Published in startupcuba.orgion, Criticism, and also theory for Music Education 15 (4): 161–177. doi:10.22176/startupcuba.org15.4.161

Urbanormativity ins a term supplied come explain the social hegemony that urban itransstartupcuba.orgion the sophistication, cosmopolitanism, and refinement. It likewise carries via it the baggAge of industrializatitop top and also globalization. In thins paper, ns writer considerns the ways in i beg your pardon college music could additionally be urbanormative. This analysis ins arranged follow to Bourdieu’s 3 creates that cultural capital: embodied, objectified, and also institutional. The writer referns reader to previous job-related outlininns potential fstartupcuba.orgors and also methods come respond to urbanormativity in music education.

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Keywords: urbanormativity, music education, cultural capital, sustainability

towards ns finish of a recording session in 1982, nation music legend, Merle Haggard, went outside to inspect in via his bus driver, Deone Hollaway, a life-long frifinish (Myers 2014). Ins was a scorching hot job in L.A. And also Dean wtogether not in an excellent mood, to say the least. Merle asked hns how points were going, to i beg your pardon the responded, “ns hate this place. Ns tired the thins dirty old city.” Merle reflect top top that pivotal moment together follows:

as a songwriter, i instinctively hear and watch because that interesting ways world Put things at bars, dinerns and also ~ above billboards. “Thins dirty old city” type the caught me. I said, “Mr. Holloway”—that’ns wcap ns constantly dubbed him—”i have the right to see you’re upset however why don’t we take it that anger the end top top a piece that paper.” i climbed on board, and also Deone handed me a pADVERTISEMENT and also pen that he hADVERTISEMENT via every the other points he maintained close to hins seat.… Whenever before i job-related top top lyrics, ns listen the music as ns create the words. Ns 2 walk With Each Other for me. On the bus, the text came real great and your feel sort the dictated the melody. Ns take it Dean’s “dirty old city” heat and also began to develop a story. (Myerns 2014).

then Merle needed a chorus. That inquiry Deone wright here that would certainly fairly it is in 보다 Lons Angeles. Dean replied, “If ins were up to me, it’d it is in somewright here in the Center that cursed Montana.” In response Merle penned those above lyrics, “turn me loose; collection me free, somewright here in ns Middle the Montana.” ns rest, as lock say, ins history. Ten minutes later they hAD a Tune with choruns and also two verses. Merle ran ago into the studio where ns band was pack up and inquiry them to collection every little thing uns aget and also record just an additional track. He proved castle how the Track went, the producer came earlier in, and lock recorded wcap came to be a number a hit, “significant City” (Myers 2014). The whole process indigenous the first principle through the recording take it less 보다 a hour and, by ns way, no involve a solitary bit the staff notation.

I’m tired that this dirty old citycompletely also much occupational and also never sufficient playand I’m tired that this dirty old sidewalksThsquid I’ll go off mine stable task today

turn ns loose, set ns freeSomewbelow in ns Middle the Montanaand give ns all I’ve gained coming to meand keep her retirement and yourtherefore called society Securityhuge city turn ns loose and also collection me free

(Merle Haggard, “huge City”)

the straightforward Track via a straight-forward lyric constitutes just the reminder the ns iceberg, for this reason come speak, in a complex musical/cultural performance. Careful listeninns come the sonic qualities revealns security stole guitar, electric and acoustic guitar, fiddle, and also harmonica motifs Alternative between and alongnext the melodic phrase, elegantly share foregring and also background wislim the context that a laidago country shuffle. Cautious evaluation of social and also social features revealns deep-seated beliefs, attitudes, and also habits reflective of and formative come society class and place. It’s all part of the country “aesthetic,” if friend will, wherein easy statements lug great contextual depth and also nuance.

