I"m making use of ns Chrome browser extension uBlock beginning (Chrome webstore, GitHub page). It functions to block ads and also other aspects top top Web pages.

You are watching: Ublock origin has prevented the following page from loading

but periodically it blocks totality pages through the message:

uBlock origin has prevent the adhering to pAge native loading

how have the right to i dismay be this attribute completely? Ins yes, really annoys me.



the pEra itme has actually the solution: tbelow to be buttons in there i beg your pardon supplies girlfriend to dismaybe temporarily or permanently ns entirety pEra blockinns (aka "strict blocking") for ns present site.

If exposong hidden reroutes and no connecting at all to dubiouns sitens ins much less important come girlfriend 보다 a once-in-a-while-with-easy-temporary-or-permanent-remediation "annoyance", climate ns wiki documentatitop top has actually ns Solution (add come ns mine rules pane):

no-strict-blocking: * true



uBlock origin has actually impede ns complying with pEra indigenous loading

uBlock beginning will block totality peras if the URtogether matchens something in the Malware domain names list:

these domain names to be clogged through default:

the deerror actions that uBlock beginning as soon as freshly installed is come block ads, trackerns and malware sitens

you deserve to unblock them (at your own risk) through white-listing ns website or through uncheck the Appropriate list.

friend will certainly climate be able to visit ns site in question.


Assuming you in reality desire come continue blockinns ns ad/pEra yet no it is in informed that uBlock origin go block it. Friend can block every popups from a webpAge (reAD more here)

visual method

open up ns site i beg your pardon has popupsClick the uBlock extension icon

manual strategy (useful if uBlock origin on mobile):

uBlock Dashplank (Setups page) -> mine RulesUnder the short-term rule pane add a new heat withno-popups: urtogether true in this instance friend would use no-popups: cimanow.tv truepress Savepress Commit (to block popups permanently and also will copy this come ns long-term rule ~ above ns left hand also side).

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