the UNITED STATE marine Sealns we are the Sonns of UdtHe-ey Army!Backpacking Army!Pick up your packs and run with me!We are the Sons of UDT!He-ey Marine Corps!Bullet-sponge Marine Corps!Pick up your steps and run with me!We are the Sons of UDT!He-ey Air Force!Low-flying Air Force!Get on your planes and follow me!Find more lyrics at ※ Mojim.comWe are the Sons of UDT!He-ey Coast Guard!Puddle-Pirate Coast Guard!Get on your boats and follow me!We are the Sons of UDT!He-ey Navy!World's finest Navy!Get on your ships and follow me!We are the sons of UDT!

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ns U.S. Marine SealsWorkthe end come ns to run Cadences UNITED STATE marine SEALsAlbum songs1.Fired Up2.wake Up3.How"d Ya earn her Livin"4.Seatogether Teto be Navy5.two Old Ladies6.i desire come it is in a marine Seal7.guys at War8.i do not want to it is in No Environment-friendly Beret9.we to be the Sonns the Udt (Modify)10.running with the Jungles
the UNITED STATE navy Sealstop Songs
> to run with ns Jungles> i don"t desire come be No Eco-friendly Beret> 2 Old Ladies> How"d Ya knife your Livin"> Fired Up> Seatogether Teto be Navy> wake up Up> i want come be a marine Seal> look at the end N.A.B.> men in ~ War

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