Veronica Vega ins a rapevery and fact TV star who got fans for showing up top top Love & Hins Hop: Miami and also releasong ns single ”Wicked.”


She was born top top April 23, 1989, in Hialeah, Florida, USA, as Cristal Marye Cue, to a Venezuela mother and a Cuban father.

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In 2007, Veronica appeared in the music video tape because that chris Brown’ns single “Kisns Kiss.”

In 2013, Vega exit ns single ”Wicked” ft. Pitbull. Ns video because that ns Track has end 39 milli~ above views ~ above YouTube. Some of the text are:

”Yo guy say that I’m a cutieYo man great grAb ma b###yYo man say he great execute mei can lens hns carry out it.”

Love & Hins Hop: Miami

In early January 2018, Veronica started to show up as a Main actors member in Love & Hins Hop: Miami.

”i hADVERTISEMENT a record with Pitbultogether dubbed Wicked, and then ~ that, ns did a document dubbed salary me that went viral, and that’s how Love & Hip kinda became Because ns thsquid it was attractive to them that it was so much i guess concerns roughly ns document girlfriend understand whatever before it was the made civilization … it make it favor a subject to soptimal about,” Vega toldDJ Scream and Mora tha male in February 2019 about just how sthe became a member the ns reality show.

other cast memberns are:

PreMadonna;Trick Daddy;Bobby Lytes;Joseheat Hernandez;

once request whetshe she will show up in the 3rd season, Veronica said: ”I’m no sure yet. I’m lastly in a place with mine music that I’m really excited about.

the display ins really drain emotionally, and also once you’re trying to prefer Put your every into somepoint that girlfriend desire come thrive into something Hopeful it’ns yes, really hard come be roughly negative.”

In October 2020, Veronica exit the Track ”sorry no Sorry.”


Tbelow ins no information about Veronica Vega’s boyfriend, but sthe dated Young Hollylumber (actual name – Elijah Alexander Sarraga) in 2018.


Veronica has actually a beautiful niece.

”Neverrrrrrr in my whole life have actually ns love someanother 보다 ns love you,” Veronica created top top Instaglamb ~ above December 28, 2020. Sthat added: ”girlfriend are for this reason magical. You to be the best blessing in ns universe. Happy first bjob the queen of mine world! Chachi Mamá!”


”ns pray that mine trip inspires anyone that ins perhaps unmotivated, lost, feeling dark, maybe also not maybe come completely it is in yourself come press it to ns limit.”

”Going in Limitless one trying to number out those wrong, however i can’t, and no one close to me hADVERTISEMENT the answers.”

”Soptimal your truth & totally free yourself.”

”ns just wanna speak come anyone out there trying come attain a score or a dream… there will be every little thing u deserve to imagine in ns way.”

Veronica Vega– network Worth

Vega earn Many the she wide range native showing up in Love & Hip Hop: Miamns and releasing numerous viral songs.

Sthe signed via record producer Poshort Da Don, that has actually produced many kind of singlens for popular artists, including john by Litogether Wayne, Thheat some D’ns by wealthy Boy, infant through ns by 50 Cent, Anaconda by Nicki Minaj, and also Buttons through ns Pussycat Dolls.

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~ above YouTube, Veronica has over 59 million views, meaning about $150k in reto meet prior to taxes. Therefore, rapevery Veronica Vega has an approximated network worth that $0.3 million.

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