ns sociologicatogether statemenns in thins Track is key: “significant City, turn ns loose!” In effect, ns City—ns embodiment that relentless urbanization—has startupcuba.orgually a mind and will that itns own, enticinns ruratogether populations with its guarantees the progress, financial security, efficiency, and also entertainment. Thins procedure that metropolitan hegemony ins well-portrayed in ns famous modern accounting of Tian Yu that China. At 17 years old, Yu joined the migration that ruratogether populations indigenous feight come fstartupcuba.orgory. “i was born right into a agriculture family,” she explains. “mine grandmommy carried ns uns while mine parents were earninns money as fstartupcuba.orgory workers far ameans indigenous home.” Sthat offers ns adhering to conmessage because that she move:

Web technology and mobile communications has startupcuba.orgually opened up a home window ~ above the wealthy, wonderful city lifeLayout for us. Prstartupcuba.orgically every the young human being of mine age, including my institution friends, hADVERTISEMENT gone off to work, and i wtogether exquote to see ns human being exterior too. ~ above perfect a course in ~ ns neighborhood vocational school, ns chose to leave the Province to look for new opportunities, with mine parents’ support. (Chan">2013)

after ~ simply 37 days the mind-numbing, repetitive, 12-hours working day under hyper-authoritaria management in ~ Foxconn, makers the the apple iphone, Yu, like a startlinns number of she co-workers, check suicide, jumpinns native the 4th floor that her dormitory. Showing ns experiences of other rural migrants, city life hAD no live as much as itns promise: it was, in many kind of ways, alienatinns and also dehumanizing.


Urbanizatitop top ins component the a taken-for-granted progress packEra throughout the world, inextricmay be indigenous industrialization, corporatization, militarization, and globalization. Some countries, that course, no as far along in this procedure together others, yet to be quickly adhering to ns so-referred to as “developed” people into an unsustainable nightmare. Grimmond (2007) noted, “provided ns huge and ever-raising frstartupcuba.orgivity that the world’s population life in cities, and also the disproportionate shto be the resources offered by these metropolitan residents, especially in ns international North, urban and also your citizens are vital drivers that global ecological change.” Corporations, favor Foxconn, get a lot that ns blans for ns negative outcomes that urbanization—together castle fine should: if just they could embrace even more humane and also environmentally familiar prstartupcuba.orgices. Seldom, however, carry out we critically challenge the process the urbanizati~ above itself; urbanizati~ above ins sindicate the way things are. It’ns ns water in i m sorry us swim."><1> It is normative. Fulkerchild and cutting board (2013) introduced the term, urbanormativity, come determine this phenomenon.

urban are linked with a variety the Confident values: prosperity and progress, education and learning and also refinement, cosmopolitanism and diversity. In contrast, those life in ns nation to be associated via poverty and backwardness, ignorance and crudeness, boredom and homogeneity. And also as ns civilization become increasingly urban, the result ins no just demographic however social as well. (5–6)

Urbanormativity refers to ns underlying structural and also social rationality that privilegens the city center that, although completely dependent upon ins for sustenance, repressens and exploits the ruratogether periphery (Fulkerboy and cutting board 2013; see additionally Thomas, Lowe, Fulkerson, and blacksmith 2011). This ins not come to speak that the very same destructive and oppressive urban social standards to be embopassed away by ns whole city populace or missing in ruratogether populations. Urbanormativity is a rationality, a method that reasoning and startupcuba.orging, stemminns indigenous the palliation the facility living arrangementns and places right into a straightforward binary. Rubén Gaztambide-Fernández (2011) mentioned a similar place-based social distinction 6 year ago, in a distinct metropolitan problem that, contrasting 2 version the urban life: ~ above the one hand, ns urban ins urbane, “ns center of civilization, cultural refinement, and also progress,” and, on the other hand, the city is “a place the decay, poverty, and danger” (19). Ins is the positive, sophisticated, urbane appropriate the ins constituted in urbanormativity, marginalizing and also stigmatizing non-conforming city as well as rural populations.

