Hugh D. Young, Emeritus Professor that Physicns at Carnegin other words Mellon College in Pittsburgh, PA

roger A. Freedman, University the California, santa claus Barbara

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Due to the fact that its initially edition, College Physics has actually to be revered for its focus ~ above basic principles and just how to use them. This text is recognized because that itns clear and also thorough narrative, and its uniquely broad, deep, and also thoughtful sets of operated Instances that administer students via vital tools for occurring both conceptual understanding and problem-resolving skills.

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The Fourteenth Edition boosts ns specifying attributes the ns text while including brand-new features influenced by education research to teach the abilities necessary by today"s students. A emphasis on visual learning, new difficulty types, and also pedagogy increated by MasteringPhysics metainformation headline ns enhancements designed come produce the best learning resource for physicns students.

MasteringPhysics and University Physics occupational together, creating a seamless discovering suite that supports college student learning before, during, and after ~ class. Girlfriend can ensure studentns arri have ready to Learn by assigning educationallied efficient content before class and encourPeriod important reasoning and also retention via in-course resources such as learning Catalytics™.



continual Problem-resolving Approach

A research-based problem-solving technique (Identify, collection Up, Execute, Evaluate) is provided no just in eincredibly instance but also in ns Problem-fixing tactics and throughout the Student"s and Instructor"ns options Manualns and ns research Guide. Thins constant strategy teachens students come handle troubles thoughttotally rather than cutting straight come the math.



Annotated Equations

new | Annotated equations 
appear in every key equation to assist studentns make a link between a conceptual and a mathematicatogether expertise the physics.

data speaks

data speaks sidebars, based on MasteringPhysics metadata, alerns studentns come the Many statisticallied Common mistakes make in solving troubles top top a offered topic.


Bridging difficulties

Bridging Problems 
assist students move from single-idea operated Examples to multi-principle problems in ns end-of-chapter product and also are amendment based on reviewer feedback, ensuring the lock are effective and also in ~ ns Appropriate difficulty level.

data Problems

information problems show up in every chapter. This typically context-well-off data-based thinking troubles require studentns come usage experimental evidence, gift in a tabular or graphicatogether format, come formuso late conclusions.

PassPeriod troubles

PassPeriod Problems 
show up in every thing and follow ns Layout supplied in the MCin ~ exam. These problems need students come investigate many elements of a real-life physics situation, generally biological in nature, as defined in a analysis passage.

evaluation ns tmaybe the Materials listed below for College Physicns via modern Physics, Fourteenth Edition come get a better knowledge of the textbook’ns company and the topicns extended in each chapter. Chapter 4 and also thing 22 are obtainable for downloAD together sample chapters in PDF format. You"ll require Acrobin ~ leader to watch the chapters.


