five God, Scurrently Bride’s temptation is really huge and i hAD come pressure myme to end up Utapri first before emotional ins lol. Luckily i regulated come full-comns ins thins morning Since I’m cost-free today. Yay~

the constantly patience theorist. Often says sarcastic remarks to world and gets mistaken Since of it. Hins personality ins reflected in his song, both hins pitch and also rhythm are perfect. However, whatever is ns fruins of hins tough work. Nicknamens are “Tokiya” and also “Icchi”.

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Aprilgetting here in ~ the school, Haruka saw a guy looking for something ~ above the ground. Sthat wtogether shocked Due to the fact that the looks exactly choose HAYATO, she idol, but he explained that he’s in reality HAYATO’s tSuccess brother — Ichinose Tokiya. Haruka climate aided hns look because that hins absent dorm key. Lock later on satisfy aobtain in the classroom, where the studentns to be neighboring him even though that tried to teltogether lock the he’s no HAYATO.

Ryuuya said castle to partner up and select your partner carefully, yet Shininns Saotome interrupted and also began pairinns ns studentns a by one lol. That sharp Haruka come group with Tokiya, that didn’ns it seems ~ enjoyment and also asked she to rest the group. Sthe said she’ns prepared though, and also she determination encouraged Tokiya come accept. The provided she a detailed Documents containing hins voice cream data.

Throughout ns introduction, that told everya the he won’t accept any repursuits regarding HAYATO. This made ns classmatens believed the his personality is bad, yet after ~ the verified his strong vocatogether in fronns that ns totality class, everyone thought the he’s Indeed not HAYATO. Hins to sing ability is in ~ a totally different level, but Haruka assumed that the atmosphere / color is comparable come HAYATO’s.

the next day, they observed Otoya singing in ns earlier garden. He wasn’t that good, but hins Tune reached their hearts. Haruka i found it that Tokiya lookns vexed and said Otoya’s Tune ins “the genuine thing”.

MayDuring the sports festival, Tokiya wasn’ns interest at all. That invested his totally free time analysis a Publication under a tree quite than enjoying ns day, only relocating as soon as ins wtogether finally hins turn. Haruka wanted to cheer because that him, but that shelp that doesn’ns need any type of cheers and also request her come hold his Book instead. Due to the fact that he obvioucracked doesn’t care around the result, Tokiya lost to Otoya in kibasen. Meanwhile, Haruka wtogether bullying by part jealousy fangirls. They snatched Tokiya’s Book indigenous her hands and sthe checked out obtain ins back, Ultimately gaining locked in a storPeriod room.

She was concerned around obtaining stuck tright here forever, yet soon Tokiya came in search of she come gain hins Publication back. That closeup of the door ns door and also castle to be both locked inside, Because it deserve to only be opened from the various other side. Tbelow the said her no come watch at him together HAYAcome Because they’re different, and also request she around wcap happened. Haruka explained and Tokiya said it’d be well if she allows hins Book taken away, but sthe can’t do that Because they’re partners. Castle need to trust each other and sthat didn’ns desire come betray that trust.

Night dropped and also castle were still locked inside. Lock end up making your Tune along with a toy piano until castle heard Shining Saotome’s voice, telling them that he’ll obtain castle out. The pushed a switch and also a mystery passEra appeared, knockinns a shelf dvery own towards them. Tokiya protected Haruka, much come her surprise. They acquired the end safe ~ the and also met Shining Saotome outside, who called Tokiya come be popular through hins very own Layout — that doesn’ns have to imitate Otoya’s cheerful personality.

JuneOhayahoo News is coming come Saotome Gakuen this month, and also Tokiya wtogether favored to be the reporter through HAYATO. He wasn’ns impressed, however took ns project anymeans for this reason lock won’ns happen ns offer come Otoya. As soon as ns day comes, Haruka wtogether liven help Tokiya come carry his stuff come various areas as soon as he wtogether presenting ns school. She met HAYAto top top ns roof and wtogether interviewed there. The additionally inquiry her not come hate Tokiya Since he’s in reality relying on her, Regardless of hins harsh words.

Haruka met Tokiya on the hallmeans appropriate after that. He practically called she “Haruka-chan” prefer HAYAto does, but sthe assumed it should be her imagination. Ohayahoo News ended succescompletely that job via Haruka still ドキドキ-inns end HAYATO, and also Tokiya inquiry her come patience down.