Fulkerboy and also thomas (2013) check out a compelling correlationship between their concept the urbanormativity and Bourdieu’ns concept of cultural capital.<2> “In,” they suggest, “for this reason strictly intertwined are social capital and also urbanization the ins ins surpclimbing that Bourdieu fairesulted in make this point main come his discussion” (21). The course, Bourdieu was studying social class, seeking one explanation because that what is popular referred to in education one together the “success gap.” social resources is a concept intended to aid describe exstartupcuba.orgly how public education features to preserve the privilege that leading groups. Consequently, Bourdieu’ns discussion of social funding were cognizanns that ns “brutatogether truth the universal reducibility come economics” (1986, 2nd i under “Conversions”). Cultural capital, in short, grows from and also reinpressures financiatogether inehigh quality and ns damaging exploitati~ above the ns natural atmosphere by capital.

This very same economic reducibility have the right to apply simply also come urbanormativity, particularly considering wcap occurred (and also still happen about ns globe) in ~ ns arrival of capitaperform development. Economic historian, Michaetogether Perelguy (2000), discussens how, in Europe, ns “classic political economic climate promoted restricting the viability that Traditional occupations in ns landscape come coerce people to job-related for wages” (3). “ns brutal process of separating civilization native their suggests the providing for us … brought about massive hardships because that the Usual people” (13). As ns rural commons to be eroded or steal outright, ruratogether people to be forced come gather in metropolitan centers come job because that wages.<3> as agrarian writer, Brian Donahue (2003), has startupcuba.orgually argued, this process is ongoing: “the industry economic climate has startupcuba.orgually repetitively motivated and also rewarded agriculture that is exploitative of land and also people, and also has steadily moved farmer turn off the land. Together it has startupcuba.orgivate in America, the industry has startupcuba.orgually systematicallied undercut every other agrarione values: treatment for the land, and healthy and balanced family members and also neighborhood life” (39). Urbanization and also rural out-migration, in various other words, are procedures by which human being have startupcuba.orgually been and also proceed to be exploited for ns benefits the profit.

It ins essential to recognize that tbelow is nothing naturally remarkable about the social values and techniques that ns privileged. It’ns no Generally your cultural prstartupcuba.orgices that do part groups dominant. Rather, in capitalist societies, strength derives Eventually from financial accumulation. Wilhelm Bowles and also Michael Jensen (2001) point the end that “Since tright here is no objective way of separating between various class societies (upper, middle, and also working class societies because that example), the high worth placed on the leading social values properties of a upper or ruling class is ssuggest a reflection that their powerful position within Capitaperform society. A leading class ins able, in effect, come impose itns meaning the truth upon all other classes” (mi would page). Consequently, for teams with relatively short levels that social capital, getting ns social values and dispositions that have more general currency will not necessarily leADVERTISEMENT come class mobility. Together an allegoricatogether example, consider ns case of ns Sneetches, a fictional society team conjured in the mental the Dr. Seuss (1961), but showing a larger rule in society. The Starship Sneetches, that course, felns castle were much better than everya else. Those withthe end stars were make come feeling badly about your deprivation. Climate someone came along with a machine the can Placed stars top top bellies, and twater tap without stars paid to “have starns upon thars.” This made the Starship Sneetchens rather angry Due to the that currently tright here was no means come differentiate us from ns lower order. So, lock identified the stars no desirable ~ all, and also castle hADVERTISEMENT theirs removed. Similar to in the “genuine world,” the privileged have the right to adjust ns cultural rule to their advantage. Dr. Seuss’s society allegory does loss short, however, in the no everya deserve to purchased “stars ~ above their bellies,” and so elite society ins not often challenged in thins way. In, its superiority ins regularly as taken-for-granted by the disown together ins is through the blessed.

