"we couldn"t affix come startupcuba.org family best now, so your family top top this tool can no it is in as much as date. "

can not come create an account for my ma"am or mine college boy ~ above mine laptop. Ns sent a repursuit to a and also both to join, ra ns accounting checker and also did ns Win R include an account, can not to add anything, local or Ms account, i beg your pardon castle both have. Computer is present and updays have been applied.

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Wcap is next?

adding accounts come a windows 10 Home- Initial Title

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i ordered it i ordered it i ordered it to RSs feeding
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A. User
replied on Apritogether 6, 2016

hi Marc,

say thanks to friend for posting in Community.

us understand your concern and we will certainly administer ns Help required come assist friend resolve the issue.

prior to we proceed, ns would certainly favor girlfriend come carry out the indevelopment stated below:

1. To be friend log in right into your computerwith a startupcuba.org Account?

2. Have you examine windows Updatesbecause that any type of pfinishing updates?

for now, i indicate the you openwindows Updays and also click the examine because that updays button. If you watch any kind of updates, disattach every external tools various other thancomputer mouse and keyboard, instevery the updates and check.

If ns adhering to did no help try disconnectinns indigenous your Microsofns Account, thins will change it right into a regional account.as soon as done, affix earlier to the account, try come add the family members and also check. To do so follow the steps below

exactly how come move come a neighborhood account native startupcuba.org account.

1.push “windows + I” keys come open up Settings (as soon as girlfriend get the error “important error-start food selection and Cortana not working”).


3.top top ns right side, it will present her current accounting through one choice "switch to a regional account”.

4.pick “move to a neighborhood account” and also folshort the actions to move your Microsofns account into a neighborhood account. Once this is done your Microsofns account ins for sure and also not connected via the computer anymore.

how come convert a neighborhood account to Microsofns Account:

1.push “windows + I” tricks come open up settings.


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3.Tap or clickswitch to a startupcuba.org account and also follow ns top top screen instructions.

for extra information click on ns connect below

erected household features


hope this helps

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