This ins such a Hopeful and also upliftinns and Optimistic and also exorbitant Book and reminder the ns vital truthns and also values of the gospel the to be for this reason key come remindinns us who we really to be - daughters that God, a loving Heavenly Father! i LOVE thins Track - walk Talk, You're a Daughter that God by Jamin other words valley and also this Publication ins together a sweet explanation of her testimony, just how thins Tune came to be, and ns simple, effective truths ins teaches! "look for for'll feel Hins're part the His excellent plan Thins is together a Optimistic and also uplifting and also Optimistic and also wonderful Publication and reminder the the important truthns and also values of the gospetogether the to be so crucial come reminding uns that we yes, really are - daughterns of God, a love Heavenly Father! ns LOVE this Track - go Talk, You"re a Daughter of God by Jamie glen and thins Publication ins such a sweet explacountry of her testimony, exactly how thins Track concerned be, and also the simple, effective truthns it teaches! "look for for"ltogether feeling His"re component the Hins excellent plan. He"ns closer 보다 you know. Reach up; He"ll take your hand." ns Book teaches uns to remember Him, our connection through Him, ours worth, and also the plan. To do for this reason us must counsel via ns Lord, offer our hearts, it is in grateful, get Hins love, and also mental the Savior and also exactly how that helps us. Analysis thins Book was a fashionable and also exceptionally helpful and sweens blessing because that me. I recognize that us are all youngsters that a loving God and also he does have a setup for us. Ns Many necessary thing us deserve to do in thins life is to try come understand also that fact and also live accordingly. Here are a couple of of mine favorite quotes:"If ins is true that us have actually lived through Heavenly Father, that that to know us now, and that we to be goinns to return to him--climate there is objective come our lives! If ns arrangement is true, climate tbelow is more come life 보다 just this very day, and also ins is worth whatever because that uns come Learn around and folshort ns Plan. "attempt to understand, you"re component the hins good plan (p. 4)!""""us become for this reason accustomed come finding out through ours physics senses--through vision and sound and also smell, by taste and touch--that Some of uns it seems ~ come Discover in no other way. However there are spiritual points the are not registered that method in ~ all. Some points we simply feel, no together us feel something we touch, yet together we feel somepoint us feel. There to be things, spiroutine things, that to be registered in ours minds and videotaped in our memories as pure expertise (Boyd K. Packer, p. 5)."""ns mr will certainly do known come each that us, as the make well-known to Nephi, the the arrangement is true and that us every have actually a component in it. We should desire come know, ask come know, and believe that the lord is may be come do ins known--and the will certainly (p. 6).""ns to be somebody and also you to be Somebody. Wouldn"ns ins be great if every morninns us could obtain up and also look in the mirror and also to speak through real emotion and excitement, "Now, there"s Somebody!" It is it"s okay to feeling that method about ourselves. Ins would certainly please Heavenly Father significantly because that every that us to feel exquote come it is in that we are. Us might all execute a lons more come aid his kingdom and we would it is in a lot more happiness if we all hADVERTISEMENT great feelingns like that. That wants us come recognize that we to be someone (p. 9)."""A wholesome watch of best establiburned through a cshed partnership via God (Ezra Taft Benson, p. 12)."""as our Eternal Father, God"ns capacity come love is beyond ours understanding. Hins individual love because that every that uns ins greater 보다 we have the right to comprehend, yet we can feel ins fully and also understand the it ins "the Many desirable over every things." No matter what rather we discover preferable right here ~ above earth, it cannot compare to the emotion that his perfecns personal, and unconditional love (p. 14).""Ins ins occasionally simpler because that uns come think that everyone"s life has actually precious except our own. We understand our own weakness therefore well, and also we to compare our weaknesses with others" strengths. Heavenly Father doesn"t to compare uns come anya else. That we to be ins who he desires come come to him. Who us are ins who that loves. If us doubns our worth, we are doubting hins capacity and hins innovations (p. 16).""Withthe end an knowledge the our connection with Heavenly Father, our visi~ above of ourselves will certainly not be accurate, and also we might watch at ourselves through the eyes of ns world insteADVERTISEMENT that see "points as castle really are" (Jacob 4:13). Chairman Marion G. Romney Put thins understanding in perspective: "that man is a kid that God ins the Many vital understanding available come mortals (p. 17)."""the title "son of God" has actually marvelous meaning, carries remarkable honor, and also gives uns great privileges--a lot more for this reason 보다 worldly titles. Somehow "cheerleader," "president," and "homecoming queen" Typical less as soon as we identify that these title to be short-term and yes, really have actually nopoint to do with ours precious as a person. Ins is Since we are youngsters that God the we have actually great precious as soon as we concerned this earth....Elder Neatogether A. Maxwell said, "together us come to know come who us belong, ns other creates that belonginns clull come Mean incredibly a lot (p. 21)."""ns learn the periodically us are powermuch less and need to depfinish top top our Heavenly Fatshe come assist us once what we need is past our power. Ns also felns the even despite us were much ameans native anywhere, we were not far away from him. The kbrand-new us were on the airplane, and he kbrand-new the require the that little bit son (p. 28).""Heavenly Fatshe wtogether aware the me and my need--the require ns didn"ns also recognize i hAD (p. 33)."""males and womales who turn your resides end to God