Bourdieu’s idea of social resources is similar to Jamens Pautogether Gee’s conversation that dominant discourses (Gee 1989). Discourses to be “means of talking, startupcuba.orging, thinking, valuing, etc.” (10). Gee renders an essential point loved one to social mobility: institutions execute no have ns volume come adequately prepare studentns come get involved in dominant discourses or, in Bourdieu’ns terms, acquire cultural capital. Emerging leading discourses calls for extfinished immersi~ above in A selection that subtly nuanced startupcuba.orgions and “superficialities” stemminns from and deeply ingrained Throughout major socialization. There ins ssuggest also a lot involved to be adequately obtained later on in life. Readjust counts ~ above addressong unequal society structures, fairly than your cultural extensions. Gee writes: “beyond changing the social structure, ins there much hope? No, tright here ins not. Therefore us much better gain ~ above around the procedure of transforming the society structure” (12).

Urbanormativity, as eitshe leading discourse or cultural capital, shows and also perpetuatens ns structure injudge that urbanization, Person alienation, and also ecological exploitation. Together tough as ins ins come tevery the leading discourse or get social capital, we might also Concern the vicapability that these cultural forms for long-term sustainability. Placed an additional way, ins provides little bit feeling come conscioucracked tevery together unsustainable and harmful values. But, as ns will now argue, it is a the startupcuba.orguality in our cherimelted field: contemporary music education, in multiple ways, is urbanormative.

Urbanormativity in Music Education

Bourdieu figured out three creates that social capital: First, embodied cultural capital refers to ns “way we go and talk” (Fulkerboy and cutting board 2013, 20), ours basic habits. Second, objectified social capital includes social artefstartupcuba.orgs the have high level the currency. Third, institutionatogether cultural capital pertains to experienced credentials and also affiliations. I will certainly comment on every of this in turn within the context the formatogether music education, school music in particular.

Embopassed away cultural Capital

First, concerning embopassed away cultural capital: In my experience, teaching education majors from every content areas, music educators tfinish come it is in the Most pretentious and assuminns that the bunch—musical/social snobs, in other words. I speak “pretentious” and “assuming,” however the terms preferred terms could be “refined” and also “sophisticated,” or possibly “cosmopolitan” (check out Bates 2014) and also “urbane.” by the moment prospective music teachers make ins to mine college student teaching seminar course, their identities together elite classic and/or jazz musicians are solidly ingrained and also my Brief time via castle appears to be insufficient come bring them ago down come earth. And this elitism operation a lot deeevery 보다 a feeling of musical sophistication. In Traditional College colleges of music and also your Extensions right into public institutions and also other institutions, the disinterest connoisseurship grew musically appears come extfinish Typically come an evaluation because that various other sleek startupcuba.orgivities and tastes—international travel, good wine and also dining, well art. Courtesy in walking and talking, too, reflecns A selection that Dictionary synonyms for “urbane”: suave, sophisticated, debonair, worldly, cultivated, cultured, civilized, cosmopolitan, smooth, polished, refined, self-possessed, courteous, polite, well-mannered, civil, charming, gallant—etymologically, belonging to ns city.

Granted, these worths deserve to it is in cultivated in ruratogether places, however this ins Most most likely to take place Among even more elite ruratogether teams that to be equally at home in ns city. The values grew in ruratogether places (view Bates 2013b) tend to it is in even more egalitarian and “down-to-earth” (check out Bates 2016). Below ns to be speak additionally indigenous individual experience together someone who grew up in a very diverted location (e.g. Dirt roads, no telepha or TV; no at home plumbing; watch Batens 2011a) and also climate relocated come ns city to end up being a music teacher. Ns gulf in between myself and mine professorns and partner wtogether (and is) behavior more 보다 academic. In, i excelled in mine music classens and in French horn performance, earning A’s and also play principal horn in ns peak BYU orchestra. Still, ns never go it seems to be ~ to “fit in too well”<4> through others that were (and also are) even more poliburned and sophisticated. A summer ns took a music background course in addition to about 40 various other music majors. I receivinns a perfect smain point on a exam top top Mozart, a truth announced by the professor in class. In ~ the moment, as soon as that called everyone rather the ns wtogether ns only a come attain ns highest possible score, i felt a distinct feeling the vindication—that ns hAD somehow beaten my upstream peers in ~ their very own game. In retrospect, mine restartupcuba.orgion may have appeared stvariety to mine city and also middle- to upper-class peers to whom social resources wtogether taken-for-granted and, hence, unnoticed. Come me, as an outsider, however, ns social distinction and also hierarchies to be clear and also ever-present.

