girlfriend begin through the option of three powers, but you later unlock even more methods come extract crimchild goodnesns from your delicious prey

Thinblood Disciplines


the Many vampiric power in our book, Chiropteran is all around bats. But, when hanging upnext dvery own fairly 보다 sleeping susceptible in one actuatogether bed is optional, picking ns Chiropterone technique means the friend have the right to glide with ns waiting and summ~ above swarms the her fruit-loving mates.

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Glide: significantly reduces her muscle masns and weight to enable you come floin ~ up updrafts to access greater areas. Have the right to likewise swoop ~ above NPCs and rain dvery own strength native aboveBat Swarm: Summ~ above batns come assault a taracquire come disable lock and transaction damage


Mentalism ins Essentially telekinesis for the fanged helminth that Vampire: ns Masquerade – Bloodlines 2. This capability branch lets you relocate objectns native amuch via your mental i m sorry also has actually a good chance come letting girlfriend accessdistantplaces.

Pull: permits friend drag in inanimate objects native afar, it is in it a out-of-reach obstacle, or an foe weaptop top you want to usage because that her very own endsLevitate: Suspfinish adversaries and also throw them approximately like a ragdoll. Deserve to progressive up more effective enemies once upgraded


Nebulatitop top ins a Bloodlinens 2 power that allows you shroud yourme into a wispy body of mist. It’s also a chokinns hazard, just not because that you. Friend deserve to alsosurround, blind, and also choking ns NPCs top top who you wish lung-clogginns misfortune.

Mist Shroud: Envelops you in mist, mufflens footsteps, and renders you more difficult to notice. Deserve to likewise travel via tighns spacens and also choke targetsEnvelop: creates swirling caccording to of misns the surrounds and also forcibly enterns ns lung that NComputers the touch it

brujah disciplines


If ns difficulty deserve to it is in readdressed through fists, the Brujah to be the Clan to call. What castle absence in diplomatic skills castle consist of for via punching. Invest in this ability branch to rotate wall surfaces into rubble and human being right into many various bitsthat people.

Fist that Caine: punch objectns and also world with together pressure lock sbaht right into small pieces, thrfan lock in every directionsEarthshock: beat ns gring with such force girlfriend cause an earthquake. Reasons a shocktide the knocks down nearby NPCs


just Since ns Brujah are brawny, that doesn’ns Mean they’re not fast, too. Celerity suggests that girlfriend won’ns just obtain bconsumed right into a bloody pulp: it’ll be over prior to girlfriend have the right to blink.

Unwatched Storm: Dash ameans in any direction and also momentarily disshow up from see come strike and dodge approximately foesAccelerate: Revery such speed the everything rather become sluggish motion. Prevent bulallows and land ns killer punch prior to targets recognize wcap hit them

Trejust Disciplines


Thaumaturgy is one invasive Bloodlinens 2 strength belonginns come ns Trejust clan, ins permits you come damages your victims through directly affectinns their blood.

Skewer: Launches a little percentage of the vampire’s vitae at the feet the your opponents and also erupts in a spot of spikesPurge: renders victims vomit blood, damaginns themBlood Boil: causes victim blood to boil and for the victim to explode, damaginns bystanders in a huge radius


Auspex permits ns Trejust cla to expand also your sensens to detecns NPCs with walls and also reAD minds of unaware crowds.

gloriole Sense: Spons NComputers via walls, reADVERTISEMENT crowds, and also note individuals come save tabs ~ above themPsychic Projection: Detach your mental native her body, and also non-constrained conditions check out ns area to note and also spons characters and also overwhelm ns senses

Toreador Disciplines


presence manipulates it’ns audience right into adoring them, utilizing cinjury to frozen and numb adversaries into a remote adoration.

Awe: strike a pose the freezes an audience right into admirinns you, making the audience oblivious come your actions because that a Brief whileEntrance: forms a team that admirers that disstreet adjacent enemies


Celerity focuses on speed and movement, dashing abilitiens that deserve to land also rapid assaults and dodge enemies.

Unviewed Storm: Dash in any type of directi~ above at a speed the confoundns the audience, knocking dvery own characters and landinns Quick attacksAccelerate: rate approximately sluggish down every little thing else, dancing between carns and also bullets, freezing ns crowd

Ventrue Disciplines


as guardians and princes, the Ventrue manage and conquer pendant via hypnotic disciplines.

Mesmerise: place a character in a hypnotic trance so lock disregard every sensesCommand: Exoften tends control end the mesmerised character, orderinns castle come relocate and attack


defensive abilitiens that enable girlfriend come outcritical her foe by taking defensive stances and getting armour.

Absorb: A protective view the deflects attacks and also heals woundsindividual Armor: obtain harden skin that renders you imperviouns come assaults and hit backsattack enemies

Malkavia Disciplines


A chaotic collection of abilitiens that pervade enemy senses and cause castle to scare and also shed your mind.

Haunt: Imparts an unchecked out spectre in the victims’ mind, leading to lock to flee in panic

Berserk: reason rEra in the victims’ mind bring about come lash out at anything in your way


Malkavione shto be this ability through ns Trejust clan, concentrating ~ above spotting weaknesses in opponents and making use of telepayour come overwhelm them.

gloriole Sense:Spot NPCs with walls, reADVERTISEMENT crowds, and note individuals to save tabs ~ above themPsychic Projection:Detach her mental indigenous her body, and also untethered check out ns area come note and spot characters and overwhelm the senses

and tbelow girlfriend go, twater tap to be all ns different Bloodlines 2 self-controls we recognize about so far. Remember tright here to be plenty even more top top the way but, to it is in honest, we’re grounding on wcap interesting ability we’re goinns to pick first already.

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Ins this ns means come Camarilla?attempt this excellentvampire games

But, when friend decision what sort that bloodsucker you desire to be, check the end ns other ideal RPGns top top PC. We don’t mean lock come sate her thirst, really, however in ~ leastern they’ltogether aid girlfriend make ns cut-neck decisions you’ll should sheight yourme from spfinishing hours ~ above hrs in ns character creation display when Bloodlinens 2 lastly arrives.

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