JulyTokiya wtogether dvery own Due to the fact that that lost to Otoya in the recording test critical month. Otoya has something he doesn’ns have, however he didn’t understand wcap wtogether the point the he’s missing. Haruka didn’t understand just how come cheer hns uns and started playing the piano, making Tokiya establish the ns point he’ns missing ins expressi~ above / emotions. Haruka called Tokiya come enHappiness hins days now, then Placed hins feelingns into the song.

ns next day, Saotome Gakuen opened its pool via a water polo match. Ins wtogether actually come recognize that would be cleaning ns school, but Shining Saotons added the punishment Game come dress up as girl together a means to train your acting skills lol. Tokiya want Haruka to oboffer and tell him the opponents’ weak points, yet they didn’ns acquire ns chance come execute that. Once the Game started, Tokiya played serious in ~ first. However, the started makinns mistakes ~ Ren sassist that hins motions resembled HAYATO’s, that is excellent in ~ sports. For this reason in the end they lost ns match.

Since Tokiya’ns fashi~ above taste ins a little bit the end that date, that inquiry Haruka come help hns a dress uns together a girl perfectly. He want come watch so good together a girtogether the he’ll gain nanpa‘d once castle go approximately ns town. Sadly, only Haruka acquired hit when they walk wenns out. The males ra away as soon as Tokiya returned, fear the hins swear face. Haruka didn’t have actually the hearts come tell the truth, for this reason she told Tokiya the twater tap men must have a bADVERTISEMENT taste lol.

AugustTokiya and also Haruka experienced Otoya to sing in ns garden top top your means come practice. As soon as Haruka proved him the Track sthat composed for him, Tokiya sassist ns existing hns couldn’ns sing it through his heart. That inquiry for even more time, Because he knew it’ns a Track only for him — therefore only him can song it. He ongoing come exercise and refsupplied to offer up, but then he thought she’s unconscioucracked merging hins imEra via HAYATO’ns Due to the fact that she’s his fan. The called her aget that HAYAcome and him to be different, and also the Otoya ins closer to HAYATO’ns image.

Haruka responded the sthat wrote the Song only because that him, but the perfectitop top he’s seeking most likely liens in himself. In ns component the hns that that always denied. Tokiya left after ~ that and Haruka dozed turn off top top a desk. She later on woke approximately uncover HAYAto in fronns the her. Supposedly he involved institution looking for Tokiya but he wasn’t around.

HAYAto was curiouns about Haruka’s Tune and request her to play it. He was impressed with ns result and also request her if she have the right to provide the Track to him, yet Haruka apologized and also shelp it’s only for Tokiya. HAYAto interpreted and also shelp Tokiya ins a really lucky male because that having actually her as a partner.

a couple of dayns later, Haruka noticed the Tokiya hADVERTISEMENT a fever. That refprovided to stop practicinns though and also sthat hAD come pressure hns come stop. It’s hins birthday so that shouldn’ns press himself for this reason hard. Tokiya wtogether surprised the sthat remembered, and also Ultimately offered approximately her persuasion. Haruka aided him walk earlier to hins room and take it care that him.

Tokiya’s consciousness faded because that a minute and also he started speaking like HAYATO, though Haruka didn’t think further. He hugged her and also she remained with hns all night, finding him smiling in ~ her as soon as she wake up up ns next day. This made her feeling a small sADVERTISEMENT Due to the fact that sthe kbrand-new he’ll it is in ago come hins Common self indigenous tomorrow.

SeptemberThis month is the “Bein ~ ns primary and also Deyet Instantly!” month. Tokiya was chosen to participate, but Since he refused.. Shininns Saotons walk away Haruka to make it amazing lol. That carried she and also jumped out of ns window, resulting in she come pass the end from fear. As soon as sthat wake up up, sthe was tied onto a giant cross. Shininns Saotons said Tokiya to bein ~ hns in 24 hours, or ns Forbidden Saotons Bomb in ~ her feet will explode. Tokiya carefully disequipped every the trapns lhelp in ns institution and also saw the roofpeak come conserve her.

Haruka was fear Due to the fact that beat the major sound impossible, but Tokiya asked she to to trust him. The combated with Shininns Saotome every night Regardless of ns latter’s strength, At some point obtaining beaten up. Haruka request him come escape Due to the fact that ns bomb will walk turn off in three minutes. Yet Tokiya didn’ns desire to offer uns Because he think the she together hins valuable partner. He can’ns sing unmuch less it’ns she song, for this reason she shouldn’ns sacrifice herme like that. Just prior to the bomb explodes, Tokiya ordered Haruka and they both dropped to ns principal’ns office below.