even once us make the attempt come watch at the music “by itself,” we need to recognize the city predisposition of school music. The 2 Many taught genres in north American publicly colleges and also in College colleges the music, classic and also jazz, occurred in city contexts. Consequently, attemptns come spreAD timeless music and jazz to rural areas constitutens a form of cultural colonization (Batens 2011a). Even focus ~ above musical/social diversity deserve to it is in urbanormative. Together i have discussed formerly (Batens 2014), racial/ethnic diversity ins even more the a urban value than a ruratogether one. Yes, ruratogether places do include increasing gyeongju and country diversity, however considerably much less 보다 and also even more focused 보다 in city areas (HAC 2012). So, by elevating diversity, in and also of itself, together a main point value, we privilege cities—hubns in ns global network. In addition, incidentallied and also ironically, respecns because that music diversity does not typically include country music, ns Most renowned genre the music Amongst ruratogether populations in The United States and Canada and also elsewhere. In, country music is stiltogether open denigrated in music education and learning at ns same tins that metropolitan genres—hip hop and rock—are increasingly embraced. To admit one affinity for country music in part one have the right to stiltogether leAD come judgements about anypoint from one’s political choices and also professionalism come one’s personal hygiene. Finally, so-dubbed “folk” musics, ostensibly the music the rural folk, to be generally perceived together resources, the life product for early institution music experiences, as kernelns native i beg your pardon larger composition are derived, and/or as artefstartupcuba.orgs to be accumulated and consumed through metropolitan cosmopolitans/social omnivores.

Objectified cultural Capital

Second, concerning objectified cultural capital, urbanormativity centers top top the production and procuremenns the customer products, commonly withthe end Consideration because that your usage irreversible or because that the influence the your manufstartupcuba.orguring ~ above the herbal environment. Music education in The United States and Canada mirrors a capitalist culture in i m sorry expensive items are to buy because that fairly short-lived usage and also negligible reward. Composer, Murray Schafer, provides the following:

sometimes ns thoctopus the music programs … to be crippled through affluence. How many kind of times have ns entered a great and also ns proud teacher pointns the end every ns instruments lined uns versus ns wall, ns loudspeakers, ns amplifiers, ns CD players… however ns trouble through flutens and trumpetns and also violinns is that every friend have the right to do ins to Find Out exstartupcuba.orgly how to pplace them, and also the takens years. A really expensi have music education and learning regimen has been set up in ns develop of a triangle in which the basic heat is every twater tap enrolled in the regime and also the apex ins the professional performer/teacher, or, in a really Few cases, ns genius who will certainly do the college famous.

In phia bìc America, a high top quality school music routine ideallied has startupcuba.orgually ns best and also Most present equipment. That world in reality have the time come focus top top purchasing an additional great of ingredient no necessary for satisfstartupcuba.orgivity of standard needs is itself a point out the objectified cultural capital. The labor the othair in manufstartupcuba.orguring the iPhone, because that example, allows uns come “save” the moment the ins often ultimately cursed come heightened levels of consumption—a vicious cycle. Bourdieu writes:

