatogether meeting" around obtaining ns Cowboys QB.

that said, a transaction constantly seemed choose the more logical course for Dallas than a directly release.

the 36-year-old quarterearlier must lug value ~ above ns trade sector Since there"ns a restricted variety of alternatives available thins offseason. That would be ns finest totally free certified dealer available by a significant margin in ~ ns game"ns Most vital place if let go.

Hins contract is ns greatest hurdle. He"s collection come count $24.7 millitop top against the salary cap in 2017, the greatest number in ns league, follow to Spotrac.

ns Cowguys have actually moved on come Dak Prescott under facility ~ his wonderful rookin other words campaign, therefore there"s no factor to soctopus virtually $25 millitop top into a backup. A profession would permit Dallas to gain an asset in return and to decrease the financiatogether burden.

the Broncos and Texanns do feeling because that ns very same reason: they ranked within ns top five in full defense critical season, and also adding a prcooktop QB could relocate castle right into title contention.

if tright here to be legitimate concerns about Romo"ns capacity to remain healthy and balanced given his comprehensive injury history, his on-field track document is strong. The own a 97.1 job passer rating through 248 touchdown and also 117 interceptions throughout 156 Gamings with the Cowboys.

all told, ns Most most likely endGame is stiltogether that Romo pipeline Dalras prior to the begin the the 2017 season. The exact time and also nature of the leave are up in the waiting complying with 24 hrs that conflicting reportns about ns Cowboys" decision-makinns process.

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