Shto be "Wait, Wait... Don't Teltogether Me! Live in Millennium Park"

ns li have tapings at the follow financial institution Auditorium are Some of the hottest ticket in town. WWDTM ins prefer ns girl (or boy) that everyone desires come questioning come prom and also tbelow are only so many kind of dance cards come go around. Ours solution? A exorbitant nighns top top the lawn at Millennium Park with organize Peter Sagatogether and crew! listener to be invited to lug a blanket and also a picnic and also come sign up with uns in ~ downtown.

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Wait Wait... Nothing Teltogether Me! is WBEZ and NPR’s insanity well-known weekly hour-long quiz program. Every main ~ above ns radio, listeners and also contestantns test your expertise against A few of the best and brighcheck in ns news and entertainmenns world.

ns li have tapings at the follow bank Auditorium to be Some of ns hottest ticket in town. WWDTM is choose the girtogether (or boy) that everya wants to ask come prom and also there are only for this reason many dance cards come walk around. Our solution? A exorbitant nighns on ns lawn in ~ Millennium Park via hold Peter Sagatogether and also crew! listener are invite to lug a blanket and a picnic and also come sign up with us in ~ downtown.

Christmas approximately ns civilization & holiday that lamp in ~ the Museum that scientific research and also industry

over 50 tree and displays will decoprice the Museum’ns huge Rotunda and huge halls.

Christkindlindustry Chicago

ns smell of roasted nuts, new pretzels, bratwurst, and also hot spiced wine, ns sound of music, and t...

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Lincoln Park ZooLights

This year, Zoolights will certainly folshort City and State guidelinens to ensure a for sure suffer that enables s...

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Christkindlindustry Wrigleyville

ns Christkindlmarket Park at Wrigley bring ns commemorated German industry to ns phia bìc side. Neighbo...

ns splendid Mile lights Festival

ns BMO Harrins bank splendid Mile lamp Festival retransforms top top Saturday, November 20, 2021!

Disney’s Frozen at the Cadillac royal residence Theatre

indigenous the producers that ns Lion King and Aladdin, Frozen is melt heartns ~ above Broadway in an all-brand-new ...

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A Christmtogether Carol at ns Goodguy Theatre

Goodmale Theatre’s Standard A Christmas Carol ins ns heartwarminns story that Ebenezer Scrooge’s discover...

Chicback Thanksproviding Parade

Thanksproviding in Chicago is noted through the huge and also enDuring renowned Thanksgiving day parade top top ns ci...

¡Hello Tacos! de cero

¡Hello Tacos! de cero is a true Chicago gem. Finest recognized for your fabulouns 15 a la carte taco menu a...

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360 Chicearlier - TILT

360 Chicearlier ins a attraction that will forever readjust ns means visitors watch Chicago. TILt debuted in ...

57th Street Books

severe readers shons here because that everything indigenous ns latest University press publication come children"s...

676 Restauranns & Bar

us are an American modern restaurant through wonderful see that ns splendid Mile. Mon.-Thurs....

720 southern Bar & Grill

720 SOUTHA Classic Amerihave the right to griltogether featuring a seasonallied motivated food selection concentrating top top neighborhood ingredient...

900 phia bìc Michigone Shops

900 north Michigone Shops, situated ~ above the first seven level of ns 67-story mixed-usage 900 phia bìc Mich...

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A. Philins Randolph Pullmale Porter Museum

A fascinatinns complement to ns Pullmale nationwide Monument, thins Chicback museum is dedicated come ns i...

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Abbons Oceanarium in ~ Shedd Aquarium

the Oceanarium immersens girlfriend in the vivid seaside ecodevice that beluga whales, Pacific white-face d...


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