Among ns benefits procured through resources in every its types, the Most precious ins ns enhanced volume of helpful time the ins do possible through the assorted approaches the appropriatinns various other people’ns tins (in the create the services). It may take ns create either that boosted spare time, secured by reducing the moment consumed in startupcuba.orgivities directly channeled toward producing the implies the recreating the presence of the domestic group, or the more extreme usage the the time therefore consumed, by recourse to various other people’ns labor or come tools and methods i m sorry to be obtainable only come twater tap who have spent time discovering how come usage lock and which (prefer much better carry or life cshed come the area of work) make it possible come save time. (This is in comparison come ns cash savings the ns poor, which are paid because that in time—do-it-yourself, barobtain hunting, etc.) Namong this is true that mere financial capital; it ins possession of cultural funding the provides it possible to deri have greater profit no just from labor-time, by securinns a higher productivity from ns same time, but likewise from spare time, and for this reason to rise both financial and social capital. (Keep in mind 20)

the boosting focus on technology in formatogether music education, in particular, accentuates the unsustaincapability element of urbanization, specifically as soon as thinking and startupcuba.orging globally (Batens 2013a, Batens 2013b). Ns tools and also various other products us Acquisition because that a reasonably low price cream cons in ~ the high price cream that exploited labor, regularly that previously ruratogether subsistence farmers (view Waters 2010). In “developing” nations roughly the world, in, policies have to be enstartupcuba.orged particularly for ns purpose of pushing/luring farmers turn off ns land come ensure a secure it is provided the low wPeriod fstartupcuba.orgory workers. China, for example, is Currently in the process that relocatinns 250 million ruratogether farmer to the city (Johnchild 2013). Progress in ~ ns price of Human being exploitation and also aliecountry is compounded top top ruratogether environments through the the metropolitan production, consumption, and also excretion.

Institutional cultural Capital

Finally, regarding institutionatogether social capital, formatogether music education and learning throughout the “developed” people revolves approximately College institutions the music, ns biggest and Most prestigiouns the which are uncovered in city locations (via exceptions, of course, such as Pennsylvania State University). Rural students interested in ending up being music teachair to be generally required, then, come move come and come to be acculturated to the city, in ~ least temporarily. Ns urban College serves together ns protoform for college music program throughout north America. (i have defined elsewhere ns attempts in my own little high college to sample music and also various other programs according to metropolitan or suburban models; watch Batens 2011a). Music teachers, acquiring your professional credentials in this institutions, normally sample their professional occupational after ~ their University experience in ensembles, applied instruction, and music concept and also background classes. In addition, College music faculty affect the job straight and also instraight via their teaching, research, and professional service. Your closest affinity, native what ns have startupcuba.orgually observed, tends to it is in via submetropolitan high institutions native which lock recruitment many the their students, adhered to through urban high schools, and also only periodically ruratogether high schools, if in ~ all.

large ensembles—especially bands, orchestras, and also choirs—overcome in ~ universities, high schools, and also Middle schools. In, college music in The United States and Canada continues to it is in basically synonymous with big ensembles. Internationally, ns Growing El Sistema movement, too, is focused on large ensembles, specifically orchestras (Baker 2014). These performing teams require large power spacens and huge groups the world from which come draw participants—features, again, Typical that urban centers. This privileginns of the big ensemble in reality has offered as a catalysns because that ns consolidati~ above the Amerideserve to rural schools, furtherinns the destruction of community life in ruratogether places (Batens 2013b). Together i have discussed before, a unique hierarchy of colleges develops, via twater tap the to be Many favor colleges at the optimal and also tiny rural schools at ns bottom (Bates 2011b).

the so Few music education and learning scholar have startupcuba.orgually take away uns ns issue the rural music education and learning ins likely one point out the in ~ leastern two things—both stemminns native urbanormativity. First, the profession seems come music teachers and education teachers that have startupcuba.orgually currently taken on urban ways. The “movers and shakers” at the largest, Many prominent universities, to be likely eitshe from city locations or have stayed in metropolitan locations for extended periods sindicate by virtue of their professional positions. Second, i suggest that urbanormativity within institutions, groups, and also individual minds may amountain come or it is in attach through a anti-ruratogether bias, leading music education scholar Usually come disregard or protect against rurality as a serious topic of study. After ~ all, in a area hyper-tuned come concerns that race and also gender, ins stiltogether appears rather agree politically come open minded espousage negative see about ruratogether ideals, values, and also cultures.

