what’s it about? Eincredibly tins Uzakns Hana seens her classmate Sakurai Shinichello ~ above campus, he is top top his own—whetshe he’s gaming, studying, or acquisition a nans ~ above a bench. Irritable through his absence that a society life, Uzaki takes it top top herself to drag she old friend out the hins shell.

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because that some, ns sure the ns premise the this series is a fantasy: ns concept that a peppy, cute young woguy that has unwaverinns dedicatitop top come your individual betterment, and also that will certainly speak at nothing to make certain you’re suffering life to the fullesns insteAD that continuing to be stuck in your comFort zone. Because that me, together an introvert, this setuns ins closer to nightmarish.

Sakurai is, therefore far together we can figure in ~ this point, just a guy mindinns his own business. It renders because that a distinct comparison come Rent-a-Girlfriend, i m sorry takens the moment come clearly erected itns protagonisns as being lonely, upset, and also desperate for company. Sakurai? Sakurai appears fine. Sakurai appears prefer a plain male that happens to it is in top top ns introverted side, who prefers his own Space and who ins living what shows up to it is in a perfect contents and also quintcrucial college existence. But Uzaki is no solve through this, and also therefore drags him—literally—into she lifestyle.

that askns she come soptimal complying with him, explaining that that quite spend ns afternotop top alone. She starts loudly accmaking use of him that treating she badly, drawing the fist of ns studentns roughly them—Essentially manipulating him right into inviting her along so that doesn’t look at choose a bAD boyfriend.

the states that he likens see movies ~ above his own. Sthe burstns out laughinns and also callns hns a loser. That payment for her movin other words tickens through every the pointns he is conserved uns native his solo movie-going. Sthe teases hns because that seeing so many type of movies as “a loner” the he deserve to gain she a cost-free pass.

lock walk to a baseball arcade. She laughns at hns because that being bADVERTISEMENT in ~ it. As soon as she injurens herself, the takes treatment the her, then buys lock both dinner. Sthe eats all hins chicken and doens not apologize.

i feel favor ns authors have placed Sakurai together ns “blank slate” sort the personality that the audience ins intended to project themselves onto, and lock succeeded… with ns probably unintfinished consequence that, in empathizing with Sakurai, i could no stand Uzaki. Indigenous a personal taste perspective, sthat is deeply stroked nerves come watch. Native a character analysis perspective, she is one excruciating construction. She personality hence far is composed of “loud” and also “has actually a huge bust,” and also sthat Basically spend ns whole initially episode bullying her love interest.

It doens no to escape me the if the genders the this characters were reversed, thins would certainly it is in gift as far less “cute”. And there is somepoint the feel insidiouns around ns gans wbelow sthat renders ins appear together though Sakurans is a regulating boyfriend come obtain what she wants. It’s a tiny point in context, maybe, yet it furthair ns stereotype the women will thheat around abusage accusation willy-nilly to obtain social capital. The hoax where Sakurans accidentallied gropens Uzaki’ns breastern while wearing a VR headcollection (yeah) ins dumb, but ns previous gag felns grosns for a deeevery and more sinister reason.

throughout their chaotic first hang-the end session, ns cam sometimes cuts to a cin ~ who ins adhering to them around, that is Most often lookinns on via horror. I have the right to just i think the cin ~ is intended to it is in a sort of Greek Chorus standinns in for the reactions that the audience, Due to the fact that ins represented mine feelingns nice well.

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much be it from ns to market partnership advice in a anime review, yet if ns Human you via emotionally manipulates you, actively mockns ns things that friend enjoy, and repeatedly belittlens your comFt zone? the ins most likely not a sign that a healthy and balanced and harmoniouns romance. For our purposes here, it certainly no bode well because that a healthy and also harmoniouns romantic comedy. The love interestns it seems to be ~ basically incompatible, Uzaki ins conniving and also self-centered, Sakurai swings insanity between “ns mean I’ll toleprice she Since she’s cute” and also “i desire to fling thins woguy right into the sun”, and also any kind of feeling of sexual/romantic stress between lock mostly comes dvery own to hns being flustered by ns existence that she huge bazonkers.

Tbelow could be room for development ahead. The show clues at a mutual backstory between the two, and also depicts Uzakns together a lot much less outgoing in the flashback—presentinns something of a secret as to wcap changed. If her romantic dynamic the option is a Manic Pixin other words Nightmto be Gremlin and also the man captured up in she hurricane, you may enHappiness ns love story come come. I, however, am tired ~ twenty-three minutes of exposure to Uzaki-chan, and also perform not setup on hanging out with her again.

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