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insurance allowance guarantee no gift fulfilledns rental this agency to move mine ingredient to ensure no damage. I paid ns added insurance money for this reason if there wtogether damage they would make it right. The moverns Placed a large hole in mine practice leatshe loveseat. I filed ns insurance allowance case and also castle contract ns furniture save from wbelow it was purchase to repair it. Castle canno enhance ns leather...currently castle want to send an additional repair firm to attempt and also fix it...ins canno be matchead lock refuse come replace it as stated in our contract. Above that ins ins a collection with the sofa for this reason not ns pieces will no match. Lock are makinns no initiative come preserve ns custom set that lock ruined, lock are trying to cheaply spot it and ins is not right. Ns passist ns extra insurance.…ReADVERTISEMENT More

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ns desire a brand-new sofa and also lovesein ~ and also a apology because that the means I"ve been treated.…
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exactly how processes Complaintns and Reviews

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location the This Business1846 1sixth Ave SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404

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Berns moving Company
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Mr. Nathan Berns, Owner

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Nathan Berns, Owner
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(319) 363-3754
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open up category:moving Companies

regional serving better Iowa, QuADVERTISEMENT Cities, and Siouxland Region

more details ~ above neighborhood organization Propapers might no be redeveloped because that salens or promotionatogether purposes. company Prodocuments to be provided specifically come aid you in working out her own finest judgment. askns 3rd next that publish complaints, resee and/or responsens ~ above thins website come afcertain the the indevelopment gave ins accurate. However, doens no verify the accuracy of information offered by 3rd parties, and does no insurance ns accuracy of any kind of indevelopment in service Profiles.

when considerinns complaint information, please take into accounting ns company'ns size and voluns of transactions, and also understand the the nature the complaints and a firm's responsens come castle are frequently more necessary than the variety of complaints. business Profiles Typically cover a three-year reporting period. service Profiles to be subject to change at any type of time. If friend select to do organization through this business, please lens the organization know that girlfriend contplot for a company Profile.

as a matter of policy, does not endorse any type of product, company or business. business Prorecords might no it is in reproduced because that sales or promotionatogether purposes. organization Prorecords are offered exclusively to assist you in exercising your very own best judgment. askns 3rd parties who i announced complaints, reviews and/or responsens on this website to affirm that the information gave is accurate. However, does no verify the accuracy the information provided by 3rd parties, and doens no guarantee ns accuracy that any kind of indevelopment in company Profiles.

when considerinns complain information, please take it into accounting ns company's size and volume the transactions, and also understand also the ns nature of complaints and also a firm'ns responses come castle are often even more necessary 보다 ns number of complaints.

See more: Eorzea Database: Big Trouble In Little Ala Mhigo, Big Trouble In Little Ala Mhigo company Prodocuments Typically cend a three-year reporting period. service Prorecords to be topic come change in ~ any kind of time. If friend choose to execute organization with thins business, you"re welcome lens ns service understand that you contaction for a organization Profile.