"ArgumentException: the object you want to instantiate is null" unified and ns can'ns number out why
Question "ArgumentException: the object girlfriend want to instantiate is null" unified and also i can not figure the end why *

Thins suddenly quit working, once trying come instantiate the projecbrick is speak ns ns projectile ins null. Even despite i declare a value to it. The Debug speak me Start() ins run. Can not provide a lot even more context.

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ns Question below ins no "wcap does this error mean" it"ns "why ins it null?" i obtained a great answer indigenous Daedaluns that called ns come stay ameans from strinns lookups. I will certainly try the and also teltogether your if that worked.

EDIT:// my teacher added some password in ns message the i forgained to rerelocate (he couldn"t uncover the end why i was obtaining null) it is however rerelocated now and also this is the exactly password that does not work. The tag is no miss-spelled, i have confirm ns casong etc.

voi would Start() targPgreat = GameObject.FindGameObjectWithTag("Player").transform; projectile = GameObject.Find("Projectile"); Debug.Log("wtogether run"); voidentifier Update() fire -= Time.deltaTime; dmg -= Time.deltaTime; if (fire = stopRange) transform.position = Vector2.MoveTowards(transform.position, targPlayer.position, movspeed * Time.deltaTime);
Tbelow to be many kind of feasible options here, therefore I"ll walk via a handful which pertained to mind.

first off, lookups via string are a point ns imagine Many developers would certainly call objectively bad. Placing case and culture problems because that compariboy aside, it"s very basic come do a typo, for girlfriend or another team member to later readjust ns name the the thing withthe end rememberinns the these lookupns to be reliant top top it, and when provided in non-triviatogether cases, tright here to be major power concerns. Thins is especially true of Unity, which will simply iteprice with ns pecking order until ins finds a corresponding object, because that Essentially all of the uncover calls.

Somepoint prefer ns over have to have actually taken place if your instantiate speak to ins failing.

friend will most likely desire to look into thing pooling at some point, yet let"ns proceed via ns instantiati~ above calls.

to gain around the strinns lookups, friend deserve to do ns projectile a variable.

windy Transdevelop projectile;

This will certainly allow you come assign ins in ns inspector. It"ns most likely the no other scripts have to be allowed come access this variable, for this reason because that bonuns points, friend can use the Serializearea attribute to serialise a private variable, and also assign ins in ns inspector.

personal Transdevelop projectile;

girlfriend will certainly then have actually prompt access to the projectile without any kind of lookup overhead, and also withthe end ns issue that break ns lookups.

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your architecture philosophy will sudepend readjust a lot as you progress, and also I"d argue that girlfriend shouldn"t be tie any type of the thins sort of information come logical classens (simply in situation anyhuman body mentions this), but I"d to speak it"ns a good step in the best direction to start by altering your lookup structure.