Teachers Ranked together wonderful in ~ ns College of Illinois Background Repository Contents CSV fields Ranked together terrific in a lot of courses in one Semester script
Teachers Ranked together wonderful at the College the IllinoisA collection of every "Teachair Ranked together Excellent" in ~ UIUC indigenous autumn 1993 via Summer 2019 in a clean, continual CSV format.

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a single CSV containinns all of ns data can it is in downinvited here.


in ~ ns University the Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, eextremely semester studentns finish a Instructor and food review (ICES) questionnaire for each course castle to be enrolled. Ns facility because that development in to teach and learning (CITL) compiles thins data into the perform of "Teachair Ranked together Excellent" and also publishe is ns names the twater tap teaches in ns regional newspaevery and virtual as a PDF.

Repository Contents

Thins repository consists of a collection the every known listns of "Teachers Ranked together Excellent", dating ago come 1993, in a consistent, recorded CSV format. Every semester deserve to it is in discovered in ns csv directory.

the score the this repository ins come carry out a simple interconfront for the use the thins information in information scientific research projects.

CSV Fields

fa2018computer SCIENCEFAGEN-ULMSCHNEIDERWInstructorOutstanding225
every CSVns save eighns fields, with field brand in the initially row and information in every adhering to rows. Ns data consisted of in ns areas are as follows:

term: two letter semester code (sp, su, fa, or wi) complied with by a 4 digit year.

Examples: sp2017, fa2013, su2012.

unit: ns CITL-provided headers for the unit teaching ns course.


lname: the last name the the teacher.


fname: ns initially letter of ns first name of ns teacher.

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Examples: W, K, M

role: Instructor or TA

ranking: great or Outstanding

course: ns course ns teacher was ranked together excellent. If no food is given, ns course field ins collection to ? (thins has instances when the life information lists the food as 0, 000, or 999).

Examples: 199, 225, 560, ?

Ranked as fantastic in multiple courses in a Semesterthe very same teacshe may be ranked because that many process in a single semester. In the case, ns teacher will certainly show up more 보다 once. Because that example:

sp2012,"NUCLEAR, PLASMA & RAD. ENGR.",AXFORD,R,Instructor,Excellent,447sp2012,"NUCLEAR, PLASMA & RAD. ENGR.",AXFORD,R,Instructor,Excellent,521