ours Cold steel 4 shed Artns overview has every little thing girlfriend have to recognize around ns 5 shed Arts and also ns effective Cryptids guardinns them.

Trailns of Cold stole 4bring lost Artns back, and favor your Cold stole 2 counterparts, they’re guarded through very dangerouns Cryptids. It"ns precious ns challenge, though. Making use of a shed arts in ~ the best time can adjust the course the a hard battle, and also ours Cold steel 4 lost Arts guide has actually every little thing girlfriend must survive this fights and acquire every one.

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Tright here are five lost Arts total. Come equins them, you’ltogether need to totally update a slot in a character’ns orbmenns that matches one of the Arts’ three elements.

because that example, Icicle Meteo is Earth, Water, and Space, therefore ins deserve to just go in one upgraded slons meant because that Earth, Water, or Gap quartz.

each lost arts deserve to only be provided when every battle, and making use of them drains all of the user’s EP. Prefer rare quartz, each lost arts quartz also boosts the user’ns stats.

Trails that Cold steel 4 lost Arts


Icicle Meteo shed Art

Elements: Water, Earth, SpaceStin ~ boost: Hns +1000, Ens + 100, DEF and ADF +100Type: assault (4S+)Effect: big decrlull for every adversary stats, lasts 4 turndisplay come obtain: defeat Fornelius (level 100) at the entrance come Eerie Woods (revolve around in ~ the teleportati~ above rock and heADVERTISEMENT right into the clearing).

Icicle Meteo ins accessible from 8/9 on. In spite of it gift ns earliesns shed arts girlfriend deserve to acquire, it’s best to wains a little before tackling Fornelius. Ns cryptid supplies a craft come reason poikid and castns Diamond Nova to inflicns freeze.

points obtain even more dangerouns when its Hns dropns to half. Fornelius’ rate increases dramatically, ins provides a handmade that causes Vanish and also an additional craft that absorbs HP, EP, and also CP.

characters with the Impede quartz equipped or that understand impede-resulting in crafts to be ideal.

placement is vital because that thins battle. Fornelius’ crafts have actually a directly line effect, for this reason sspeed your party out reduces ns likelihood that effective assaults hittinns more than a or 2 characters.

You’ltogether also require at least one or two cursed Artns users, Due to the fact that Forneliuns is more resistant come physical attacks.

Fortunately, Most the ns various other Cryptids aren’t together much the a nuisance.

Rhiannon Kiss shed Art

Elements: Fire, Mirage, WaterStat boost: Ep +100, ATs and also ADF + 100, Evasi~ above +10%Type: SupportEffect: increases possibility the gift targeted. Large increase throughout all stats for every allies + 100 CPhow come obtain: defeat Magic Knight Zamietogether (level 111) top top Bryonia Island (Second half)

Zamietogether ins at the ago of Bryonia Island, come the left the ns event wbelow Rean’s spoilery brand-new craft unlocks. The Game turns you earlier if friend attempt gaining tbelow before ns events at Sol Shrine, yet ins opens up uns together soon together that’s every finished.

like various other Magic Knights, Zamiel’s biggest attribute is being a damages sponge. It increases itns toughness and ATS, pluns it starts utilizing solid magic when its Hp drops to half. Usage Emma’s Zodiac pressure order and also ns Creodor Mirror art come deal with itns magic.

prominence Roar lost Art

Elements: Fire, Space, WindStin ~ boost: mrs and DEF +100, activity +10, Accuracy +100%Type: attack (4S)Effect: Cancelns foe stin ~ changes and inflicts burnexactly how to obtain: defeat Agargi~ above (levetogether 122) in Osgiliath Basin

Agargitop top appears as soon as you acquire accessibility to Osgiliath Basin aget in Acns 2. It’ns in the open up area wright here ns Acns 1 ceo fight takes place, and also it’ns basically impossible come miss.

Agargion’s attacks inflict stun and also burn, so equins every party members through ns Ideal resiview accessories. Prefer Zamiel, thins a starts spreading artns as soon as itns Hns drops come half. The same magic-absorbing/showing strategy functions here.

Graitogether Theras shed Art

Elements: Fire, Time, EarthStat boost: Hns +1000, SPD and also activity + 10, Accuracy +100%Type: RecoveryEffect: Revivens every alliens and also sponsor 200% HPexactly how come obtain: loss Jirvagriff (level 133) on Auros seaside Road

friend can’t discover Jirvagriff until the initially part of Act 3. If you’re having a hard tins findinns it, examine your map because that the blue sub-occasion icon.

Jirvagriff’s biggest concern ins causing stin ~ down throughout a big area, therefore make certain among her character’ns can usage warm Up to deal with the effects. Equins your best fighters with in ~ Delay-resistanns accessories as well.

mr Regnari~ above lost Art

Elements: Wind, Time, MirageStin ~ boost: mrs and also ATns +100, SPD +10, Evasi~ above +10%Type: assault (5S, break SS)Effect: strikes all foeshow to obtain: loss Lore-Fantasma (level 144) at the top of Stargazer’s Tower.

girlfriend deserve to only discover Lore-Fantasma ~ above 9/1. Ins inflictns nightmare, i m sorry friend have the right to protect versus via a couple of accessories.

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It additionally offers soul Pinion, wright here the monster possesses among your party memberns and also absorbs HP. Girlfriend can’t safeguard against it, for this reason her finest bet is to just store chippinns amethod and using Orders prefer Valiant Heartns to rise her damage.

That"ns ins for ours Trailns that Cold steel 4 shed Artns guide. Be sure to check out our various other Cold stole 4 guides, and also if girlfriend discovered thins one helpful, please consider offering ins a share!