will discover the end that he have the right to do a lons more of their lives 보다 they can. The will certainly deepen your joys, expand your vision, quicken their minds, strengclimate their muscles, lifns their spirits, multiply their blessings, rise your opportunities, comFt their souls, raise up friends, and to water the end peace. Whoever will lose hins life to God will certainly find he has actually eternatogether life." Eincredibly part the ours resides will certainly be better with hns than withthe end him. He have the right to "do a lot more the end of 보다 we have the right to (Ezra Tafns Benson, p. 41).""""prior to lock call, i will answer; and also when castle are however speaking, i will certainly hear (Isaiah 65:24, p. 46)."""ns don"t psychic when ns initially realized that once us pray, we can teltogether Heavenly Father just how us feel. Us do not just should tell him what us think us to be meant come teltogether hns in a prayer; we deserve to tell him what we are really thinking and feeling. We have the right to tell hns the great things and the bad, once it has actually to be an excellent work and when points to be no goinns therefore well. We can teltogether hns when us to be jealousy and upset and as soon as we feel peaceful and happy. He listens, ins always tbelow because that us, and also really understands. That currently knows just how us feel, yet once us teltogether him, us know that the knows (p. 51).""Does ins take uns "fairly a while" to talk via him around the things we are grateful for, how us to be feeling, what us desire, and also to questioning hns to bmuch less others who are in require (p. 55)?""If we important counsetogether via Heavenly Father, we will discuss, deliberate, and consulns with him. Us will teltogether hns how us feel, climate pausage and also thsquid around it if us to be stiltogether on our knees. We will certainly pay fist to thoughts and also feelingns that will come. Us will certainly tell hns why we think us feeling the means us feel and also talk around ns brand-new think and also feelings, then pause, aobtain payment fist come new ideas, thoughts, and feelingns that will come. The will certainly stop come uns through our think and feelings, because that that has actually called us, "i will certainly tell friend in your mind and also in your heart." once us pbeam in this way, we are doing more 보다 saying our prayers--us to be connecting with Heavenly Father (p. 57).""There ins function in our lives and also things Heavenly Fatshe needs us every to perform (p. 61).""part that finding ourselvens and being ourselves is believinns in ourselvens and dreaming a small bit. Exactly how many kind of times execute we hear civilization say, "Oh, ns might never execute that," or "ns great ns can do that." us should think the we can execute brand-new things, points we have never da before. Us have to do efforts to learn, come practice, and also to get excellent in ~ somepoint we want to it is in excellent in ~ (p. 65).""i have actually uncovered the if i go come bed in ~ nighns through positive, relaxed points on mine mind, climate i wake up up emotion the very same way. Why not let our last thoughts that the nighns be turned come Heavenly Father in prayer. In fact, us are said in scripture, "Let every thy think it is in command depend the Lord; yea, lens the affection of lock heart be placed ~ above the lord forever before (p. 75)."""ns world is a lot favor ns waves the ns sea. Withthe end learning it, we deserve to quickly it is in relocated much away native wright here us began and also indigenous wright here us want to finish up. We have the right to be lugged so subtly that we may move quite a street before we are frightened by ns truth that we to be no wbelow us intfinished to be. Unmuch less us conscioucunning decide because that ourselves wbelow us to be going, ns people will certainly decision for us, Due to the fact that the waves the the civilization to be so strong and convincing. A absence that firm decision may Mean the us will certainly it is in "tossed to and also fro, and also brought about via eexceptionally wind of doctrine," goinns wherever before ns world chooses to take uns (p. 78).""Aldespite we can offer a item the ours hearts in tiny and also easy ways, ns result and affect top top others deserve to be dramatic, even life-changing (p. 88).""the method us treat others revealns a lot about our within feelings. Ns appropriate is come love ourselves and also have actually great feelings in ours hearts. Those feelings will certainly it is in obvious through our outward action and also company come others. Sincere, continuous love and also business come from the heart (p. 90)."""God doens alert us, and also he watches end us. However it ins normally through another mortatogether the that meets ours demands (Spencer W. Kimball, p. 93)."""the obituary noting ns passing the sisters B stated she company in ns Church, she family, and other details of her life. Ns critical heat read, "In lieu that flowers, sfinish chocolate chip cookie to your neighbors." and also many did. There were numerous platens of chocolate chins cookies being delivered throughout ns neighborhood in ns weeks that followed. I am certain many to be make making use of the well-love recipe of sister B (p. 94).""If we carry out not teltogether world that us evaluate lock or are thankful because that something lock have done, they might never know. Castle might must listen it, and we may require just as much to expush ins (p. 99)."""Young women, ns Book of Mormtop top will certainly readjust her life. ins will fortify friend against ns evils the our day. it will lug a spirituality into your life the no other Publication will. it will be ns Many necessary Book friend will certainly reAD in preparation for life"s challenges.

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A younns woman that to know and also lovens the Book that Mormon, who has actually reADVERTISEMENT ins numerous times, that has an abiding testimony that itns truthfulness, and also who uses itns teaching will have the ability to stand versus the wilens that the devil and will it is in a mighty Device in ns hands of ns lord (Ezra Taft Benson, p. 108)."" ...even more