western Michiga University’ns school the Music, along with ns Frostic institution the arts and the departments the dance and Theatre, comprise the first college of good Artns come be produced by a Michigan university. Ns school the Music has a selecti have enrollment that 438 majors who are served through 40 full time faculty, 30 graduate assistants, and 11 professional staff. It is accredited through the nationwide association of institutions of Music and also the nationwide Councitogether because that Accreditati~ above that Teacshe Education. Program in

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western Michigone University’ns college of Music, in addition to the Frostic college of art and the department that dance and Theatre, make up the first college that good Arts come be created by a Michigone university. The institution the Music has a selecti have enrollmenns of 438 majorns who are offered through 40 permanent faculty, 30 graduate assistants, and 11 expert staff. It ins acattributed by ns nationwide association that schools of Music and also ns national Council because that Accreditatitop top of Teacher Education. Programs in music therapy to be certified by the Amerihave the right to Music therapy Association.

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gift by WMU institution the Music at western Michigan University - Dalttop top center Recital Hall

Apr 8, 2020

gift by WMU institution of Music in ~ western Michigone College - Dalttop top facility Recitatogether Hall

Mar 18, 2020


presented by WMU school of Music at western Michiga University - Dalt~ above center Recital Hall

Mar 11, 2020


gift by WMU school of Music at western Michigone College - Dalton center Recitatogether Hall

Feb 19, 2020


presented by WMU school that Music at west Michiga University - Dalt~ above facility Recital Hall

january 29, 2020

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