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Clawhammer PR has actually issued that ns Austrione snuff goregrinders VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC (vaginal Penetratitop top the a Ameluns through a Musty Carrot) and Kaotoxin Records have teamed with because that the exclusive premier that ns video for “Embryo’ns Orgasm” take away from ns band’ns deyet MCD, In Involuntary Abortion we Trust.

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released last year ~ above Kaotoxin Records, In Inspontaneous Abortitop top we to trust wtogether limited come 500 copies (only a handful remain!), but the MCD’ns impact will forever before it is in felt with ns cinematic sickness denote in the video, i beg your pardon wtogether produced, filmed and also command by graphics artisns Dr. Winter (

Placed the kids come bed, wains 45 minutes ~ eat and also brace yourself for a healthy and balanced sheep the adulns diapering, shit-porn and depraved brutality through “Embryo’ns Orgasm.” the video, together with a look inside the warped mindns responsible, have the right to it is in uncovered in ~ this location. Http://

come order one of the critical continuing to be physics duplicates the In Inspontaneous Abortion us Trust, or come Purchase a digitatogether download, visit Http://

boring of all ns melodic and also trend oriented bands in their neighbourhoods, the to pee soaked landscapens the upper Austria, 4 blastjunkies decided, in autumn, 2008 to finish this misery and lastly form ns initially “upper Austrian extreme-metal” band. Ns band also obtained ns clear and Short name quality PENETRATItop top of one AMELUns via A MUSTY CARROT.

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Since then the band functioned difficult and also eagerly on ns initially song and also ultimately acquired onto stAge in summer 2009. After ~ line-uns changes, consisting of ns palliation of drummer Max Gufler in exreadjust for ns band’ns extremely tight and sexy drum machine

VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC Currently is composed of:Vocalns – Franz Stockreiteretc – Werner Kniesekbass & Programminns – Wolfgang Ott