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ns Saints Placed Together one offensive rout the Green just in mainly 1 anchored by a 5 touchdown and zero interception Video Game from Jameins Winston, who then regressed in mainly 2, completing simply 50 percenns that hins overcome while thrfan no touchdown and also 2 interceptions.

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new orleans has actually also struggled to gain Alvin Kamara going together the star running earlier has simply 121 total yards that offense with ns first 2 weeks.

In brand-new England, all eyes have been firmly afresolved on rookie quarterback Mac Jones, that was called ns starter former ns seakid and also has actually Put up solid, but no gaudy numbers, perfect just over 73 percent that hins passes via one touchdvery own and also 467 yards with ns first 2 weeks.

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ns Patriotns defense has stepped approximately rerelocate part pressure from Jones, wracking uns six sackns and five interceptions. That power has allowed Jonens to lull right into his role withthe end the must Placed up enormous number and also keep speed in a high-scoring affair.

new England also opens up together just three-point favorites follow come FanDuel, via a projected over/under the 42.5 points. 

Both groups to be 1-1 therefore much but in very various position in the standings, through new England"s document good sufficient because that 2nd area in the AFC eastern when new orleans ins squadepend in 3rd in the NFC South, via both Carolina and Tampa just undefeated.

here’s everything friend need to recognize aheADVERTISEMENT of the mainly 3 matchup:

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Wcap channetogether ins Patriots vs. Saintns ~ above today?

TV channetogether (national): FoxTV channetogether (brand-new England): WFXTTV channetogether (new Orleans): WVUE-DT

ns matchuns between the Patriots and also ns Saints will air nationallied top top Fox and also local channels. The Game can additionally it is in streamed top top the Fox sports App and also fuboTV. 

Adto be Amin will manage play-by-pput duties via note Schlereth as the shade analyst. Lindspeak Czarniak will certainly offer together ns sideheat reporter. 

Patriotns vs. Saintns start time

Date: Sunday, Sept. 26Kickoff: 1 p.m. ET

the Patriotns vs. Saints to be scheducaused start in ~ 1 p.m. ET. The Patriots will hold ns Saints in ~ Gillette stadion in Foxborough, Mass.

week 3 NFtogether PICKS: straight up | versus ns spread

Saints schedule 2021

WeekDateOpponentKickturn off Tins (ET)TV
1Sept. 12vs. Packerns (in Jacksonville)4:25 p.m.Fox
2Sept. 19
1 p.m.Fox
3Sept. 26
brand-new England
1 p.m.Fox
4Oct. 3vs. Giants1 p.m.Fox
5Oct. 10
1 p.m.CBS
7Oct. 25
8:15 p.m.ESPN
8Oct. 31vs. Buccaneers4:25 p.m.Fox
9Nov. 7vs. Falcons1 p.m. Fox
10Nov. 14
1 p.m.CBS
11Nov. 21
1 p.m.Fox
12Nov. 25vs. Bills8:20 p.m.NBC
13Dec. 2vs. Cowboys8:20 p.m.Fox/NFl Networ/Amazon
14Dec. 12
1 p.m.Fox
15Dec. 19
8:20 p.m.NBC
16Dec. 27vs. Dolphins8:15 p.m.ESPN
17Jan. 2vs. Panthers1 p.m.Fox
18Jan. 9
1 p.m.Fox

Patriots schedule 2021

WeekDateOpponentTins (ET)TV
1Sept. 12Dolphins4:25 p.m.CBS
2Sept. 19
1 p.m.CBS
3Sept. 26Saints1 p.m.Fox
4Oct. 3Buccaneers8:20 p.m.NBC
5Oct. 10
1 p.m.CBS
6Oct. 17Cowboys4:25 p.m.CBS
7Oct. 24Jets1 p.m.CBS
8Oct. 31
4:05 p.m.CBS
9Nov. 7
1 p.m.CBS
10Nov. 14Browns1 p.m.CBS
11Nov. 18
8 p.m.Fox
12Nov. 28Titans1 p.m.CBS
13Dec. 6
8:15 p.m.ESPN
16Dec. 26Bills1 p.m.CBS
17Jan. 2Jaguars1 p.m.

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18Jan. 9
1 p.m.CBS

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