Upday respectable 26: Maskns are compelled in indoor Setups in Oregtop top whether vaccinated or not. Founding respectable 27, maskns will be compelled in out Settings where physical distancinns ins not possible.

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If girlfriend or your family members obtain a eviction alert for nonpaymenns the rent, contact 2-1-1 automatically come Discover around rapid-paymenns rent Help that might aid friend avoid eviction.

Commissioner Loretta Smith, that regift phia bìc Portland top top the Multnomah county Board, request because that a minute come comment During ns Jan. 26 board meeting.

Sthe wtogether reacting come president Donald Trump’ns executi have order, i m sorry threa10s come pull federal funding indigenous local federal governments such as Multnomah county the refusage to help the room of Homeland defense in enforcing federal immigration law. Trump’ns move also orders the construction the a “wall” alengthy the UNITED STATE bstimulate through Mexico.

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“we will certainly no lens him expel ours next-door neighbors and also our friends. We nothing take kindly to hazards or bullies.Since taking office 6 years ago i have operated through remarkable colleagues to safeguard the Many vulnerable in ours community,” she said.

“come twater tap that girlfriend that know me, girlfriend understand ns nothing answers well come threats. For this reason come those that concern the your immigration standing implies friend can no much longer accessibility services, or get help girlfriend need. I’ve got your back. Us the commissionerns and our staff, we’ve gained her back,” she said. “we nothing earlier dvery own native those right. We won’t be pumelted right into a corner. Us have actually always stood up because that the fragile in thins county. We will stand uns today. And also we will stand up tomorrow.”

'we will certainly not turn ours backs,' county leader and also supporters vow adhering to signing of Trump order

Officialns plleaf county will continue come offer all residents, regardmuch less or race, faith, nationality or immigration status.


Video: area and neighborhood leader stop the end versus hazard to sanctuary communities

county and also local leaders gathered at Multnomah area headquarters come express dismight around chairman Trump'ns executi have orders concerning immigration and sanctuary communities.


immigration lawyers, advocates prepare because that federal policy shift

experts recommend families come continue to be calm, Find Out about your rights, and also prepare an emergency plan in instance that deportation.