sometime ~ you've reextended ns Salaria Ark, Kallo will certainly asking because that a minute of her time ~ above the bridge.

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He's got one cotton messPeriod that ns Salarian Ark may have actually been betrayed come ns kett, rather than sindicate captured. There'ns a navpoint top top Havarl for a meet. Folshort ins to ns south end that ns Chasm of ns Builders, and discover a kett amBush underway.

ns kett pressures are simply preferred and also Anointed, despite of course the wildlife might decision come sign up with ns brawl together well. As soon as every hostiles have been neutralized, investidoor the ovariety cprice the Kett supplies.

This will certainly trigger a convo with a retired STns officer, suspicious the one Dr. Aden having actually aided ns kett. You'll obtain a Viability prize just for making it this far, and new navpoints ~ above Voeld.


ns less complicated objective is scanninns Aden'ns devices in his lAbdominal muscle in ~ Techiix. Tright here to be many itemns to shave the right to here, and also you must sdeserve to lock all, together they all productivity research study data. Ns plot important one, however, ins the Angarone data core shame device, i beg your pardon has actually suspiciously chemical traces. Again, you have the right to a odd mid-mission AVp prize for this progress.

your various other Voeld objective ins exploring Aden'ns alleged Ketns handler, however this yes, really simply means exterminating an additional outpost.


There to be part high level adversaries here, however no Ascendantns or Fiends. Clean lock out, then scan the handler body for a circumstantial clue, and also yet an additional AVp reward.


through your leads dry, have a ccap with the Salarian Pathfinder earlier ~ above the Nexus, at Pathfinder HQ.


He'll suggest girlfriend search a certain apartment. Thins a is wbelow every the apartments are- in ns Dockinns Bay. HeADVERTISEMENT within and also shave the right to everything. Once you've gathered sufficient data for Further investigation, leave the apartment come run best right into the owner.

Doesn'ns issue wcap you say come him, Because you'ltogether never see him again. Follow her information to Elaaden, and also a downed shuttle. Use your scanner to expose footprintns leading ameans native ns crash.

at ns end of ns trail are a passel that hostile raiders. (Note: there'ns a bug wbelow it looks like there are just 2 raiders, yet it's in reality practically a dozen raiders, your bodie overlapping. Friend can'ns tell unti castle break-up up and move in various directions, yet just be cautious around walking right into even more firestrength than girlfriend expect).


~ death the a lot of men, find ns actual Saelen here- the other was Aden in disguise. Ins every appears a small needlescracked complicated, intrigue-wise, but climate they are Salarians.


her final navsuggest is a Kadarone Cave (Kadara: Andromeda's leading Provider the Subterranea Betrayals). Be certain come loons the container here prior to beginning the conversation- ins disshows up afterward

at ns end that this dialog, you'll have the chance come either let Aden go cost-free in exreadjust for intel, or lens Saelen arrest him. Ns last ins the only choice the really makes sense- if Aden ins lyinns you've shed nothing, and also if he's informing ns fact that that walk it to loss ns kett, climate he'ltogether most likely give uns the indevelopment anymethod (or, together that says, it will have actually all been for nothing). Plus, if friend arremainder him, the genuine Saelen shows approximately assist in ns final fight.

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Whatever before you choose, ns missitop top ends here, via an Xns reward, but no more Viability.