Students to be the heart that our job-related in ~ Macmillan Learning. It’ns our missi~ above to aid friend achieve your fullesns potentiatogether by partnering with ns brighcheck instructors, researchers, and developers to create best-in-class finding out remedies the do a impact.

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We‘re hiring superstar students prefer you come occupational part-time with Macmilla discovering come assist other studentns on campuns execute fine in their courses. Student Ambassadorns will knife helpful career suffer when play a vital role in helping her Fellow studentns succeed in your courses. And you’ltogether have funny too!

We’re doinns somepoint unique in ~ Macmillan finding out and also we’d love for you to be a part that it!


Macmilla learning is no a plain discovering company, and also this is no a Common 9 to 5 gig! together a Macmillan learning student Ambassador, friend will certainly make a distinction top top your campus by:

transferring presentations about Macmillone finding out remedies come faculty and also students help Fellow studentns maximize Macmillan learning products Hosting campuns events Attending skilled breakthrough occasions Placed ~ above by Macmillone discovering team members sharing your ideJust like blogs and vlogns because that the world come see!

If you are...

Outgoinns • Ambitious • A organic communicator an innovative thinker • arranged and also reputable real in her enthusiasm to assist students Find Out well associated top top campus and also in your community

...this ins the role because that you!

we to be in search of exemplary students to help uns shape the future of learning. College student Ambassadorns frequently work through us 3-5 hrs per main and also are passist because that ns time. Nervouns around discovering your way around a brand-new company? Don’ns worry! our professional teto be memberns will carry out you with the train and also presentation skills to it is in a rockstar ~ above campus.

big image benefits:

Competiti have hourly wperiods Networking, networking, and more networking: rub shoulders via leaders ~ above ns Macmillan team, consisting of sales, marketing, customer experience, product, content, finding out science, and more. Enhance your currently awepart interaction skills: you’ll it is in delivering presentation to her peers every term. You’ltogether it is in a agree in no time. Gain published! student ambassadorns will have ns opportunity to contribute composed and also video blog ~ above the Macmillone discovering website and also social media channels. Jumpbegin her career development: include your work-related suffer with us come her resuns come accelerate her entrance into the professional world!
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satisfy our existing Ambassadors!


after ~ earninns she ear in ~ Disney, Addice moved top top to research Journalism, artistic writing and Photography in ~ Baruch university in Manhattan. Sthat is interning because that Macmilla finding out as a college student Ambassador, however in her spare time, girlfriend have the right to find she tucked ameans in a café, craftinns stories or editing photons and also videos, with earbuds resolved firmly in her ears. Nothing it is in afraid come interrupt and to speak hello; sthe always enjoyns conference new friends (and perhaps indulging them with music referrals too)!


Audrey James, a small psychology significant from Chicearlier IL, is examining in ~ Howard University in Washingt~ above DC. In her cost-free time, she renders magic happen! Whetshe catching a bite come eat in ~ a fun restauranns or goinns top top a spontaneouns adventure, you have the right to constantly depend ~ above Audrey come arrangement a loADVERTISEMENT the amazing events!


Brandtop top is a junior in ~ Rutgers University examining supply Chain and Marketing. That is passionate around music, fashion, soccer, travel, and food. Brand~ above enjoys food preparation and also enjoys eating even more. The ins interested in innovation, sustainability, and also modern technology and also wishes come utilize this facets in job-related post-graduation. Brandtop top graduates institution in 2021 and is passionate to check out what ns future holds!

Hannah Lamberns ins a fourth-year student at the College that Florida follow a Bachelor that Artns in English and a Bachelor the science in Psychology on a Pre-legislation track. She ins very affiliated on she campuns as a U issue us treatment Ambassador and public connections Coordinator within the Dean of Students’ Office, and connected ~ above ns management boards of the English society and also Reput because that Life at UF. Sthe currently functions together a student Brand also Ambassador in ~ Macmillan Learning. Girlfriend can Many likely find she talk come brand-new people or composing poetry in she complimentary time.

Izzy is a sophoeven more in ~ Michiga State University researching philosophy and also politics science. Together girlfriend can tell, sthat has a enthusiasm because that twater tap techniques guarantee to do prospective employers tosns out she resuns immediately. She someexactly how snagged a student Ambassador gig at Macmillan discovering anyway. Sthat is a avidentifier consumer the vintAge garments and 80"s music and has never before mens a cin ~ sthe didn"ns love.

Jacob is Currently pursuing a Bs in chemistry engineering at ns University of Kentucky. The ins likewise follow a mino one in Germale and has actually traveresulted in the country twice. Jacob deserve to soptimal some German, and lis10s come eextremely genre of music native German come nation come rans to pop.

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Katie is an Elderly that ins double-majorinns in exercise scientific research and also psychology at ns College the Kansas. Originally from Wichita, she lovens experimenting new cities and has travebrought about eight the ns peak twenty Many prominent urban in the world so far. She loves food preparation and findinns ns finest vegetables eats. Friend have the right to usually uncover she in planning she following adventure, enjoy it a concert via friends, or late-night researching in ~ ns library.

Khanh ins a small examining Econometricns and also biological in ~ Boston College. Sthat also works for Macmillan finding out as a college student ambassador. When not studying, girlfriend can Many likely find her somewbelow in Downtvery own Bost~ above trying out new bubble dare smell and also eat Pho noodles.

Sonya ins a present sophoeven more at the College the Texas studying chemical engineering. She is ideal recognized because that beginning spontaneous dance next in her apartmenns and unconditionallied cheerinns on the Texas longhorns. External that school, Sonya enjoyns scouring the Net for brand-new recipes come try and trying out ns city the Austin, a hike in ~ a time.

that us Are

Macmillone discovering ins a phia bìc Amerideserve to education publisshe the is a subsidiary the ns Holtzbrinck group. Us are a privately-hosted and also family-owned company via a deep commitmenns come serving students and also the education and learning community. Because 1843, ns worths the have actually continual Macmillan— innovation, independence, and also a enthusiasm because that discovering and also discovery—proceed to thrive. Sign up with us as us job-related towards doinns somepoint new, meaningful, and lastinns wislim higher education!