thing 1: Units, physics Quantities, and Vectors

thing 2: motion Alengthy a right Line

chapter 3: activity in two or three Dimensions

chapter 4: Newton"s laws the activity | Preview as PDF

thing 5: applying Newton"s Laws

thing 6: work and Kinetic Energy

chapter 7: Potentiatogether energy and energy Conservation

thing 8: Momentum, Impulse, and Collision

chapter 9: Rotation the strictly Bodies

thing 10: Dynamics of Rotationatogether Motion

chapter 11: Equilibrium and also Elasticity

chapter 12: liquid Mechanics

chapter 13: Gravitation

chapter 14: routine Motion


thing 15: mechanically Waves

chapter 16: Sound and also Hear


chapter 17:Temperature and also Heat

thing 18: heat nature of Matter

chapter 19: ns initially law of Thermodynamics

thing 20: the 2nd legislation the Thermodynamics


chapter 21: electric charge and also electrical Field

chapter 22: Gauss"ns legislation | Preview as PDF

chapter 23: electrical Potential

thing 24: Capacitance and Dielectrics

thing 25: Current, Resistance, and also Electromotive Force

thing 26: Direct-current Circuits

chapter 27: Magnetic field and also Magnetic Forces

thing 28: sources the Magnetic Field

thing 29: Electromagnetic Induction

thing 30: Inductance

chapter 31: Alternate Current

chapter 32: Electromagnetic Waves


thing 33: ns Nature and Propagatitop top that Light

thing 34: Geometric Optics

chapter 35: Inferference

chapter 36: Diffraction

modern PHYSICs

thing 37: Relativity

thing 38: Photons: irradiate waves Behaving actually together Particles

thing 39: Pwrite-ups Behaving as Waves

chapter 40: Quantum Mechanicns I: tide Functions

chapter 41: Quantum Mechanics II: atom Structure

chapter 42: molecule and Condensed Matter

thing 43: Nuclear Physics

chapter 44: Ppost Physicns and also Cosmology

Personalize learning through MasteringPhysics

MasteringPhysics indigenous Pearboy is ns top virtual homework, tutorial, and also assessment system, designed to boost results through engaging students before, during, and also ~ class through powerful content. Instructors ensure studentns arrive all set to Learn through assigninns educationallied efficient content before course and also encourPeriod crucial thinking and retentitop top with in-class resources together as finding out Catalytics. Studentns have the right to further understand concepts after course with Traditional and adaptive homeoccupational assignments the administer clues and also answer-particular feedback. The Mastering gradePublication records scorens for every automatically graded assignments in one place, when diagnostic devices provide instructorns accessibility to well-off information come assess college student knowledge and also misconceptions.

Masterinns brings finding out complete circle by repeatedly adaptinns come every college student and making finding out even more individual than ever—before, during, and ~ class.

before class

Interenergetic Pre-great videos 
deal with ns quickly Cultivation activity towards pre-class teaching and also flipped classrooms. These videos administer an arrival to crucial topics with embedded assessment to aid studentns prepto be prior to great and also come assist professors recognize college student misconceptions.

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Throughout Class

finding out Catalytics™ ins a interactive, student reaction Tool the uses students" smartphones, tablets, or laptops come engEra them in more innovative work and thinking. Currently had via Mastering with eText, learning Catalyticns enables you to generate class discussion, guide her lecture, and also promote peer-to-peer learning through real-time analytics. Instructors, you can:

attitude a range that open-ended concerns the help her students construct instrumental thinking skills. Monitor responsens to find the end wright here students are struggling. Use real-tins data come adjust your instructionatogether strategy and also try other means of engaging your studentns During class. Regulate student interactions by automatically grouping studentns for discussion, teamwork, and peer-to-peer learning.

clock and Discover about finding out Catalytics

~ course

Adaptive Follow-Ups 
to be personalized assignments the pwait Mastering"s powerful content through Knewton"s adapti have learning engine come administer personalized aid to studentns prior to misconception take it hold. These assignmentns resolve topics studentns struggled through on assigned homework, consisting of core prerequisite topics.

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after ~ class

Tutorials special specific wrong-price feedback, hints, and a vast selection that educationallied effective content overview her studentns through ns toughesns topics in physics. Ns hallmark hints and also Feedback offer accuse equivalent come what studentns would certainly endure in one office hour, permitting them to Discover indigenous your mistakes without being given ns answer.

~ class

video guardian Solutions 
because that eexceptionally instance and also Bridging trouble in ns Book walk studentns through the problem-solving process, providing a virtual to teach assistant top top a round-the-clock basis. Brand-new videotape guardian services exchange mail come brand-new and also modification functioned examples.

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chapter 4 and chapter 22 to be easily accessible because that downloADVERTISEMENT as sample chapterns in PDF format. You"ll need Acrobin ~ Reader come check out ns chapters.

chapter 4

Newton"s laws that Motion

4.1 What the principle of force implies in physics, why pressures are vectors, and also the definition the the network force on an object.

4.2 Wcap happen when the net pressure top top an object ins zero, and also ns definition the inertiatogether framens that reference.

4.3 exactly how ns acceleration of an object is established by ns network force top top ns object and also ns object"ns mass.

4.4 ns difference in between the mass the a things and itns weight.

4.5 how ns pressures the two objects exerns on each various other are related.

4.6 just how come usage a free-body diagram come assist analyze the pressures top top a object.

Pevaluation as PDF

thing 22

Gauss"ns Law

22.1 exactly how you have the right to identify the amount that fee wislim a close up door surface through Assessing ns electrical field on the surface.

22.2 What is meant by electrical flux, and also just how come calculation it.

22.3 just how Gauss"s law relates ns electrical flux through a closeup of the door surconfront to ns charge enclose up door by ns surface.

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22.4 exactly how to usage Gauss"ns legislation to calculation the electrical area as a result of a symmetric fee distribution.

22.5 Where ns fee is located ~ above a charged conductor.

Ptestimonial as PDF