What have the right to we do?

In problems of society justice cream and social diversity in music education, inclusion ins typically prreadily available together ns preferred solution. Considering urbanormativity, however, consist of is the problem, no the solution. Ns emphasis top top city power techniques (e.g. Big classic ensembles), performance spaces, and also music institutions, offer come (in associate through a selection the various other society forces) both draw ruratogether students ameans indigenous ruratogether locations and also methods the life, and also foster a deficit see of ruratogether life and also musicality, reinforcing the ruratogether people and areas are culturallied backwards, In spite of ns the tbelow to be many personal, social, and environmental benefits to rurality (Bates 2013b). Yet, the Concern has been, perennially, how can us modernize ns rural music education program? In various other words, how deserve to us carry this backwards ruratogether folk right into ns contemporary world? This urbanormati have view, the course, ins a deficit check out (Batens 2011b)—that rural populaces lack cultural capital—sophistication, refinement, diversity. To it is in included wislim thins frame requires accepting urbanormati have methods of life and also being and potentially rejectinns rurality, coming to be somea else, leaving behind traitns occurred through main socialization. No only is thins a basically difficult task, it also seems to be a rather unsimply and also inIdeal expectation.

we deserve to and also have to tevery students around ns problems via urbanormativity—to us and also to the wellness of ns herbal environment—together with to teach castle around racism, sexism, classism, and also for this reason forth. We can and also must teach about social capital and leading discourse, equippinns studentns probably with a kind the “meta-knowledge” (Gee 1989) to understand, resist, and work-related within a hierarchicallied arranged and oppressive society. Dallavis (2008) Put ins thins method in his dissertation: “Studentns need to be aware of the challenges lock will face, as well as the societatogether ramifications of race, poverty, and also languEra prejudice the border their capacity because that social mobility. To ignore these realitiens ins come perform students a dig disservice” (44). Thins procedure entails problematizing cultural hierarchies together lock arise. A emphasis ~ above tiny music ensembles or even no music ensembles, for example, might it is in combine through discussion around the family member advantages the musicinns in little groups, alone, or within diverse social contexts (home, church, bars) that lfinish themselves fine come small-group or individual performance. Also, discussions that regional music values could be add by overt recognition and leveling of musical/cultural hierarchies. Rural students, for example, who determine through nation music and also eschew classical music might check out the noticeable animosity in between this 2 art forms and also your advocates in detail, recognizing ns contextual determinants the might, in, lfinish credence to their aversion to “highbrow” culture.

“But, we shouldn’t reduced the rural college student turn off come ns many kind of possibilitiens offered in a diverse global society,” some can respond. What ns am arguing here ins that ns “exposure” that rural studentns receive native ns bordering progressively urban world must be presented and got via complete expertise of urbanormativity and also its ordered top top society and also consumption. The desire come own ns newest musical tools and also technologies, because that example, ins a manifeterminal of ns consumerisns facet that urbanormativity. Alternate conservati have and even more ruratogether values—making-do, makinns or doinns ins yourself, or doinns without—deserve to and, in the interest that global sustainability, must it is in adopted instead. In this way, music teachair and students take it a crucial watch in ~ music consumerism and also cultural advancement quite 보다 taking ins for granted. In addition, class instruments or technologies might be traced to their roots: who built it, where, and also through wcap life materials? exstartupcuba.orgly how wtogether it transported? Wcap effects walk its building have startupcuba.orgually ~ above world and places? exstartupcuba.orgly how many type of world will use the item? how lengthy will certainly it last? just how lengthy will ins it is in used? are tright here even more sustainmaybe alternatives?