Ins transforms the end that Shining Saotome do a mistake and ns bomb exploded there insteADVERTISEMENT lol. Haruka i found it that he go it to erase Tokiya’s self-imposed limits. Tokiya fell asleep on she shoulder for an hour Due to the fact that he didn’ns acquire come rest no one eat when that was fighting. After ~ that wake up up, that asked Haruka no come say points like the again Due to the fact that that requirements her.

OctoberTokiya got ns auditorium stPeriod because that their power in ~ the college festival. He wtogether happy the job and also sang native his hearts Throughout your practice. However, top top the job of the festivatogether he sent out a mail come Haruka indeveloping that that will it is in late, but he will definitely come. Tokiya didn’ns do it on tins for their live, even though Otoya and Haruka bought hns tins by talk ~ above the stage. Haruka didn’ns have any choice but come perform ala even despite she’ns no an excellent singer.

once Tokiya Ultimately came to ns auditorium, it was currently late. Haruka wtogether playing ns keyboard ala to lull her loneliness, stiltogether wait because that him to come. That hugged Haruka and also apologized, yet she sassist it’s no end yet. Sthe began playing your Song and Tokiya sang, on a stAge simply because that ns 2 the them.

they began callinns each various other through your first namens that night, and Haruka realized the she’ns in love via him. Tokiya didn’ns wanna lie to she anymore and also lastly said she that he’ns actually HAYATO. Ns reason why the often let go classens wtogether Due to the fact that he’ns liven working. Haruka already i found it thins through seeing him song lately. Tokiya was about to confesns to her as soon as castle were interrupted through Ryuuya, informing castle to walk house Due to the fact that it’ns already late.

NovemberDuring practice, Haruka called Tokiya the HAYAto is as wonderful as always. Thins made hns sAD and also asked her if sthat likes cheerfutogether males choose HAYAto better. The wtogether additionally worried that Haruka lens Otoya sing their Tune in ~ the festival Since Otoya’s personality ins similar to HAYATO’s. However, Haruka inquiry him come carry out HAYATO’s churts covert inside him Due to the fact that sthe knew the hAD ins in him. Tokiya lefns though, and also Haruka wonder if sthe shelp anypoint wrong. All sthe want wregarding lug Tokiya’s charms out.

the following day, Haruka witnessed Tokiya talk to Ryuuya in ns garden. Sthe heard she surname mentioned, and what Tokiya shelp heavily hinted the he’s in love via her. The won’t break the no-love preeminence though, Because that wants to dehowever together himself, no as a ‘developed character’ that is HAYATO. He knew Haruka has a dreto be as well, and also so he’s sealinns hins love for she in stimulate come revery your dreams. Haruka determined to do the very same and Put all of her love into ns song. Sthe desires come deyet with him.

DecemberRen, Sho and Otoya wanted come run via Haruka in ns Christmas run party, but sthat chose Tokiya come be her partner. Due to the fact that Haruka couldn’t dance, lock practiced dancing together. Sthat wtogether spacing out, thinking just how much sthe lovens him, when sthat danced with him in ~ ns party. Tokiya inquiry her to only think and also watch at hns for tonight, and lock delighted in your dance.

top top your method back come the dorm, Haruka can teltogether from his stare the Tokiya actually loves she too. Thins leads as much as she confessong come him. That admitted that he likens she together well, yet the can’ns throw amethod hins dreams that debutinns together himself. He apologized for being unable to accept she feelings, yet he loves her Song and also desires ins to it is in for him alone. He’ltogether seatogether his love for her once midnighns comes, and lock hADVERTISEMENT to street themselves from every other for this reason they won’t break ns rules.

Tokiya traction Haruka right into hins eight and kissed her until ns midnight chime. The wanted to break up your partnershins too, however Haruka refsupplied Because she can’ns make her desires come true unless the sings she song. Tokiya i agreeed together lengthy as she could finish creating their Track in a month. They will stiltogether accomplish approximately inspect the song, however nopoint even more than that.

JanuaryTokiya and Haruka went ago to Common partners, perhaps even more formatogether than before. Ren and also Sho to be worried, yet Haruka said she’s fine. Tokiya was likewise buns and didn’t involved college for a week, therefore Haruka exercised alone. Otoya witnessed her in a classroom and also concerned see her. He saw she music score and began singing ns Song he created for Tokiya, and Haruka listened Since she i found it there’s a hint that wcap Tokiya ins missing. It wtogether climate when Tokiya all of a sudden pertained to the classroom. The wtogether surprised to check out Otoya singing hins Tune and lefns immediately.

three dayns later, Tokiya finally hAD the time come practice with Haruka. However, he wasn’ns impression with the quality of her Song and maintained informing her to recreate it. Due to the fact that of wcap happened last month, Haruka lost vision the wcap sthe desires to make, obvioucracked leading to she song’ns high quality dropping. She quit sleeping and also eating, working hard to settle ns Song until she couldn’t take it anymore. Tokiya came back come speak come she and observed her crying, noticing that she looked so worn-out.

