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(feat. Kali Uchis)Okay, okay, okay, okayOkay, okay, ohfriend li have in mine dreto be stateRefind mine fantasyi stay in realitygirlfriend live in mine dream stateAnytins i counting sheepThat"s ns only tins we make up, do upfriend exisns behind my eyelids, my eyelidsnow ns do not great wake up20/20, 20/20 visionCupidentifier hit me, cupi would hit me through precision, IWonder if girlfriend look both waysonce friend cross mine mind, ns said, i saidI"m ailing of, ailing of, noble of, noble that chasingYou"re the a that"s constantly running with mine day dreams, Ii deserve to only view your challenge when i close my eyesdeserve to i get a kiss?and can girlfriend do ins last forever?i sassist I"m "bthe end to walk to warand also ns don"t recognize if I"ma check out you againdeserve to i get a kiss? (can I?)and deserve to friend make it critical forever? (can you?)i sassist I"m "bthe end to go to battle (I"m "bthe end to)and i don"t recognize if I"ma see girlfriend again(Uh, switch it up)i said, okay, okay, okay, okie dokie, mine infatuationIns translatin" to an additional develop that what you contact it? — Lovefive yeah, five yeah, oh yeah, i ain"ns met youI"ve been looking, speak ns waiting"fore i sheight ns chasing, favor a alcoholicyou don"t understand me, what the fuck perform girlfriend mean?It"ns castle increased tinted cheeks, yeah it"s lock dirt-colored eyesstreet love husband iced tea, bumblebee on the sceneyeah I"d offer up my bakery to have a piece of her pieYeugh!20/20, 20/20 visionCupid hit me, cupidentifier hit me through precision, IWonder if girlfriend look at both wayswhen girlfriend cross mine mind, ns said, ns saidI"m ailing of, sick of, ailing of, ailing that chasingYou"re the a that"s always running through my day dreams, Ii have the right to only view her face when ns cshed my eyes(So)have the right to i acquire a kiss? (have the right to ns gain a kiss?)and can girlfriend make it last forever? (make ins critical forever)ns sassist I"m "bthe end to go come war ("Bthe end to walk come war)i do not understand if I"ma watch girlfriend again (view friend again)deserve to ns get a kiss? (deserve to I?)and also deserve to you do ins last forever? (can you?)i shelp I"m "bout come walk come war (I"m "bthe end to)and also ns don"t understand if I"ma see girlfriend againOkay, okay, okay, okayOkay, okay, okay, ohLa la, la la la la, la laLa la, la la la, la laOkay, okay, okay, okayOkay, okay, okay, ohLa la, la la la la, la laLa la, la la la laanother time?