ns soft weatshe in February in ~ Myrtle Beach, south Carolina grow a little warmer and also sunnier as winter draws to a close.

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Thins pEra offers detailed indevelopment top top ns Typical February weather for Myrtle Beach.

you deserve to jumns directly to information and description for:


ns temperature and also rainautumn number right here to be historic averages based upon cligirlfriend data gathered in ~ Myrtle Beach. Ns sunbright and also humidity dimensions are averperiods indigenous the Charleston worldwide Airport situated south alengthy ns coast in phia bìc Charleston, SC. Thins weatshe terminal has actually a climate comparable to Myrtle Beach and also ins the closesns a the collects sun and also humidity information because that ns nationwide Climatic data Center.


58 °F February averAge high15 °C
36 °F February averEra low2 °C

In Most years, Myrtle Beach avereras a daily best temperature because that February that"ns between 56 and 61 degrees Fahrenheins (13 to 16 degrees Celsius). Ns minimum temperature commonly drops between 34 and 39 °F (1 come 4 °C).

the days at ns seaside rekind begin come warmth uns During February. Through the finish that ns month, ns temperature has climbed approximately 5 °F (3 °C) over wcap it wtogether in ~ ns start.

12 days60 °F max. Or even more (16 °C)
20 days40 °F min. Or less (4 °C)

ns temperature risens virtually every day During February come over 50 °F (10 °C) in Myrtle Beach. Ns vacation city avereras 2 days thins month when ns thermometer reachens into ns 70s °F (end 21 °C). Temperatures over 80 °F (27 °C) to be no meant right here thins month.

ns thermometer dipns come below freezing top top an averEra the 2 nights. Yet just occasionally does February obtain as cold together 20 °F (-8 °C).


3.8 in complete precipitation95 mm
7 days that rain or snow

February is an averPeriod month because that amount of rainautumn in ~ Myrtle Beach. Periodically Some of ns precipitatitop top falls together snow.


59 % sunshine9 days clear skies

ns sun"ns rayns revery ns ground in Myrtle Bevery Throughout 59 percent of dayirradiate hrs ~ above averAge in February, for a total of 182 hours in ns month. Commonly top top 9 days this month the skies ins mainly clear, via in ~ Many 30 percenns cloud cover.

sunshine in February in ~ ns city lastns for 10 hours and 59 minute a job top top average. The shortest job the ns month is the first through 10 hrs and also 35 minutes the daylight. By ns finish that the month, the dayns have lengthened come 11:26 native sunclimb come sunset. This durations have the right to differ through a minute or two native year to year.


67 % February averEra humidity

ns relative humidity in Myrtle Bevery Throughout February usually peakns at 79 percenns in the morning then drops come 51 percent by late afternoon.

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local Time1 am4 am7 am10 am1 pm4 pm7 pm10 pm
Humidity %7779796452516474


this weather data to be long-term historic averperiods provided by the national Climatic information center of ns united States. The temperature and also precipitatitop top number are 1981-2010 normals when ns humidity statistics are 1961-1990 normals.