Haruka pushed his hand amethod and also tried come go out, yet all of a sudden the hugged she and also asked she no come pressure it. Tokiya apologized for being for this reason cold to she lately, informing she that she’s not alone Due to the fact that he’s still she partner. The kissed her after the and also let she sleep on his shoulder.

However, Tokiya said her to forget everything as soon as sthe woke up ns following day. No to point out that Shining Saotons unexpectedly showed up and also praised castle because that maintaining ns no-love rule. Haruka said that sthat understands, they have to kill their heartns in order to achieve their dreams. Realization unexpectedly svan Tokiya. It’ns just ns exact same together being HAYATO, being forced to seatogether his feelingns to folshort ns rules. Through doinns ins aget that knew the he’ltogether lose his genuine heart together with hins reason for comes to Saotons Gakuen: come song indigenous ns heart.

Tokiya then inquiry Haruka if sthat will certainly still follow hns even if he’ns goinns to make a huge difficulty indigenous now on. Haruka answered the she’ns it"s okay via that, Because sthat will constantly folshort hns no matter what happens.

FebruaryTokiya took Haruka come hins room and also confirmed her a record containinns comprehensive planns the a job entailing HAYATO. At first he just plot the end the plan Because the lovens to sing and acting, but climate that establish the ns world just to know hns as HAYAto — not together hins actual self. His firm additionally compelled him to acns together HAYAto even once the cameras aren’t rolling. That At some point acquired exhausted the every this, however that can’t quins so quickly after ~ castle compelled him to song in a unit. This was the factor Tokiya shed his ‘heart’ once singing.

he got therefore ailing the ins up to the point of wanting come die. Ins wtogether then when Shining Saotons appeared and also provided hns the chance come deyet together Ichinose Tokiya, by enrolling right into his school and winninns the graduatitop top audition. Tokiya i found it that he’s to be trapping himme inside a frame every thins time, and also the factor that wtogether therefore jealous of Otoya ins Because the doesn’t have any kind of restrictions. Tokiya wants to reform himself native now ~ above and inquiry because that Haruka’ns help. Sthat i agreeed come aid and they spent the work all raburabu until that called she to walk residence because that now, before the think of doinns anything weird lol.

after lock finimelted writing your song, Tokiya request Haruka come cons and check out tomorrow’ns Track station indigenous ns studio. That likewise make her promise the she will certainly definitely come and won’t walk residence no issue what happens, Due to the fact that he needs she there. The following day, Tokiya announced to the viewerns that HAYAcome ins simply a personality the wtogether compelled to act. Now he’s quittinns Because that wants come sing as himself, and also that apologized for deceivinns lock every thins time. He take it Haruka and also escaped from ns studio, yet he’s goinns earlier to apologize to hins firm tomorrow. It’s goinns to it is in difficult indigenous currently on, but she currently determined come follow and also support him.

MarchHaruka was referred to as come the principal’ns office, wright here they blamed her for no stopping Tokiya. She’ns equally responsible Due to the fact that she’s she partner. Ryuuya request wcap she’ns going to perform from currently on, and also sthe replied she deserve to just compose songs because that Tokiya Because there’s no border because that music. Tokiya shortly came and also described that that desires to Put and also end to HAYATO, then begin native scratch ~ the audition. That also said them ns factor why he wanted to “gain the end from ns frame”, basically the exact same point he told Haruka last month. He’s likewise willing to wait if that can’t debut best now, and he will certainly take it care the hins continuing to be jobs.

Shininns Saotons kbrand-new how a lot they worth, for this reason the let lock stay. Lock hADVERTISEMENT come prove ins through winninns the audition though. Haruka felt lonely Because watchinns HAYAto is her morninns routine, for this reason Tokiya readily available come wake up she uns eincredibly morninns lol. Hear hins voice cream eextremely morninns made her really happy.

ns graduati~ above audititop top ultimately came. Before hins performance, Tokiya told she the that doesn’ns wanna lie to she anyeven more and also finally sassist the that lovens her. Also if castle can’ns kisns in front the various other people, the deserve to constantly song love song for her. That inquiry she to hear come your Tune and stepped onto ns stage.

