THIns Ins one ANIns only discussion POST. Perform not talk about the MANGA beyond THIs EPISODE.

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----------------------------------------Eh, the was meh. Ns motions felt static while the computer animation was mediocre.ns drama was ammaking use of come watch though. Throwing kicks ins always the means to solve problems.besides ns theme, it wtogether underwhelming. Ns background (nighns sky ns guess) wtogether gorgeouns though. Kinda favor ns way they went via the premise with that. The ending was brutatogether D:Haven"t play VN before yet hopecompletely castle will describe all ns mechanicns soon.

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ns just expect lock adapt true route and also usage "that" inserns Tune native VN. No factor to watch it otherwise.
mediocre animation yes... Key personality looks weird, like ns architecture of ns confront overall.various other personalities watch a tiny various native the VN too.oh well, initially illustration hAD a lot of events in it.
What were ns significant white numbers for? were twater tap because that the day of ns month?walk the one girtogether gain hins by a van and also climate cons ago in the next step simply fine?
that looked awesome actually.Lotogether in ~ the Engrish XDand is sthe yes, really deAD O_o?? so there"s superherbal right here Because i listen gorganize speak in ns pv?
damn mind-blfan illustration at ns finish why would certainly friend perform the because that crap benefits ... Death characters from the start ..
therandomestguy said:walk the one girl gain hins by a van and also climate come back in the next step just fine?
therandomestmale said:walk that a girl acquire hit by a van and also then cons back in ns following step just fine?
appears like part type the timequake happened, sending them earlier a job in time. Package reexhilaration was a crucial come that, most likely part type that quantum event. Ns girtogether in ~ ns end was additionally part that the (most likely native their future sent back come prevent Kaori native dying). For this reason ns Question is deserve to destiny it is in changed? Nice show, though Usual the personalities were fun, just sufficient little quirks to store lock from gift stereotypes. Solid girl, friendly foreigner, geniuns sempai. Every to be there, but it was fun to view the first 2 therefore excited around fightinns (ns Astronomy society as enforcers, oh if that to be just true when i wtogether a member), ns genius girl"ns blackmailing. Aget these are no originals, but together in for this reason many type of functions ins ins how the pieces are Put together, not ns piece us the to be important.
evaluate indigenous the initially episode ns dont acquire why itns only romantic and school?yet the end go save ns interested.
the chanses ins short yet ns hope castle go for ns childhoodfriend. However will certainly probablu go via the white hair girl Yui.
Ins ins most likely among the ideal series in loss seachild or probably even thins year. Ins just has part type the "magic" i beg your pardon ins leading to the i can not wait tiltogether next episode. Great start. 5/5i love femasculine characters design. PS:Furukawa, YuiHanamiya, NagisaIns ins just me? ;)
can"t speak as well a lot around thins yet. Animation"ns a tiny quirky, yet i think i might be able to gain supplied to it end time. No as well bAD of an initial illustration though.Nagisa finest girl based on analysis the VN descriptions.
*episode starts*- rather socially-thick MC in a irradiate harem situtaion. Sounds OK, many great - shows start through the premise.- friendly rivals. Sure, why not.- Confessi~ above on ns 1st episode. Oh-oh, this isn"t goinns come it is in good. Mine Skepticism Flans triggered.
- Walkinns residence through leg injury. At that allude i thought "death Flans confirmed, fatality Flans confirmed, death Flans confirmed"- Timequake occurs, translucenns cube glows
Hum...fine it"ns lacking somthing, ns MC to be more precise, and also as soon as in the finish ns was surprised via ns girtogether gaining it... Ins wtogether then favor ""what the..."" once ns experienced the... Preview? or whatever the was after ~ that scene.ns sinopse has actually nopoint to carry out through what ns just saw...Let"ns watch just how this goes.PS: Twater tap kicks.
ROFl What A STUPi would means no come present the BOOB PARThowever thins was in reality much better 보다 expected. No good, yet yeah... Better 보다 Terra Formars. I favor the english-speaking guy. It"ns trivial overall.
lol thins is the Most shittiest frame work/ animation i"ve seen. The story seems yes sir yet ns animation is yes, really shit. Appears like they Put bit Spending Plan on this one. Ns computer animation felns exceptionally laggy and also rough. In some components i wasn"ns may be to tell if characters to be 2D or 3D. HADVERTISEMENT weird impacts favor big /13 /14 numbers top top display (which ns didn"ns even understand also what it means). It lookns so unexpert Compared come various other studio"ns work.. Jeeze if lock just they hADVERTISEMENT done Appropriate framework work-related this would"ve been an excellent anime..
trabeus1 said:lol thins ins ns Most shittiesns structure work/ animation i"ve seen. The story seems yes however ns animation ins really shit. Appears choose they Placed little Budget Plan top top thins one. The computer animation felt exceptionally laggy and rough. In some parts i wasn"t may be come tell if personalities were 2D or 3D. HAD weird results choose substantial /13 /14 number top top display screen (i beg your pardon i didn"ns also understand wcap ins means). Ins lookns so unexpert Contrasted to other studio"ns work.. Jeeze if lock just lock hADVERTISEMENT done Suitable frame work this would"ve been a good anime..
