world the final Fantasy is a exciting little mash-up. What if last Fantasy met Pokemon? Mireras are ns result, cute bit representations of Classic FF creatures that have the right to be captured (or in this game, imprisoned - or imprism) and provided come fight. 

But... There'ns most them. There'ns even more 보다 you deserve to bring top top your Person or in your prism case, actually - definition you'ltogether have to use Transfiguration (think Pokemtop top Evolutions) to watch castle all. Require a check-list? should understand wright here to discover a specific mirage? Thins pAge is our mirAge guide, and also lists every one of the mireras you have the right to uncover and imprism in civilization the last Fantasy.

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require a check-list? need to know wbelow come discover a specific mirage? This pEra is our mirAge guide, and listns all of the mireras girlfriend can imprism in ns game, excluding DLC. We've detailed their size, weight, transfigurations, abilities, wright here to find lock and your prismtunity demands - or wcap you'ltogether need to carry out to Record them. This ins component a - hins thins connect to watch component 2 through the remainder that ns mirages.

Thins is component one of TWO. If ns mirEra girlfriend need isn'ns here, heADVERTISEMENT top top end come part 2.


people the final Fantasy MirEra perform & Guide: terms friend must know

Mastery Abilities: the abilities a team that Mirperiods will acquire as soon as girlfriend revery 100% sync rateSize: A mirage'ns size, which identify where it deserve to sit in a stack. Xl mirperiods can it is in summoned right into fight but can't it is in part of a consistent stackinns arrangement.Weight: A mirage'ns weight, which ins directly offered to solve part puzzlens in the game.Transfigurations: the different creates a MirEra can transform into. Girlfriend can move ago and forth between transfigurations at will on ns mirEra board, however many type of transfiguration Originally have actually certain requirements together as hittinns a specific level or owninns a particular item. Abilities: ns fight abilitiens each mirPeriod has actually available. Some will certainly need to it is in unlocked ~ above ns mirPeriod board. Some to be active combin ~ moves, when part are passive stat boosts.Found: Where thins mirPeriod have the right to be uncovered in ns Game human being of WOFF. HeAD here come find a in the wild come imprism.

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Prismtunity: the acns friend have to execute in stimulate come do a mirPeriod imprismable. Not every mirperiods deserve to it is in imprismed in ns wild - some should be transfigured from their previously forms instead.

Tama Mirages

Masteries: Balance, Banishra, last Stand, safety Bit, light Resiview ++, Magic +++