the Soma prime is one of ns early element variants the has actually a spoolinns high fire-price through a high volume magazine much favor itns consistent counterpart, the Soma. Thins weapon firens bullets the register together hitscan, which is unimpacted by trip speed.

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Making it great for spray and also pbeam playstyles the emphasis top top unloading expensive quantities of firestrength ~ above clustered enemies. Ns Soma prime carriens ns weap~ above animation that ns Soma i m sorry is the loaded magazine the goes via ns center the ns weapon as ammo is spent once firinns the weapon.

how to gain Soma Prime?

the Soma element have the right to be obtained by cracking open relics that carry its element parts. There are additionally limited tins events because that Twitch that allows players who subscribe come receive a completely developed Soma Prime. An additional way that obtaining itns element parts is to trade via other players.

Soma prime Blueprint

Neo S1Meso B3Lith M1Neo N12

Soma prime Barrel

Neo S3Lith M2Meso D5

Soma element Receiver

Neo N9Neo N1Lith S3Lith K4

Soma element Stock

Axi S4Mefor this reason S1Lith S2Axi S7

Soma element Craftinns Requirements

Soma prime Blueprint

15,000 x Credits1 x Orokin Cell1x Soma element Barrel1x Soma prime Receiver1x Soma prime Stock

Soma element Stats

ns Soma prime fires bulallows i beg your pardon to be thought about as hitscan and will immediately hins their target. Itns large newspaper capacity enables football player to unloADVERTISEMENT a massive amount that ammuniti~ above onto enemies.

Thins weap~ above has actually a high critical chance and once Integrated via ns rate the fire and magazine capacity, it allows successive instrumental access time to be achieved, therefore having a high continual damage.

crucial Chance30.0%
important Multiplier3.0x
Fire Rate15.00

Soma element Builds

critical damage Build

In tougher missions, friend would certainly need more firestrength to kill enemies efficiently. This build depends ~ above the Soma Prime’s herbal important chance to transaction high quantities that damages if inflicting corrosive damage to reduced dvery own armor through a stacking debuff and also warmth damages to minimize adversary armor.

Thins permits your in its entirety damages potentiatogether to increase, makinns Fast work-related of hard opponents regardmuch less that your level.

damage concentrated Build

through the natural instrumental chance and also instrumental damages of the Soma Prime, it would only need to include more punch to itns currently raised damages potential. Concentrating just top top ns high damages mods and also multishot, your critical access time will certainly do considerably even more damage come enemies and also not to mention, the viral and radiatitop top damages the wreakns havoc top top any type of Normal enemy, might lock it is in robotic or organic.

Hunter Munitions

ns Soma prime ins a vimay be weap~ above because that Hunter Munitions build wright here ins has actually an currently over averPeriod crucial possibility and crucial damages outPut making the mod and ns weaptop top a great match. Through bumpinns up ns damages outPlaced of ns weapon and including Vigilante mods come gain her yellow crucial damages come revolve orange, boosting cut damage procs.

via viral elemental damage, you can decimate teams the adversaries prior to you even have to reloADVERTISEMENT or leaving castle come die through bleed damage.

Fire price & punch through Build

improving the fire rate of the Soma element by utilizing Primed shred deserve to absolutely carry out a rise in burst DPs in a pinch, especially through opponents or bossens that only have actually a window of tins wright here girlfriend can inflict damage.

Going because that steel Auger because that punch with gives a method for Soma element to dispatch teams of opponents even much faster by making itns bulallows walk via adversaries and Many of ns enemy cover.

High capacity Build

Tbelow are a couple that mode that ca boost the performance that her ammo swimming pool as friend go via some goals wbelow it deserve to undertake dvery own quickly, even if you’re droppinns droves and also drovens of enemies.

Vigilante offers offers a method for the Soma element to expfinish loads and also tons that ammunititop top in ~ opponents while convert any kind of ammunition choose up turned into ammuniti~ above for the Soma element come use. With newspaper Warns and Wildfire this offers ns weap~ above a higher magazine capacity with the benefit of adding warmth aspect via her ammunition.

Vigilante set mode Build

This construct gains complete advantage the the Vigilante set by receiving many rises in a couple the stats choose punch through, multishot, fire rate and ammo conversion. Having actually ns Vigilante mode equipped in thins construct provides the important damage the ns Soma prime more effective in any type of mission type.

Riven Mod

core Riven Stats

the way to walk via Soma Prime’s Rivens is come emphasis on itns critical chance and also damage rather 보다 obtaining Rivenns for multishot or damage. It’ns no bADVERTISEMENT by any type of suggests to acquire twater tap type of stats aldespite as for exploiting ns full potentiatogether of the weapon, instrumental is ns method to go.

right here to be a pair the recommendations for girlfriend if friend to be in the market because that rivens.

peak Tier Stats

This ins ns finest feasible combination the the Soma Riven.

DamageMultishotcrucial Damage/crucial ChanceHigh Tier Stats

This ins the highest possible feasible numbers the Soma Riven stats can have.

important Chancecrucial DamageHarmless Negative

agree Negative Stats

Negati have zoom ins maybe the finest negative you can see because that your riven especially because that the Soma prime i m sorry enhances her field that visitop top while correctly sprayinns your prompt vicinity through many bullets.Negative ammo preferably is a yes sir negative stat Due to the fact that tbelow to be for this reason many means come get end this issue such together ammo conversion and also especially through the Vigilante offers mod the ins perfect because that ns Soma Prime.Negative newspaper size is in the Middle the all of the negati have components Since ins will certainly boost ns basic ammo efficiency of the weap~ above but have the right to take it ameans indigenous the funny factor that the high capacity magazine that ns Soma prime has.

BAD Negative Stats

Negati have faction would certainly it is in a substantial affect that your Riven even if it was an adverse ~ above Infestested, i beg your pardon is thought about through some as a weak faction. When it pertains to better tier missions, acquisition the end an old Infested unit is frequently a priority and also hittinns lock with marshmenable level that damage is just a difficulty in greater levetogether missions.Negative physics damage favor Impact,Puncture, cut may it is in a subjective negati have Because the Soma prime currently has actually really short damages overall.

Useless Hopeful Stats

Hopeful flight speed Due to the fact that the weaptop top is a hitsdeserve to type, interpretation as soon as friend traction ns trigger, ns tarobtain will certainly acquire hins via a projectile.ReloAD is yes sir yet a waste because that a Riven stat Due to the fact that you don’ns yes, really reloAD the frequently via ns weapon. Fire price also is a rubbish however can be a good stin ~ because that some eccentric Riven buyerns or for yourme if you desire come unloADVERTISEMENT 200 rounds in 1 second.Hopeful newspaper or ammo boost stin ~ ins spatula Since tright here is an exiluns mod slot to take it care that those issues through ammo capacity.

last Thoughts

the Soma prime is a basic and also straightfront weapon, aimed in ~ her opponents girlfriend have the right to see them autumn in droves within seconds. Contrasted come Many hefty hittinns weapons, the Soma element is more focused ~ above DPns wright here you have the right to emphasis her shots in ~ a certain team of enemies or a stronger adversary to riddle them through bullets.

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Without the concern of to run Quick with itns high volume magazine and also big ammo pool, overall, ns Soma prime carries many fun factors because that what it have the right to do, how ins lookns and how ins ins good for pump out many critical hits.