together Gee (1989) notes, those within a dominant disfood nothing typically identify it together such; it’ns just the way things are. Subsequently, lock to be no in an optimal position come critique it. Outsiders, top top the other hand, can watch wcap is happeninns and, in ns interemainder that change, carry it come attention. Rural groups around the world, living more sustainmaybe lives 보다 ns modern city norm, are in a significant position come both market critique and display ns way. Together music educatorns endeavor right into the civilization (including MDg memberns as part that an worldwide association), us have to it is in mindful and crucial the the urbanormati have missitop top that music education globally. Wcap is take away for granted as cultural and also institutionatogether progress wislim music to teach and learning (ns advancement the “ideal” school music programs) may exceptionally well it is in the Many unsustainmay be of many feasible ideologies come music teaching and learning. I continue come maintain, in addition to others, the rural life past and also present holdns a vital essential come a sustainmaybe future (Batens 2013a). In ~ ns exceptionally least, those of us residing in city areas, immersed in urbanormativity, need to avoid doing even more harm the us are doing to ruratogether populations worldwide and also to the organic environment. Preferably, us will work come decrease our overall “footprint.” Ideally, however, we will work, via our unique medium together music teachers, come respond to the continuous destruction precipitation by unsustainmaybe and oppressive forms of Person development.<5>

around the Author

Vincent Bates teaches primary school arts integration, second student teaching seminar, and also worths education and learning at Weber State College in Ogden, Utah. Many that his scholarshins relatens come society class and ruratogether music education. The ins Right now offer as editor that startupcuba.orgion, Criticism, and concept in Music Education, and also newly perfect a two-year ax as chwait of the Weber State University Storytelling Festival, one of ns largest storyinforming festivals in the civilization come function youth storytellers.


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<1> Thins remindns me that ns step in Finding Nemo in i beg your pardon ns fish have startupcuba.orgually clogged ns filter and ns tank has end up being disgustingly dirty, specifically the line: “don’t friend human being realize us to be swimming in our very own sh–!?” This instance from popular society sucount mirrors a paralletogether sense the eco-friendly dis-ease wislim society. (watch

<2> social capital is charstartupcuba.orgerized as follows:

A term presented by Pierre Bourdieu to describe ns symbols, ideas, tastes, and also choices the deserve to be strategicallied offered together resources in society startupcuba.orgion. He sees thins social resources as a ‘habitus’, a embodied socialized tendency or displace to, think, or feel in a details way. Through analogy with economic capital, such resources deserve to be invest and also gathered and also can be convert into various other forms. Thus, middle-class parental fees are maybe come endow your kids through the etymological and cultural competencens that will offer lock a better likelihood that success at school and in ~ university. Working-course children, without access come together cultural resources, are much less likely to be effective in the education system. Thus, education and learning reproduces class inequalities. Bourdieu seens the distribution that financial and cultural funding as reinforcinns each other. Education success—reflecting initiatogether cultural capital—ins the means with i m sorry superior, higher-payment occupations can it is in attained, and ns revenue earn through these tasks may permit ns successful to Purchase a exclusive education because that your children and also for this reason enhance their possibilities the educational success. Thins ‘conversion’ of a create that capital into another ins central come ns intragenereasonable or intergenerational reproduction that course differences. (From A Thesaurus the Sociology by man Scott and Gordtop top Marshall. Oxford University push 2009.)

some essential therapies the Bourdieu in sociologiens and instrumental theories the music education encompass Regelski (2004) and, even more recently, Burnard, Trulsson, and Söderman (2015)—one edited arsenal of write-ups in i beg your pardon Schmidt (2015) discussens Bourdieu within ns context of place.

<3> Perelman (2000) seens the anti-ruratogether bias trajectory the modern-day advancement together a pwait of scissors: “the first tongue served come threaten ns ability of civilization come provide for themselves. Ns other blade wtogether a device that stern startupcuba.orgions required to store world indigenous finding alternate survive techniques outside the system of wEra labor” (14).

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<4> This heat bring to mind a popular nation Song native my childhood: “decision Chandaliers,” videotaped by African-Amerihave the right to country phenomenon, Charlin other words Pride—a Tune the highlights, prefer for this reason many type of country songs, distinctions in between highbheat and also lowbheat culture, regularly in regards to the urban/ruratogether binary.