If you just look at ns artcover work. Friend thoctopus this would it is in prefer nagns no asukura. So anime animation wtogether a lens down. Yet ns prefer argevollen and that has shity animation.
Wow, ns commonly do not speak this, but thins first episode was... Bad, yes, really bad. Ns art ins no good, and ns didn"ns understand also what happened, so sthat passed away and ns following minute sthe is back ~ above the club room? What. Ins felt a little bit rushed? ns don"t know. Gonna provide thins 2 even more episodes, expect ins will certainly do ns adjust my mind,
llcruz said:Wow, i commonly don"t to speak this, yet this initially episode was... Bad, yes, really bad. The art is not good, and also i didn"ns understand also wcap happened, therefore she passed away and also ns next minute sthat is earlier on ns society room? What. Ins felt a little rushed? i don"t know. Gonna give thins 2 more episodes, hope it will do me adjust mine mind,
yes, it wtogether bad. Yet if friend didn"t understand also something, it"ns not ns anime"ns fault, it"ns yours. Ns step once the girtogether ins ago alive, ins no ~ she died, but rather before. AverEra show therefore far, yet ns a little curiouns about how ns plot"ns gonan unfold.
i would have to to speak ns show ins mediocre at ns moment and also I"ltogether wains because that more occasions come unfold prior to actually makinns a decision.
llcruz said:Wow, i commonly do not to speak this, however thins first episode was... Bad, yes, really bad. The arts ins not good, and i didn"ns understand also what happened, for this reason sthe died and also ns next moment sthe ins ago top top the club room? What. It felns a little bit rushed? ns do not know. I will ~ offer this 2 even more episodes, hope ins will do me adjust mine mind,
It"s quite obvious that ns previous hAD changed, see together they"re earlier to a old scene, yet via changed events.
honestly, ns don"t favor the animation and also ns voice cream exhilaration is a small weak. Yet seriously, wcap in ns flying posesthe just happened?
Soooo, ns to be definitely confused.. Native ns end that ns episode ns guess thins will show off tins traveling?the computer animation also seemed a little bit stale, no principle best now if ns will certainly choose this present or not.
it"s englsih title ins "trying to find ns lost Future" therefore yes it affiliated Time manipulation that part kind.
Uh... Um... Huh... Wha... Eh... Uhhh.................????(Translation: What simply happened?)I"m going to need to store watching thins simply to try and figure that out. I to be so shed now!
ns really took pleasure in this, it"ns quite different.the finish was confutilizing as posesthe however I"m sure it"ltogether be explained at some point.Lookinns forward to watching this a thins season.
Eh... I yes, really dislike when Key heroine ins introduced like this... -.-characters in part parts lookns yes, really strange...i don"t recognize thins ins computer animation fault or this ins simply personality design.first illustration is kinda meh...Somehow didn"ns Catch mine attention...perhaps 2nd episode will certainly it is in much better ;)
i kbrand-new she wtogether gonna dice once ns confessitop top went the clearly in the initially episode, that never before happens. As well beforehand come understand everything ns just expect lock actually execute finish uns Together by the end and she does not remain deAD or the doesn"t pick somea else(ns new arcompetitor appears favor ns biggest threat) as soon as every the moment shenaniganns to be done, however we"ll see. Computer animation looked...ok.
Lookns amazing also if chara design ins kinda ... Meh.the finish ... Ns wanna see what"ns going come take place next.Girl who confessed reminds me that Kaede from Shuffle ...
friend will certainly never see a guy doing this come womales in entertainment.Japan ins simply together feminized as US.Itns always part superpower female the deserve to bein ~ uns many guys.
Wcap a monster animation and also ns wtogether wait because that something come happen however ins wtogether every a schoolsetting, then somepoint did happen... And also us go ago With time or something?... Vague, i would drons it for ns animationStyle no because that ns story yet we"ltogether see, if ns have actually tins following mainly I"ll proceed watching.
ns enjoyed the episode. I didn"ns choose ns fact the they eliminated off the girl ideal turn off the bat. Ns hope those 2 get ago With Each Other in ns Alternative tins line. The art ins a little bit odd? It"ns choose 3D via a carto~ above shader or something...
imo ins was quite goodand also although it catched my interemainder ns didn"ns yes, really get what happened...go sthe yes, really die, or were those occasions changed prefer OSt foretold?
e.e i hope deredere childhood frifinish who"s every jealousy continues to be dead.seems prefer we"re in for sum time travel. I only it seems to be ~ to it is in interested in Nagisa and Kenny so far.
animefan8800 said:ns knew sthe wtogether i will ~ dice when ns confession wenns the smoothly in ns first episode, the never before happens.
Yeah, me too!however ns do not thought she ins i will ~ die...i just believed through that confessi~ above sthe will certainly it is in garbage or ns Many hurted in ~ ns end.
Kaori dies after ~ sthat confessed come Sou. Ns quite sure Kaori got hins through a truck, climate sthat come back lively after ~ that, ins was nice confusing.

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that certain was interesting.great come view a series that is ready come it is in ruthmuch less at times.i have an excellent emotion about thins one... Might it is in my surprise packEra of the season.


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