Both previous and current came to instrumental heads this main ~ above Quantico: Alex Ultimately gets pumelted out that ns mission ~ above the Farm (however as us must have actually known, sthat decides she’ltogether take things into her very own hands), while her real-time experience in York find she starinns at a weap~ above that masns devastation and engaged in part hand-to-hand combat with her previous flame, Ryan.

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Alex and also Ryone are “catching up” (wsquid wink, if girlfriend recognize what i mean) at the safe residence once Nimah calls. Sthe wants to accomplish via Ryan privately, yet Alex isn’ns dvery own because that that. Sthat sticks around, wantinns to recognize why she’s feeling lefns out. (Um, Alex, Due to the fact that friend are.) Nimah provides her a wishy-waembarrassy price and, ~ Alex leaves, remindns Ryan that can’ns teltogether Alex he’ns to be recruited by ns AIC. They spent the rest that your meeting stating who else castle think ns AIC has tapped. His guesses? Sebastia and Dayana. That Marvels if she’s considering León as a suspect, yet Nimah speak him he doesn’t have to issue around León — she has she very own intel because that hins potential.

Cue: León, who’ns in bed with Shelby. Shelby, going by mrs to she paramour, says sthat won’t it is in goinns home for Thanksoffering this year. Ns entirely Regular reason? she father, a judge, referred to as her one extremist last year Due to the fact that she’s a card-transferring member the ns NRA. Some cover, ladies.

Alex ins licking she wounds over breakQuick via Harry. That inquiries she intetogether (the air-gapped computer, the burner phones) and also just how energetic she duty is, once he’s ldeserve Alex hasn’t to be maybe to acquire ahold the her handler.

earlier at home, Owen and also Lydia are stiltogether fighting. Lydia speak him he won’ns need to resolve she a lot longer, together she’ns gained cleared for one more tourism — but, sensong hins worry, sthat tells hns she will certainly remain behind at the Farm if Owen assures to drop his obconference end that leaked his name. With a it s too dirty Agreement in between them, lock heAD come class. Today’ns leskid ins cend stories. Civilization will be granted permissitop top come heAD house for Thanksproviding break, yet just once castle have the right to existing a believmaybe cend to use through your families once they arri have home. (they likstartupcuba.orgise warning the recruits the anyone that askns also many type of follow-up inquiries will certainly need to it is in cut the end the your resides entirely.)

Everyone’ns coverns work on the first or Second attempt — except for Dayana. Sthat doesn’ns even attempt Because she doesn’ns want to walk home. ~ course wraps, Lydia is wait because that Dayana in her room. She speak she she composed a cend because that her, however Dayana rejectns it. Sthe says she refprovides to rerevolve house simply to lin other words come she household and stormns off. Alex and also Ryan have an equallied not-fruitful meetup, in i m sorry Alex asks Rya wcap he’ns doinns for the long weekend and also Ryone respondns by telling Alex sthe needs come contact Miranda.

Alex, annoyed with this conversation and also having actually just to be blvery own off through Shelthrough once again, decides come take matters into her very own hands (surprise!) and also tailns Nimah, following her to Shelby’ns apartment. Sthat and also Nimah acquire tright here ideal together Shelthrough has actually hunns uns the phone through León. Fast recap: having actually establish handfirearms make for bADVERTISEMENT pilshort talk, Shelby triens to sfrequently León via a Story that she abusi have father. Once León gives little in rerevolve through means that conversation, sthe speak hns that deserve to either open uns and also invest in their relationship or someone else. Shelby and also Nimah provide Alex the nstartupcuba.orgs: Sthat failure and ins officiallied out the the opp.

ns only Thanksgiving us see, ironically, ins ns one following in brother through Harry. He told ns course that was goinns come it is in visitinns his sister and also brother-in-regulation — but the sisters is really a “sister,” which indicates he’s spfinishing time with hins handler and also her husband. Ins turns the end Harry’s missi~ above ins come attempt and create as many alliens in U.S. Intelligence as possible. Once Brleave officiallied happen and also brothers is the end of the european Union, lock will require sources. The feel i was sure about Alex, Ryan, and also Dayana, and once that doesn’ns point out Sebastian, hins handler calls him out. She’s been spying top top him.

later that night, harry tries to sneak out once Phillip (the husband, who goes by Pip) come dvery own and Captures him. Ins turns out Harry, Charlotte (wife/handler), and also Elliotns (Harry’s deend lover) walk way earlier come childhood — and Pip think his father-in-law is at error because that Elliott’ns death. The desires harry come look right into it, yet bother remindns him how powerful that man is. Ns choose thins plons heat and also a enlarge role because that Harry, for this reason I’m dvery own with this development!

in ~ home, Lydia lefns a test because that her fatshe through abandoning her bans ~ above the kitchen table. The digns with it. As soon as she returns, sthat speak him that promised come drons hins crusade and failed, therefore now she’s leaving hns because that she mission. Prior to going, sthe offers him a report the mirrors that Owen’ns name wtogether leaked Because the mistakens the make in ns field.