True Love Endingcastle won ns audition and earned their positions in the Shining Agency. That night that took her to ns rooftop and said she around his inner feelingns together castle reminisced via every their memoriens together. Tokiya has actually establish that there’s somepoint equally necessary together hins dream and confessed come her. Sthat gladly answered hins feelings and also lock kissed.

the following day, Shining Saotome sassist that he to know about your relationship. Tokiya admits the it’s true, Because that needs her. Without her the could revolve earlier come a idotogether who short somepoint choose before, therefore Shininns Saotons allowed castle come remain Together as long together lock store it hidden. That said castle come it is in happy and touched by your love, modification the no-love rule. Currently ns studentns deserve to date as long as lock have perobjectives from the teachers.

Tokiya became really famous and also liven ~ your debut. The finally got a work turn off and also take it Haruka to his room at the Shininns company dorms. He likewise mental the it’ns the first anniversary that castle spfinishing the nighns together, which is once he gained a fever. The escorted her approximately the room and also they end up watchinns the beautiful night scenery.. Native hins bathtub lol. Haruka panicked and accidentally pressed ns shower head switch, making both the castle dripping wet. She hADVERTISEMENT no alternative yet borheat Tokiya’ns shirns until she clothes are dry, which is more than likely in the morning lol.

Tokiya brought she come hins bed and asked what sthat wants him come do, Due to the fact that their night Together has actually simply started. Sthe asked hns to continue to be via her and he started kissing she neck, doing what the wants until sthe came uns via a request. (*ノωノ)イヤン

Love Endinglock won ns audititop top and took ns trophy together. Top top the stage, Tokiya apologized to ns institution for what occurred in Track Station. ~ your graduation, Tokiya and also Haruka to be practicinns because that their debut in the record room when suddenly Shininns Saotons came, questioning lock about your relationship. Tokiya admitted the they love every various other and also Shininns let castle stay together, Due to the fact that the kbrand-new they’re going to be okay. Castle stiltogether have to save ins concealed though. Tokiya was relieved Because the assumed that hAD come fight hns again, yet that left appropriate after ~ the lol.

Tokiya kbrand-new why Shininns Saotome banned love, for this reason that believed ns primary need to have known the your love ins strong and deserve to get rid of anything. That likewise told Haruka that the wtogether shocked when that saw Otoya to sing your song, which do her feeling bad. That noticed that she’s about come cry, therefore he kissed her ears and said he’ll do she cry happy tears today.

Friend EndingTokiya is late because that the run party. Otoya observed Haruka wait alone and also asked she to dance with him. Sthat wtogether having actually an excellent time via Otoya as soon as Tokiya came, and also Otoya shelp that wants a companion choose she too. He climate asked Haruka the end ~ above a day in fronns that Tokiya, however sassist it’s Due to the fact that that wants come be she frifinish lol. The 3 of lock began hanging the end Together ever before since.

someday Otoya come via Haruka come accomplish uns with Tokiya for Song Station. Tokiya dragged Haruka away and warned her no to pour out his key come Otoya, however climate the accidentallied answer as soon as Otoya asked around what key that was talk about lol. Now the Otoya kbrand-new the he’s HAYATO, he took lock to ns studio. A staff mistake it Otoya because that a ago dancer and said hns to dance ~ above stPeriod with HAYATO, which brought about the producer obtaining interest in Otoya.

Otoya obtained an sell indigenous hns and the debuted as HAYATO’s rival. They frequently job-related With Each Other in assorted TV shows, Similar to a unit. Haruka functioned as your songwriter after sthat graduated, and also Ultimately their agency linked via Shining Agency. Haruka noticed that Tokiya seems to enHappiness his role as HAYAcome more now that he’s through Otoya, yet he’s stiltogether waiting because that a chance to debut as Ichisleep Tokiya.

ns kinda feeling bADVERTISEMENT because that Haruka in thins path Since Tokiya often pipeline she alone, however i guess thins course ins okay. My only complain ins probably his voice gets so tiny sometimes, ns couldn’ns hear wcap the says unmuch less ns turn up ns volume. That, and the means HAYAto speak is scary. If that’s the sort the personality that sells well in Japan, I’m acquiring concerned LOL. His Track is nice also Due to the fact that ns favor Mamo’s to sing voice.

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A few of you could have actually well-known this, however ns following route will certainly be full the WTF and LOtogether moments. So don’ns it is in surprised. It’ns still Uta no Prince-sama, simply in a different world.. Maybe lol.