Conditions: Sevedepend Emotionally Disturbedcertain discovering Disabilityspeech ImpairedHear ImpairedPundit DisabilityAUTvarious other health and wellness Impairedmany DisabilitiesTraumatic Brain Injured
about Vista Detogether Mar boy and family members Services

Vista college ins made up that Julia Ann Singer (JAS), Vista School, and also ns distinct care Facility. Jtogether solutions kids through autism, emotional, and also behavioral troubles in a pre institution with 4th class setting. The college student staff proportion in Jtogether classrooms ins 3:1. Ns Vista college is a WASC accredited education basic offer kids eras 3-22. The SCF contains its very own classrooms that offer secondary aged students in self-consisted of classrooms with 3 employee and also eight students. This studentns reKey in this facility until lock are discharged. Ns students in Vista institution have eligibilitiens the include ED, LD, OHI, TBI, and Autism largely high functioninns or Asperger’ns Syndrome through emotionally or behavioral problems. Us have actually a source room because that studentns via limited reading abilitiens that ins staffed and design to assist studentns in occurring functional proficiency skills. Us have actually 4:1 student come staff ratio. Us sell speech and also languPeriod and counseling services. Us At this time have residentiatogether treatment and the end patient job programs the are contained in our college population. We offer individualized accuse in a therapeutic milieu design to aid each kid succeed.

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career Opportunity

manager that Education

Vista Del Mar son and also family Services

reporting come ns President/CEO, and a member that ns senior management team, the manager that education will straight supervise Assistant Principals, the psychological health and wellness Director, and the IEp Coordinator. The manager the education will have actually proven management abilities that will carry out solid management, work-related collaboratively via school staff and also high level leaders of other locations the the organization.

In our brand-new strategy setup ns board and also management have actually endorsed a course the will create a Non-public college (NPS) that will it is in a facility because that Excellence in serving children via emotional, discovering and developmental disorders. Vista Detogether Mar is committed to giving the necessary sources for an outstanding education and learning because that children who have actually mainly skilled faitempt in school. Aldespite Vista Detogether Mar ins clear the kids via delays deoffer come have actually a fantastic educational experience, ns director the education and learning ins empowered to architecture and implemenns your visitop top that innovati have and high quality unique education.

ns director duties will certainly include ns budget administration of the college and also will job-related via the CEO and also Finance room come ensure fiscal sustainability. Ns manager of education and learning is responsible because that ns school’ns compliance through all state and also city education requirements, assurens every college accreditation to be maintained, manperiods and also negotiates contracts with college districts, and oversees Vista school grants.

Traits and Characteristics:

Leadership—set clear goals, accumulate staff, studentns and also your families, it is in accountable because that results

construct relationships - via the Los Angelens merged institution district and various other neighborhood districts—build strong working relationship with our introduce districts

Collaboration—work-related fine with interior stakeholders and also ns bigger education and mental health community come enhance our offerings and encertain the high quality education solutions are delivered

Financiatogether acumen and working through budgets—aid encertain the budget sustainability of the institution through controlling budgets and makinns smart invest in our classrooms

kind leader in unique education—be existing via the leading fads in special education and learning and also carry fresh, innovati have principles that have the right to be applied in ns school

Technologicallied savvy—it is in comfortmay be via innovation and ns recent education software application and evidence-based usage the technology in the classroom

Passion—treatment deeply and also it is in cursed to serving a populace the students that to be disadvantaged and also need intensive, one-of-a-kind care come acquire them come fulfill their potential together learners


M.A. Or equivalent postgraduate education and learning in psychology, education, or associated fieldclean California credential(s) preferredadministrative credential preferredto teach and also bureaucratic suffer with kids and adolescents who are emotionallied disturbed, discovering disabled, autistic and/or developmentallied delayedmonitoring and also supervisory experience

Vista’s Website

you"re welcome visins Vista Detogether Mar’ns website,

to Find Out more around Vista school and also every the other exorbitant programs at Vista.

application Procedure

because that initiatogether consideration, you"re welcome email a resuns and also cend letter to


please recommendation “manager of Education” in the topic line. Sending letter that reference ins optional at this time.

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Vista Detogether Mar is one same opportunity employer. We evaluate every applicants without

Consideration of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, sex-related orientation, marital status, disability, veterone status or any type of other properties safeguarded by applicmay be law.