Rya and León both discover comFt indigenous your partners after these events. Ryan re-proposens to Alex in ~ ns for sure house. Sthe says yes, again. León come at Shelby’s with tear in his eyes. He admitns come murdering someone, and shows her his bloody hands to prove it taken place today. Shelby says sthat trustns him and also that the hADVERTISEMENT come perform it. Lock embrace.

when Ryan pipeline Alex, Miranda comes in. Sthe apologizes about ns mission and also tells Alex sthe has a job for she ago at headquarters. Alex isn’ns interested, though, and also says she’ns staying at ns Farm and will take down the AIC ~ above she own. Classic Alex.

Harry, León, Alex, and Sebastian get Dayana come ns bunker come cskinny she up. Alex calls Shelby, who indevelops Alex there’s a organic weap~ above inside ns perimeter. Alex states “we” will disable it, and Shelthrough ins confused. “you have people you trust?” earlier in ~ headsoldier with Shelby is Miranda, for who points to be going poorly. Ins appears the U.S. North Command, functioning under basic Richards, will certainly it is in taking over thins Situation — and Miranda doesn’ns enDelight that.

Alex and Co., via your collarns rerelocated thanks to Alex, agree castle will certainly walk come 28 Liberty, wbelow Alex doubt the weapon is being held, come thwart ns explosive. León doesn’ns think Dayana have the right to do it, as a result of her injuries, and also something about the glance in between this two makes ns unstraightforward — but tbelow isn’ns a lot tins because that that. As bother says, “This is completely mental, yet i favor it.”

Nimah and also Raina sins down because that a meeting. Nimah says she joined ns CLF six months back and its mission ins to liberate everyone native “America, and also ns lin other words ins offered because that century the tright here ins together a thing as freedom.” Sthe adds: “This country would certainly deport friend if ins could.” Quantico, for the Most part, is enjoyable, impractical, and also improbable. It’ns part the ns reason two seasons that plots centered top top terrorisns assaults in York have somehow continued to be (relatively) lighthearted. That in its entirety feeling has actually been fadinns lately, as this was one of the show’ns Most overt, political moments — and I’m still no sure exactly how ns feeling about ns shift.

Raina responds: “Wcap i check out is just how wrong I’ve to be around you,” sthe says. She explains sthat assumed the Nimah together she various other half her entire life, but in actuality, Nimah ins she zero — ns dark, ugly, upset components that she the folshort her around. As soon as Nimah leaves, sthe speak ns terrorists outside, “She’ns not among them. Keep her in tright here till it’s over.”

at headquarters, Shelby speak basic Richardns she has remained in call via Alex, but Richards doesn’t care. Later, Miranda and Shelthrough challenge she around wanting to use a drone ~ above ns region (i beg your pardon would death everyone). Ns general states Alex has actually 48 minute to attain something, otherway the army will it is in sfinishing in air reinforcement. Ns honestly can’t tell wcap Miranda ins thinking or wcap ns “best” choice is, provided her tiens to ns terrorists.

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harry claims the hregarding travel come ns weapon’s area via ns air ductns to prevent the terrorists. Dayana can’ns rise uns there, so sthat has to remain behind and León provides come continue to be through her. Alex ins suspicious, because that sure, however tells castle come heADVERTISEMENT ago come the bunker together she, Harry, and Sebastia take it leave. After a little bit the traveling, Sebastian practically falls via the ceiling — and dropns ns canister they to be going to usage come disarm the weapon. Bother loses it. “friend are among them!” he accuses. Alex sends out harry to find one more blow torch if she proceeds ns find with Sebastian.

as soon as castle uncover the weapon, Alex is surprised to check out it’ns set up no come kill everyone in York, but everya inside ns building. (these it seems to be ~ like two very different-scale explosions, however whatever.) Alex claims they have to warn the FBI, i beg your pardon seems to confusage Sebastian. As lock run away, take care of finds them, together do León and Dayana — i beg your pardon is convenient. As Alex noticens this oddity, a bunch that terroristns surround lock in ns streets. Among lock leader Alex ameans as a gunshot goes turn off in the background. Alex fightns back, and as soon as sthe ripns ns mquestioning off that her captor, sthe finds Ryan. In she minute that surprise, that pushes her earlier and also turns on one electric perimeter. “If girlfriend overcome thins line,” he warns, “the weap~ above will it is in set off. Everyone will die.” Holy sh-t!

once go Nimah go bad? and also exactly how bADVERTISEMENT walk she go?Does Ryan’s existence Mean ns AIC ins in reality ns CLF?Where do Sebastian’ns loyalties lie?to be ns crazy for thinking everya other than Alex ins affiliated via ns CLF, and also that’s why Ryone got her out? (Or am i supposed come assume Ryone is trying to “save” Alex? ns don’ns really like either option.)Doens Nimah leavinns Raina inside the building through a WMD Typical she’ns ordered the fatality the her sister?