about What we Ain"t got

"Wcap us Ain"ns Got" ins a Song videotaped by Amerihave the right to nation music artisns Jake Owen. It was exit in august 2014 together ns 3rd and also final single native hins 4th studio album Dayns the Gold. The song, written by Travis grasslands and Travins Jerome Goff, has Owen yearninns because that a former love, thinking the others wantinns what"s the end that your reach. It garnered Confident reviews indigenous movie critics praising the lyrical occupational and also Owen"ns vocatogether shipment of them. "Wcap us Ain"t Got" peaked at number 14 and 19 ~ above both the Billplank nation Airpplace and also hot nation song charts respectively. It additionally got to number 89 top top the hot 100 chart, and also has actually sold 369,000 copies in the united claims as the may 2015. The Track received comparable charts succesns in Canada, reaching the top 40 the ns Canada country chart in ~ number 30 and number 90 top top ns Canadia hot 100 chart. A music video command by Makid Dixtop top wtogether developed for the single.even more »

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us every desire wcap we ain"ns got,ours favourite doors are constantly locked.~ above a greater hiltogether via a higher top,we every want wcap we ain"ns got.we ain"t happy where us are,There"s greener grass in the neighbors yard.A enlarge residence and also a much faster car,we ain"t happy wright here we are.all ns want ins wcap i had,I"ltogether trade it all just come acquire she back.She"s moving on, yet ns guess I"m notwe all desire what us ain"t gotus all great it didn"t hurt,as soon as girlfriend try your finest and also it does not work.and goodbye"s such a painful word,we all wish it didn"t hurt.all ns desire is wcap ns had,I"d profession ins all just come obtain her back.She"s moving on, but ns guess I"m not.us every desire what us ain"t got.every ns desire ins wcap i had,I"d trade it every just come gain her back.She"s relocating on, however i guesns I"m not.us every want what us ain"t got.i want the world until mine totality human being stopped,friend recognize a love favor that ain"ns conveniently forgot.ns guesns we every want what we ain"t got.Yeah, we all desire wcap we ain"t got.

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Jake Owen Joshua Ryan "Jake" Owen (born august 28, 1981) is a Amerideserve to nation music artist. Signed come RCA documents Nashville in 2006, he released his deyet album Startin" through ns the year. The album created three singles, every one of i m sorry reached top 20 ~ above ns Billboard hot nation songs chart: "Yee Haw", "Startin" through Me", and "Something about a Woman". A 2nd album, 2009"s basic Doens It, has accounting because that 3 even more singles: "do not Thsquid i can not Love You", "Eighns Second Ride", and also "Teltogether Me".

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In September 2011, Owen achieved hins first number a on the country chartns via the title monitor to his 3rd album, Barefoot Blue Jean Night. He has also toured as a opened acns for several country acts, consisting of Kenny Chesney, BrADVERTISEMENT Paisley, little massive Town, Sugarland, and also Ke… even more »